Lucius Abraxos Malfoy

To Do List

Received flowers from Severus today

Bouquet of daisies and sunflowers my favorite

Then I read the note

Penned response

Threw out first: That wasn't very polite of you, my time in prison is very trying

Sounded too much like Draco

Penned second response: I have hired someone to kill you. It will be painful and slow. Have fun in your dead end job.

Chuckled at my pun, I am just so clever

Bribed some guards and sent response

Thank the ministry for allowing me to keep gold in my cell

Told Dementor that was floating by to go bugger himself

Chortled, the bloke couldn't even think of anything to say

Just sent a wave of depressing, happy sucking cold at me

How lame

Comb hair

100 on the left

100 on the right

Practice sneer/scowl combo

The ladies love it

Hmm that makes me wonder

Is Narcissa dead yet?

Wrote second letter, contents: If you could be a dear and kill Narcissa as well that would be lovely

Bribed guards once more

Get my shiv to Rodolphus

I think he plans on killing Bella at lunch!

How exciting

I should probably get suitably dressed

Now should I wear the striped jumpsuit or the striped pants and shirt?


A/N: I definitely think that Lucius is a big softy on the inside; where else does Draco get his Hufflepuff tendencies. So my author notes are getting weird again must be because I'm running on 3 hours sleep, 2 coffees and 2 energy drinks and I worked all day. What fun!

Your mentally exhausted author,