Romance in Room 5

Chapter 4 - Big Reveal -

Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains.

~ Shakira's - Whenever – Wherever - Shakira spent boatloads of time thinking up these lyrics, leave her alone. Lol!

Room 5 was silent now, only for the noise of the lock being jimmied and jammed with by Derek Shepherd and the heavy breathing of the other ten occupants and Callie Torres picking her nails and Mark Sloan doing chin ups by the window ledge making grunting noises and Alex moaning in his sleep......O.K scratch that , the room was rather noisy.

" There's just no way to get out of here. " Derek sighed, throwing his hands up in the air. Richard Webber walked over and placed a reassuring hand on Derek's buttocks.

" Don't worry, " Richard said, looking deeply into Derek's eyes , " We can do this! "

Before the two men could move in for a kiss, Lexie Grey broke her twenty three minute silent routine for the first time since being locked in the room. " I'm pregnant ! "

Everyone gasped. It moved the window curtains a little.

" What the hell do you mean, pregnant ?! " Cristina Yang yelled, she then felt Lexie's stomach area.

" Who is the father ? " Alex said, waking up from a dream where he was a Russian soldier in World War 2 fighting for his home country, but it didn't make any sense, he shook his head a few more times as the image of his dream faded away.

" Umm, " Lexie ummed, biting her finger. It drew blood. " I'm not sure. "


Lexie entered the main emergency room of the hospital, it was a busy day. The emergency room was packed with bleeding patients, some were coughing, some were already dead. She made her way to the nurses station were Isobel was talking to an old man missing an arm.

" What is the nature of your visit here today Mr. Boldermantersontingtonersson ? " Isobel asked as she read Mr. Boldermantersontingtonersson's file before her. She tilted her head a little as she read it, then stopped tilting after a bit.

" Well, " Mr. Boldermantersontingtonersson coughed, " I got up this morning and I could feel that I was missing something. Then I saw my arm. "

" And what is wrong with your arm Mr. Boldermantersontingtonersson ? " Isobel asked sweetly.

" Well, its missing. Severed right off at the shoulder. FUCK !! THE PAIN !!! " He screamed.

" Jesus Isobel, we need to get this guy into ER now ! " Lexie screamed and called for help.

" I'm here ! " A man ran up, but he wasn't from the hospital, he was dressed in a dark green military uniform.

" Who are you ? " Lexie asked, batting her eyes a little.

" Captain Joe Help. You called for me ? " He tried to flex as much as he could.

Lexie quickly wrapped her legs around his waist , " Take me !! "

Flashback ended

" So you think it might be this Joe Help guy ? " Alex asked, playing his PSP.

" It could be him or...."

FLASHBACK !!! __________________________________________________________________

Lexie stood in front of an outdated snack machine at the forgotten parts of the hospital. She bit her thumb as she tried to make a choice of snack to spend money on. There was a wide variety to choose from, Doritos, Frito-Lay, Lays, Do ME, Hostess, there was just too much on her mind to make the right decision. She had almost got caught having sex last week on the emergency room floor with Joe Help.

" I eat here all the time. " Owen Hunt said from behind her shoulder. Lexie was startled, she elbowed Owen in the gut in reflex, then stomped his knee with her sneakers, hip tossed him violently into the plexiglass front of the snack machine, then started stomping on his head with her feet.

" Oh my lord Owen !! I'm so sorry ! " Lexie screamed as she helped him up.

" LOL ! No problem Lexie, I think you broke my nose though. " Owen said, face covered in blood.

" Lol ? Who says lol in real life ? I mean..." Lexie was taken by the hand.

" Lexie, " Owen said with a sad look on his face, " I have a texting addiction. I'd text for twenty four hours a day if I could. "

" Take me ! " Lexie wrapped her legs around Owens waist, he was confused but went with it eventually.

Flashback ended.

" Yer goin' on some kind o' run there whore ! " Alex mocked her.

" Alex ! " Lexie gave him a stink eye. Alex wiped the eye off and continued to mock.

" Owen Hunt ?! Ha ha ! What a loser ! " Alex layed back and laughed on the bed.

" I can hear you over here. " Owen said, over by the door in a matter-of-fact voice.

" I'm afraid that's not all. " Lexie said as a new flashback was starting.....

" Hold it ! " Yang yelled , " All these friggin flashbacks are delaying us here ! It keeps making us freeze while the flashback plays so we can't get this door worked on. Lets focus here. "

" You know what ? She's right. I'm gay. " Richard Webber said then fell to his knees and wept.

" HA HA HA !! " Alex hahaha-ed , " anyone else have a big reveal here ?! This feels like a season finale episode or something. "

As if on cue, Derek stood up from the door lock, " I have one. I've killed twenty people in the last ten years. " He started crying.

The room once again fell silent, only for the soft sobbing of Derek. As we pan away from the hospital, past the telephone poles in an odd angle into the sky, we can now see the hospitals roof, over in the far corner of the roof we can barely make out a white hospital bed, in this bed rested Mr. Boldermantersontingtonersson, there was no room left in the hospital for his name tag as it took up too much space, they stored him up there to make room for somebody with a smaller name, somebody like Joe Help.

Grey's Anatomy theme music.