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When Reality Bites

Chapter 16 – Back to Reality

Theresa looked over at Sam and shook her head. "Missouri, you never told me how much power he had…I mean I sensed some of it when we first met, but this…" She let the sentence trail off as she tried to come to terms with what she had experienced in Sam's nightmare.

"I know child…but Sam is just starting to learn about his abilities…it's like anything else in life, first we have to crawl, then we learn to walk. I just wish there was more that I could do to help the boy…but then with his big guard dog over there…I think he'll be just fine!" Missouri smiled at Dean.

Dean just shrugged, a fat lot of good he was able to do. He could protect Sam from physical danger, but this type of danger…God, how many more times could he do this?

"As many times as it takes Dean honey…believe me, Sam relies on you more than you know. Without you to watch out for him, that boy would have probably gone and done something stupid. He is a lot like your father…he let's his emotions guide him. But you, you look at the problem differently…you are able to tell when it's time to back off or to walk away.

Dean jumped as he realized that Missouri had been reading his thoughts. "Ah…thanks!" Dean wasn't used to getting compliments and didn't quite know how to handle it…in fact it made him uncomfortable.

"Now Dean Winchester…it's about time you started to take care of yourself a little. I know you won't rest until Sam is awake…but until then, you can at least make sure you fuel your body. You get yourself over to the diner across the street before it closes and grab us all some food. I'm sure you're brother is going to need something when he wakes up…some kind of soup might be best!"

"But I told him I would be here…I can't leave him…"

"Boy, do I have to get my spoon out… it wasn't a request!"

Dean took another look at Sam before he rose from the bed and headed for the diner. "I'll be right back!" He said, hoping that his brother could hear him.

Missouri shook her head as she watched the older boy head across the street. She could feel his exhaustion but also knew he wouldn't rest until he was sure that Sam was on the mend. Sighing with her own fatigue, she went over to the chair beside Sam's bed. Taking his hand gently in her own and placing her other hand on his forehead, she decided it was time to see what was keeping the boy.

Sam was once again in his safe place. The place he always retreated to when things became too complicated. It was a comforting place where he knew that no one could hurt him. He knew that Dean was waiting for him, but this time, he just felt too tired to leave. Maybe he would just stay here for awhile.

"Samuel Winchester…you need to stop wallowing around in here and get back to the real world!"

Sam grinned as he recognized Missouri's form walking towards him. "You know Missouri, I thought you wouldn't intrude in someone's mind unless they asked you to…this is three times now that you have been walking around in my thoughts without my permission!" Sam figured he should be angry…but he knew that Missouri would not have done so unless she felt it was urgent. Besides, she was the closest thing to a mother that he could remember.

"I also told you that if you didn't come back…I'd come after you with a spoon! So, you detected me when I came in to read your dreams, why didn't you say anything?"

"I don't know, it just didn't seem important at the time…besides until you just confirmed it was you, I only knew that someone had been poking around!"

"Why you little…enough! You have your brother going out of his head with worry…why don't you leave this place?"

Sam became quiet as he thought over the past few days. He just wasn't sure that he could carry the burden given to him by his birth. He looked over at Missouri and allowed her to see the misery that was buried deep within him.

"Oh child…no one can say that your life has or will be easy. But you do have choices…beginning with a choice right now…you can stay here where you will be safe, but really not alive or you can join us again and do something to make things better. I'm not saying you have to save the world Sam, but you can do your part…one person at a time. Today you managed to get rid of one of the many evils that are out there…dwell on that…not the failures. You will figure out your abilities some day, until then, I believe that God only gives you what you can handle…and he has also given you someone to share the load…someone who this minute is hurrying back from across the street with dinner…so you better get yourself in gear…I don't want to have to miss out!"

Sam smiled, feeling better…not totally better, but maybe not as much alone as he had felt when this all began. "And Sam, one more thing…next time Dean wants you to have a little fun…go for it…you need to find a way to release these feelings or they will kill you some day…of course, his type of fun may not be for you…but who says you can't have friends…you're a fool if you think you can continue without leaning on someone once in awhile…I never thought I would say this…but lighten up Sam!" Missouri said in her best Dean imitation.

Sam laughed…"So you're telling me you want me to hook up?"

"Samuel Winchester…why I ought to beat you with a spoon…enough! I'll see you when you wake up!"

Missouri removed her hands from Sam and grinned. That boy was full of the devil…luckily it was the good kind of devil!

Dean came back into the room and immediately went over to Sam's bed. "No change huh?" he asked as the smile on his face fell. He had been sure that Missouri would have gotten through to Sam by now. He looked at Missouri who just shook her head as she went over to Theresa's bed to check on the girl.

Sam groaned and opened his eyes, but quickly closed them again when he was hit with a blinding headache. Dean immediately sat down and grabbed his brother's shoulder. "Sammy…you're back!"

"Ah…Dean…ummmm…help me…I think I'm going to be…"

"Hold on there bro'…I'm glad you're back, but if you puke on the carpet…you're going to clean it up!" Dean ran to the bathroom and came back with the waste can just in time. Gently holding Sam's head until the spasms passed, Dean felt Missouri behind him. She silently handed him a bottle of water and a couple of pain pills. "Here you go Sam, this should help with the headache…as soon as your stomach settles, I've got some chicken noodle soup over there with your name on it"

Sam grinned as he watched Dean in full mother hen mode. He saw Missouri wink at him behind Deans head and almost burst out laughing. "I will be just fine Dean…I will be just fine!"

And somehow, Sam knew he would be. It might take him awhile to get use to his new life. But with Dean and friends like Missouri and Theresa on his side, he no longer felt he had to face it alone.

"So Dean…are you ready for a boy's night out?" Sam asked innocently

"Sure…anytime you are little brother…in fact, hey Theresa, are you doing anything later?" Dean asked giving her the Dean Winchester smile.

"Man, you just can't help yourself can you?" laughed Sam

"What?" Dean asked innocently as he headed over to the table to get Sam some of the soup he brought from the diner.

Theresa rolled her eyes as she turned to Missouri "Are they always like this?"

"I'm afraid so sweet heart…but ya gotta love 'em"

The End


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