Grey's Anatomy - Romance in Room 5 -

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Chapter 1 - There's something wrong with Alex -

" I said my ear hurts . " The old cranky patient kept repeating to Alex .

Alex threw down his clipboard and walked out of the room . Several nurses walked by him and he gave them a wink as they passed .

" What's the problem Alex ? " Christina Yang asked him as he stopped near a soda machine.

" That dumb old man keeps coming in here saying his ear hurts , there's nothing wrong with his damn ear or his hearing . "

" Well poor baby , I had to clean up a room full of piss today ! " Christina slapped Alex in the face then stormed away angry as ever . He was puzzled , but shrugged it off and drank his refreshing soda.

Miranda walked by Alex and demanded he return to the old cranky man's rooms . Alex complied then gave her the finger behind her back , everyone was so testy today.

He walked back into the patient's room .

" So , Mr Hango , what seems to be the problem today ? " Alex tried to remain calm with a red hand print on his cheek.

" My ear hurts . " Hango pointed to his ear.

" Well , let's take a look at that then . " Alex grabbed a rubber glove out of the nearest drawer , he secretly balled it up into his palm then pretended to look in Hango's ear .

" There we go , I found the problem Mr Hango . You had this large rubber glove shoved right into your ear drum . Everything should be fine now. "

Mr Hango was relieved , he thanked Alex then ran out of the room.

Merideth walked into the room right after Hango left , she was holding a clipboard , her blonde hair seemed uncombed , she quickly shut the door leaving them alone in the room.

" Alex , I have a problem . " She stared out the window , not really looking at anything , she looked as though she had missed a weeks sleep.

" Did you mess up in surgery again ? " He joked but he could tell she wasn't in the mood to joke.

" No , I ... I faked my entry exam , I'm not qualified for this job . I've been getting away with it for so long now it's just eating away at me . I had to tell someone. "

" So why tell me ? I thought you hated me ? " Alex sat on the bed puzzled .

" I just needed to get it off my chest , that's all . " She said then the door to the room opened again.

" Needed to get WHAT off your chest ? " Isobel walked into the room in slow motion , her blonde hair slowly blowing in the wind , she had a seductive look in her eyes.

" It's nothing Isobel . " Merideth turned and looked out the window at nothing again.

" It must be something . " Isobel said sweetly as she modelled a nearby container of containers.

The door opened again and George walked into the room , he immediately started to stare at Merideth who was looking out the window.

" Can we help you George ? " Alex asked , he was under the covers now .

" I just wanted to speak to Merideth , if she would go to lunch with me or something , or just a walk around the hospital , or something . " George was desperate.

" What's going on in here ? " Richard walked into the room with blood on his apron , he just came from surgery.

" Nothing Dr. " Isobel batted her eyes at Richard .

" I'm short staffed as it is , why is everyone in one damn room ? " He persisted.

" What's going on in here ? " Derek walked into the room holding a newborn baby.

" What's going on in here ? " Christina walked into the room followed by Preston .

" You idiot , that's the door with the broken lock , now were all locked in here . " Alex threw the covers off and started to work on the lock . They were trapped in room 5 .

" Oh , this is great . " Christina threw an empty cup across the room .

" The story of my life ... " Merideth's voice faded into the distance as the remaining crew tried in vain to pick the broken lock , the adventure would begin ...