The Spicer Diaries

Chapter 4-Every dog has his day

I don't own Xiaolin Showdown. If I did, I doubt anyone would watch it because with me running it, it'd be stupid. I own nothing but the Jackwolf and the Feng-Ling Chime. There is slight JackXKim in this. Tis very brief, a fleeting moment.

"Jack, I sense a new Shen Gong Wu!" Wuya hissed, bright beams flying from her eyes. Jack winced, even though he was pretty much used to it by now.

"It is the Feng-Ling Chime, with the power to stun your foes when it is rung." Wuya declared.

"Alright, let's go…" Jack growled, stomping up the stairs. He opened the front door, when his mother stopped him.

"You are not leaving this house, young man." She declared, dragging Jack back inside.

"What?" Jack cried.

"I've had enough of your robot-things crashing our parties, and I cannot believe you would hide an animal in my basement!" His mother scolded.

"But mom it's not an animal, it's-"

"I don't care. You're grounded." His mother stood in front of the now closed door, watching Jack storm off.

"But…We must retrieve the Shen Gong Wu!" Wuya told Jack.

"I'm grounded." Jack said with a helpless shrug.

"Then you shall send your dog to retrieve it." Wuya said.

"No, because mom's already angry enough about him." Jack declared, sitting on the sofa in the basement and resting his chin in his hands gloomily.

"But the Xiaolin warriors shall retrieve it!" Wuya cried furiously.

"I can't help it!" Jack said, turning around and tossing the Monkey Staff, which the Jackwolf had patiently brought to him. The robot didn't return this time. Suddenly, someone shouted.

"Jack, get up here!" His mother yelled angrily. Jack poked his head out of the door, to find the Jackwolf had jumped on his mother and was currently licking he face.

"Umm…Down, boy?" Jack squeaked slightly. The robot heard him, and leapt over. Jack's mother glowered.

"Get that dog out of this house!" She cried shrilly.

"But Champ's not even a dog!" Jack said, hugging the animal.

"It's a dog once you've named it…" Wuya growled, floating up behind Jack just out of his mother's sight.

"If that isn't a dog, what is it?" Jack's mother said irritably.

"A robot! It's made of metal!" Jack told her.

"Well metal or not, either get it out of here or get it out of my way." His mother said, turning back to whatever she was doing. Jack groaned and dragged the Jackwolf back down into the basement.

"I see you are having trouble with 'Champ'." Wuya said dryly.

"All I have to do is reprogram him to not be so much like a dog." Jack snapped. He opened the robot's mouth and flipped the off switch on the roof of its mouth, managing to not get his head bitten off. The red lights in the robot's eyes went out and it stood stock-still.

"…So much for the Shen Gong Wu." Wuya growled.


"Why didn't Jack come to get the Shen Gong Wu?" Raimundo mused, holding the Feng-Ling Chime in his hand and gazing around.

"Well…Shouldn't we be happy about it?" Clay asked.

"Maybe something's wrong with him." Kimiko said, a hint of worry in her voice. Rai gave her a slightly angry look.

"So what?" He demanded.

"I was just thinking maybe something happened to him." Kimiko said quickly, attempting to hide her concern. She blushed slightly.

"At least we have the Shen Gong Wu." Omi said, interrupting.

"Right you are, partner." Clay said with a grin.


"The Xiaolin warriors have the Shen Gong Wu." Wuya declared darkly. "I sense it."

"Great." Jack said miserably, trying to find out what was wrong with the Jackwolf's data. "I can't find anything that's messed up."

"Perhaps you gave it to much intelligence." Wuya said. "It may turn on you."

"Champ won't turn on me!" Jack cried. "He's my best friend!"

"And your only." Wuya growled.

"…You don't have to remind me." Jack muttered venomously.

"I am trying to make you realize how much we need the Shen Gong Wu! Only with all of them can I regain physical form." Wuya said. She saw Jack raise an eyebrow and added, "And take over the world, of course."

"Relax. Once I finish this, the Shen Gong Wu are as good as ours." Jack declared, beaming.

"Finish it quickly." Wuya said, floating off.


"Hey Wuya, it's finished!" Jack cried happily, pointing at a large white sheet that was draped over something.

"You have reprogrammed it?" Wuya asked suspiciously.

"Even more. Now not only does Champ act a bit like a dog, but less than he used to, but he looks more like one!" Jack said, taking off the sheet. The metal on the robot had been cut and textured in such a way that the Jackwolf looked as if it had fur.

"What is that?" Wuya asked, pointing to a small ball of metal between the Jackwolf's front paws. Jack picked it up.

"It's a robot puppy. Isn't it cute?" He asked, hugging the robotic puppy.

"You are pathetic." Wuya said simply. Before she could elaborate on this subject, Jack heard his mother yell that he was about to miss the bus. He dashed upstairs and then outside, and again successfully made it onto the bus. He sat in the first empty seat he saw, and immediately found that he was still holding the robotic puppy. It cocked its head. Jack gave a high-pitched scream, which was hardly noticed in the extremely loud bus. The bus had already moved away from his house, and there was no way he could get the robot back.

"Ummm…" Jack glanced around. No one had seen him yet, and so he took off his backpack. Unzipping it, he carefully put the puppy inside among his books. "Please don't eat my homework…" He whispered, quickly zipping the backpack up again, but leaving it sitting next to him on the seat. He felt very stupid that he hadn't yet installed an off switch on the puppy. It was going to be a hard day at school.