"Please calm down sir, I can't understand you." Eliza said soothingly. The security guard was scared, his eyes darting to all the shadows in the room.

"Wings! Wings! It had wings! It was a demon! A demon! Never heard it… only remember the wings… only those cold eyes…" The man shut up after that and refused to speak.

"The Sapphire was stolen." Eliza couldn't help but groan. Of course the only thing stolen had to be the only thing Xanatos had donated. It wasn't even the most costly thing here. It was just the rarest in design.

"You should go home Maza, your shift finished two hours ago. We'll give this case to one of the other detectives. Take a few days off. Now shoo!" Her captain escorted her away. Rather than seek out her bed for some much needed rest, she went to the castle, to see Goliath.

"You think Demona was responsible?" Eliza nodded and the giant sighed. "I had hoped after over three months of peace with her meant her hatred eased." He looked around at the rest of the clan. "It's too late to search her out now, too close to dawn. Tomorrow, we seek her out."

They all nodded as they set out to get a comfortable position on their perches. The sun was starting to rise.

"Goliath, just one thing." Eliza said.

"Hmm?" he replied.

"She didn't kill that man." He nodded in understanding as he turned to stone.

She wanted to rip his throat out. She glared at him through the pain. She would not let him gain the satisfaction of her scream. It was her only defense against him. Never let him see what was inside and he would leave sooner.

He had been angry that she had left him alive. That stupid man, she had left him alive. It didn't seem to go through his skull that murder would have drawn more attention to the theft and therefore would involve much more investigation.

"I want you to kill this person." He gave her a picture. A black haired woman with dark eyes and brown skin met her gaze. "You have a week. Her name is Detective Eliza Maza. I want her gone. If you leave a body, make sure no trail will lead here." He sent another wave of pain through the collar. The rage increased, though nothing was given away in the creature's stance. "Fail and you'll be punished." She knew exactly what he had in mind. She hated that more than anything. If she ever became free of this infernal collar, he would be made to pay for every moment she had been forced to submit to the pain by him.

Eliza groaned. She collapsed onto her couch. It had been a long night. The clan had turned up nothing from the museum case and on top of that, she'd been feeling spooked all night, but she couldn't figure out why. She hated when she had a night like this.

She saw a figure dart over the ledge of her balcony and went out to investigate. It had look like Brooklyn or maybe Angela and she wondered why they didn't say hi. She looked around, but she didn't hear the familiar sound of gargoyle flight, and nor did she see anyone around. After a few moments of waiting, she shrugged and went back inside.

The human was foolish. She left the balcony door unlocked. It was a simple matter of waiting for the lights to go off and listening to the woman's breathing even out in slumber.

It had been easy to locate the woman. It was almost disappointing. She worked as a police officer for the past few years, and hacking into the police department's mainframe had been a joke. She'd had harder times with personal computers than with the police department.

There were only the bare essentials in the files available on the mainframe. Most of it was listed as 'filed'. Meaning it was in paper form and was waiting to be entered into the computer.

Which was lucky for one Eliza Maza. Unfortunately, it had listed both her address and her number. They had been memorized and she had waited until the second night before she had approached the apartment.

So now she slipped through the door slightly, the only sound the door being gently closing. She saw much better in the dark than she did with the lights on, so it was not a difficult matter to go watch the human sleep.

She thought this would be the best course of action. Memorize the woman's features while she slept and contemplate the manner in which she wished to dispose of the human. Though she would much rather disembowel the man who controlled her, she could only take her rage out on others at the moment. Seeing the human's blood on the wall would make it that much bearable for her to get through the next punishment. It would be that much closer to her spilling his blood.

She had finally settled on slitting the two arteries on the wrists when she heard something land on the balcony. A moment later and she heard the door open.

"Eliza? I'm sorry if I woke you up, but I need to talk to you." It was a light voice. It gave her pause. She quickly changed her plans and instead placed a pillow over the detective's face. A murder-suicide would be the best cover-up.

"'Liza?" the person flicked on the light in the outer room. "Eliza!" She looked back to see someone race in. The other intruder's talons snaked out, only to find empty air.

She released the pillow and darted for the door. The windows had bars on them and were unsuitable for escape.

The other being was quick enough to tackle her to the ground. She let out a deep growl that rumbled in her chest and made the room fill with sound. She heard coughing in the other room. Now she knew it would be that much more difficult to kill this woman. She had been alerted that someone was trying to kill her. Her rage flashed to the forefront.

She flipped whoever it was so the positions were reversed. She straddled the other, gripping the arms in her talons. She was surprised by the amount of strength that the being fought back with, but it was barely able to move in her iron grip.

She looked down into a face that looked like her own.