It was a Saturday afternoon, Gabriella was walking to her car.

She was at the movie theater, she went to see a chick flick and Troy refused to sit through it again seeing how he has taken her to it three times now.

She was walking along, not really thinking of anything, she stopped to look a window sale when suddenly someone grabbed her and drug her into a back alley.

"What the..." She started, but someone shoved their hand over her mouth.

"Listen up, your Bolton's girl right?" He asked.

She nodded, fear beging to rise from within her.

"Well two years back your dumbass little boyfriend beat down my little bro, now how do you think that makes me feel?" He asked, grabbing her hair.

Tears streamed down her face as he yanked her hair back, his hand still over her mouth.

Suddenly another guy walked up and grabbed her, he forced her hands behind her back and wrapped his hand over her mouth.

"Now listen here princess, C.J does'nt take mess from anyone, especially your white ass boyfriend, he cheated me and my team out of the state championship and then beats down on my little bro?'' "Let the bitch talk." He told the other guy.

He removed his hand and she said,"I...I don't know what your...talking about." Between sobs.

He slapped her, hard, it busted her lip.

"Tell your boy, that I'm ready for his ass, any time anyplace." He said.

Suddenly he cocked his head to the left.

"You know what, I'll just get the message across the only way I know, by beating it in you." He said, cracking his knuckles.

She screamed, but the other mans hand was over her mouth.

He puched her in the stomach, she bent over, out of breath.

He picked her face up and puched her hard, over and over, blood was trickling inbetween the other mans fingers.

He puched her a few more times in the ribs and stomach before signaling for the other man to drop her.

He tossed her down, and kicked her in the ribs over and over.

He was still kicking her when a trash can lid smashed into his face.

It was Ryan.


He smashed the lid on his face over and over, the other man, the one who beat her ran off.

The other guy puched Ryan and took off.

Ryan would have chased after him, but he had more important things to deal with.

"Gabriella." He said, picking up the bloddy lifeless body in his arms.

"Gabriella, come on wake up." He said.

She did'nt move, she was bleeding from her mouth very badly.

Ryan had been out to pick up a few things.

He dug his cellphone out of his pocket and dialed his sister.

"Hello." She said.

"SHAR, it's me, Ryan, listen I was out and I found these two guys, they beat Gabriella, she's doing pretty bad Shar, I think she's dying." He said.

"WELL DON'T CALL ME CALL 911!" She shouted.

Ryan hung the phone up and franticaly dialed the number.

"Hello, what's your emergency." The operator asked.

"My friend was beaten up, I think she's dying, she's bleeding really bad from her mouth, I need help." He said.

"Ok, sir where are you located?" She asked.

"I'm on..." Ryan started, trying to remember the street name.

"HEY, WHAT'S THIS STEET NAME!" Ryan shouted to a man passing by.

"Oh, 11th...WAIT, WHAT DID YOU DO!" He shouted.

"It's 11th street." Ryan told the operator."Were in an alley, these two guys beat her PLEAE HURRY!" Ryan said, hanging up the phone as Gabriella coughed up a little blood.

"It's gonna be ok Gabbi just hold on." He said cradling her in his arms.

"What happened?" The man asked, talking off his jacket and trying to wipe some blood off her face.

"These two guys beat her, she's my friend, I was on my way home from the store, when I saw them." He said.

"Are you sure she did'nt provoke them?" He asked.

"Yes I'm sure, she's not at all like that, wait, why do care." He asked.

"Because I'm a cop, I'm just off duty." He said.

"Oh." Ryan said.

A siren could be heard.

The cop flagged them down and they loaded Gabriella up, Ryan rode with her.


Troy sat in his room, working on world history homework.

"Stupid Gabriella, making me do this crap, could'nt just gimme the answers." He said to himself.

"What do I care about Monaco?" He said.

His phone began to ring, he threw his pen down and gladly jumped up and walked away from the boring work.

"Hello." Troy said.

"Hi Troy, it's Shar, listen, I want you to stay calm." She said.

"Why?" Troy asked rasing an eyebrow.

"Troy something happened." She said.

Troy's stomach tightened a little.

"What?" He asked nervously.

"Gabriella, she's in the hospital Troy, I think you need to get down here." Sharpay said.


"Troy please please calm down, please just come down here, she..." Sharpay started, but Troy hung the phone up and ran out the front door, he crammed his key in the ignition and speed off.

After only about ten minutes he pulled into the parking lot of the hospital, he jumped out of his car and ran inside.

Sharpay and Ryan were sitting in the lobby.

"Troy, there you are." She said.

"Where is Gabbi!" He asked frantically.

"Troy, I need to talk to you." Ryan said.

"WE CAN TALK LATER, WHERE'S GABRIELLA?" He shouted, grabbing him by the shirt.

"LISTEN!" Ryan said, shoving him off.

"I was at the store, I was on my way home when I found these two men in a back alley, they were beating her." He said.


"I don't know, but I called the ambulance and she's up there, Troy, she's in pretty bad shape, they beat the hell outta her...she's bleeding internaly." Ryan said.

Troy shoved his hands on his head,"Oh my God, where is she?"

Sharpay took Troy's wrist and led him into the elevator.

"Wh...what does she look like?" He asked, trembling.

"She's bleeding really bad Troy, Ryan called me scared to death when he found her." She said.

"No." Troy said, near tears.

They finally made it up to ITU(Intensive Care Unit(it's like super bad if someone's in there)).

"Troy, I'm going to warn you, it's very hard to look at her like this." Sharpay said.

Troy shook his head and opened the door to her room.

He took two steps in the dark room before breaking down, she was in very bad shape, she was on life support.

He slowly approached the bed.

"Gabbi." He said, sitting next to her.

He took her cold hand into his shaking one.

He brushed some hair out of her face.

"Gabbi, it's me, it's Troy, I'm so sorry I let this happen to you." He said, tears streaming down his face.

"I let you down, and I'm sorry." He said.

He sat in silence for a sec, the only sound that could be heard were the respirator and his sniffling.

"I...I don't know who did this to you baby girl, but I'm gonna find them." He said.

"I love you so much baby, please don't leave me, your gonna get through this, your strong, I know you can." Troy said.

"Mr. Bolton?" A nurse asked behind him.

He nodded.

"Miss Montez is here to see Gabriella." She said, "And only one visiter at a time."

Troy nodded.

He kissed Gabriellas hand and gently placed it under her bed sheets.

"I'll be back baby girl, I promise, I'll never you." He said.

He stood up and walked to the door.

The nurse smiled politely and opened it for him.

"Troy, how is she." Miss Montez asked, tear stains visable on her face.

"Miss Montez, I...I..." He started, but he started choking on his own words.

She walked into the room and burst out crying, Troy looked away as the door shut behind him.

He stumbled up to a chair and colapsed in it, this all was a bad dream, yeah, that was it, he must have fallen asleep doing his homework, and any second now Gabriella would wake him up and call him lazy...but nothing, this certainly was'nt a dream.

He buried his face in his hands, crying as hard as he possibly could, his angel was in there knocking on deaths door and all he could do was sit in a chair and mentally curse himself for not going to sit with her through that damn movie just one more time.


"Please." Gabriella pleaded.

"NO!" Troy said.

"Just one last time, and I promise I'll wait for the DVD." She said.

"I'm not going to sit through that crappy movie one more time, I've taken you three times already." He said.

"Please." She said, making puppy dog eyes.

Troy's eyes softened, but he turned his head and said,"No."

Gabriella sighed and looked down,"I thought I was your angel." She said, hanging her head and walking away.

Troy rolled his eyes and stood up, and pulled her into a hug from behind and said,"You know you are, but I'm not going to that movie again, can't you just take Taylor?"

"She already saw it, and hated it." She said.

"Kelsi?" He asked.

"Out of town." She said.

"Sharpay?" He asked, hoping someone would register.

"Does'nt like these kind of movies." She said.

"...Ryan?" Troy said.

"He's a guy." She said.

"Yeah but he's g...passionate." Troy said.

Gabriella rolled her eyes.

"Ok, fine I'll take you." He said.

"Yay, your the best.." She started, but he cut her off,"IF, you gimme the answers to the world history homework."

"NO WAY, Troy, it's the test review, your never going to learn anything if I keep doing your work for you." She said.

"Oh ok, mom, I see how it is, I take you to a movie, but you won't help me with my homework." He said.

"If you need help that's one thing, but cheating..." She said.

"God, why do you have to be such a goody goody all the time?" He asked.

"You know what, I'll just go to the movies alone." She said, walking away.


End Flashback...

Sharpay sat next to Troy and put her arm around him.

"Troy, I'm so sorry." She said.

He did budge, he continued to cry.

"Troy please don't cry, she's gonna get through this, I know she will she's stonger than this." Sharpay said, showing genuine concern for one of the first times in a while.

"I...I...could...have...stopped all...this." Troy said, between sobs.

"It was'nt your fault." She said.

"Yes was." He said.

Sharpay wrapped her arms around him and he cried in her shoulder.

Meanwhile Ryan was outside the hospital, he pulled his phone out...


"CHAD!" Taylor called.

"Yeah?" He said from the other room.

"What are you doin?" She asked.

"Trying to fix this stupid microwave." He said.

"Why?" She asked.

"Cause I'm hungry, and all we have is microwave burritos and tea." He said.

"That's because you won't get a damn job." She said, putting her hands on her hips.

"I had a job." He said.

"Yeah then you got caught stealing." She said.

"It was only a quater." He said.

"Yeah a quater of a million dollars." She said,"Who knew you could hack a safe, where'd you learn?"

"Well, I was talking a smoke break." He started,"And the vault was open, well I took it upon myself to help the security guys unload the cash."

She nodded.

"Well they smarted off, so I took. I dunno, a bag full of money." He said.

"Are you kidding?" She asked.

"Nope, they noticed so I threw it at them." He said.

A smiled emerged on her lips, even though it was'nt right to laugh at.

"So they caught me, and gave me the whole run down on stealing." He said.

"And they like, did'nt take you to jail, is'nt what you did a federal offense?" She asked.

"Yeah, it is, but I gave them each a case off beer, and they let me off." He said.

"Oh, wow, well I'd have fired you too, if I'd caught you stealing all that money." She said.

"Oh no, they did'nt fire me for the money." He said.

"Then for what?" She asked.

"The beer." He said.

She laughed, but she saw that he was dead serious.

"Oh." She said.

"Well I guess I'm just gonna eat this cold." He said, unwrapping the burrito.

Suddenly Taylor's phone rang, it was Ryan.

"Hey Taylor. listen, I think you might want to sit down for this." He told her.

"What happened?" She asked confused.

"Just sit dowm first." He said.

She sat next to Chad on the couch who looked at her confused.

"Well, I'm sitting down, talk." She said.

"It's Gabriella." He said.

"What happened to Gabriella?" She asked, standing up.

"She was attacked, she's...she's on life support Taylor." He said.

Taylor covered her hand with her mouth, she colapsed next to Chad on the couch, breathing hard.

"What's wrong?" He asked, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"I think you need to get down here, Troy and Gabriella both need all the support they can get." Ryan said.

"We're on our way now." Taylor said, hanging the phone up.

"What happened?" Chad asked.

A few tears escaped Taylor's eyes,"Gabriella's on life support Chad, someone beat her."

"WHAT?" He asked, standing up,"Who beat her, Troy?"

"No, I don't know, we need to go." She said.

They both headed out the door and they were on their way to the hospital.

Well good start here, let's see, next chapter, Troy put's a plan together to find Gabbi's attacker, everyone takes turns blaming theirself for Gabbi's attack, and DUM DUM DUM...1 word...flatline...