Hermione Jane Granger

To Do List

I'm only filling out this inane list because my mother believes that it will " help to organize my thoughts"

Must remember to not let Ron copy my work

Must remember that the above is impossible

Must stop thinking about a certain red haired Weasely

Must see above and tell myself how stupid I'm being

Add another foot to Ancient Runes Essay

Begin recruiting for S.P.E.W

Visit Dobby and Winky

On second thought send Winky anti-depressants and Dobby some socks

Patrol tonight with Malfoy


Try to ignore the fact that he looks very good in the torchlight

Learn a spell to stop such thoughts

Seek out the third floor broom closet and pull Ginny away from her boy of the week

Owl Mrs. Weasely and tell her about her daughters disturbing behavior of late

Finally get Harry and Ginny together so I don't have to walk in on anymore very heated snogging sessions

Owl my parents and make sure to add something about the stupidity of To Do List's

Solve World Hunger

What a girl can dream right?

This is my To Do List so butt out.

Who am I talking to?

O god and this was supposed to organize my thoughts!

A/N; just a little idea I had. Do you like it? I was thinking of possibly doing other people's To Do Lists. Good idea or horrible heart stopping thought?