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Summary: Dean just wanted a little fun, but a demon has other ideas in mind. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS – story is set some time post Devil's Trap and may refer to things that happened anytime during the first Season.

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When Reality Bites

Chapter 1 – Boys Night Out

It was just another bar in another small town. Sam and Dean had just finished working a nasty poltergeist infestation. After recovering yet again from their injuries…both decided a little down time was in order.

Sam sat in his usual spot in the bar, a corner table, away from the action. He smiled as he watched his brother work the room. A smile here, a joke there…before long he would have the numbers of half the female population in the bar. Sam wished that he could be a little more like his brother Dean…but ever since he found out that the demon had come for him that night…everything had changed for Sam.

When he let Sarah in for that brief moment in time, Sam thought maybe…just maybe he could let someone in again...maybe someday…he could live that perfectly normal life…he had allowed himself to dream. But that dream came crashing down around him when a pair of yellow eyes confirmed what he had feared…anyone that came between Sam and the demon would end up getting hurt or worse, dead.

Sam had learned to accept that his father and brother would be there, between him and the demon whether he wanted them there or not. He didn't like it…he had nightmares about it. But in the end, that is what allowed Sam to stay afloat…to keep going.

But for now, Sam was as happy as he could be in the life that was destined for him since birth. Pretending to enjoy these brief moments, when he knew in his heart that the next bad thing could be just around the corner…could even be here in this very room. Sam no longer believed in the dream, and because of that a part of him had died that night…the part that would be a loving husband, a loving father…even a good friend.

Dean looked over to see Sam sitting by himself, nursing a beer. He could tell by he scowl on his face that he was not enjoying the night. He sighed as he gave his apologies to the pretty brunette and made his way over to his brother.

"So…this is your idea of a boy's night out? You know Sam, in order to hook up…you first have to dangle some bait."

"Dean…we've had this discussion before, I don't need help 'hooking up'! I'm perfectly capable of getting my own date if I want one…I just don't want one right now. Right now, I'm perfectly happy to sit here and enjoy the show!"

"Sammy…Sammy…when are you going to learn. You need to relax; you need to have fun…and that…" Dean indicated the young brunette flashing a smile in his direction "is fun!"

"Dean…just go ahead and have your fun…I want you to, just for one night, forget about me and enjoy yourself…you want to make me happy…go with the brunette and have fun!"

"So what are you going to do then…no, let me guess, you're going back to the hotel and watch infomercials until you fall asleep!"

"Hey dude…you never know when a vegomatic will come in handy…it slices…it dices!" Sam grinned at the pained look on his brother's face.

"Dude you gotta get a life…do me a favor, go see a movie, check out a book at the local library…just do something other than going home alone!"

Sam shook his head as he finished his beer. "Dean…I'm going back to the hotel, you can do what you want, really Dude…I'm fine"

Dean shook his head; he knew that Sam had been hit hard by the demon's revelation. Since then, Sam had avoided any sort of human contact, other than with him and his father. For a man who had a ton of friends in college…he had become the loner.

"Hey Sammy, why don't you email some of your old friends from Stanford? You haven't even checked your email for months…who knows, maybe we can swing by there and you can meet up with some of them…you know, go over old times"

Sam had a far away look in his eyes at the mention of Stanford. He smiled softly as he thought of his friends, his life back when things appeared to be normal…until he had to come back to the reality of his life. "Sure Dean…great idea, you know what, I'm going to go do that right now…I'll see you tomorrow morning…or afternoon" Dean grinned and went back to the brunette, waving to Sam as he left. Well he had tried, no sense in both of them being miserable, thought Dean as he sat back down with the lovely woman.

Sam reached into his pocket to pull out a tip to leave for the waitress. As he stood to get up, he felt something…there was something here…something evil. Sam searched the room, but couldn't get a fix on it. Then just as soon as it was there, the feeling was gone. "Man, maybe Dean is right…I need to get a life…now I'm jumping at shadows! Sam thought as he left the bar and started walking back to the hotel.

As he was walking Sam thought about his friends in college. It had been a long time since he had responded to any of them. Hell, they probably had already moved on with their lives…it wasn't fair to drag them into his. Sam jumped when he felt a presence behind him…the same evil he had sensed in the bar.

Sam turned and looked behind him, but the streets were empty. Sam knew that an empty street didn't mean that there was nothing there. He increased his pace as he neared the hotel. He would make sure that he placed salt by the door and windows tonight…just in case.

He was pretty sure his personal body guard would be busy tonight. Sam thought about calling Dean, but then decided he couldn't bring himself to ruin his evening over a hunch. Sam could take care of himself when he needed to. He had done so over the past few months, much to his surprise. He would just go into the room and watch some TV…he didn't think he would be getting much sleep tonight anyway.


The demon was hungry. He needed to find someone soon or he would be in trouble. As he walked through the vacant streets of the small town, he was beginning to think that he would be out of luck in this town. Then he saw the flashing light of the bar down the street. He could always find a target in places like that…there was always someone ripe for the picking…he decided to enter the bar.

Sure enough, there were a number of prospects, but he could feel a really strong one back in a shadowed corner. A young man sat alone, lost in his own thoughts…thoughts that fueled the hunger in the demon. This looks promising the demon thought as he moved to get closer to his target. Suddenly the young man looked right at him…he sensed his presence…how is that possible?

The demon quickly left the building. He would have to be careful with this one…he could have found others…but this one…this one could keep him well fed for months. All he had to do was add the fuel.

As the young man left the bar, the demon trailed him. Following just close enough to keep him in sight, ducking out of sight whenever the man looked around. The demon could feel the confusion, the loneliness, the despair. But he also felt the strength of the man…a challenge; it had been so long that the demon actually looked forward to the battle.

The young man entered a motel room after stopping to get a cold drink from the machine down the hall. The demon sat outside the room and watched…he wanted to make sure that he was alone before he started…he would be patient.


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