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Breaking Point
By: TenshiJaki
"If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?" - Lily Tomlin

It was several days later that Cyborg finally announced that he had finished Raven's room. She never thought she would be so happy to see four walls, windows and a door again in her life. To make things even better Cy had installed her own private bathroom so she wouldn't have to deal with the others on a day to day basis; his little way of saying sorry she supposed. The best part however was that nothing, abso-friggin-lutely nothing, was white or beige. Life was good.

To top it all off the others had apparently taken her 'rant' to heart. Robin had even asked Star out on a date, though it was probably due more to Star having taken the initiative in their 'relationship' and proposing marriage to him than Ravens complaint about their 'not-really-there-but-there-because-the-unresolved-sexual-tension-is-palpable' romance. Raven had to admit though, that had been funny. She didn't know Robin could get that red.

Cyborg and Beastboy were also trying their hardest to actually think of others for a change. It wasn't had for Cy but Beastboy was always second guessing himself and trying to extract his foot from his mouth on a regular basis. It was due to this foot-in-mouth-itis that had him standing in front of Ravens newly constructed door waiting for her to let him in.

He couldn't even remember what it was that he had done, though in all honesty it could have been any number of things. All he knew was that Raven had contacted him via the communicator and demanded that he come to her room immediately. She hadn't sounded very happy.

For a minute Beastboy had allowed himself the small fantasy that she had come to realize his feelings for her and she was getting ready to confess her own. It would be just like her to want to do it behind closed doors, so the others wouldn't see. The rational part of his mind, however small, had crushed that idea fairly quickly.

The likelihood of Raven doing something like that was about as likely as an army of gerbils building a giant machine and taking over the world. And though he would suspect the evil rodents of something sinister like that he couldn't believe the part about Raven.

Sighing he knocked on the door, awaiting his doom.

He didn't have to wait to long. After a few seconds the door opened a crack and then, before he knew it, a grey hand reached out and, grabbing his collar, yanked him into the room.

"What - Raven?"

"Shh, you don't want the others to hear us do you?" Beastboy gulped loudly at the purring nature of Ravens voice. He had only heard it that way once and that was when she was trying to seduce Mad Mod. Surely she couldn't be trying the same thing on him?

"Uh, what… I mean, you called me and… um - what did you want?" Beastboy wanted to smack himself, that wasn't the smoothest thing he had ever said in the presence of a girl. Of course, it wasn't the worst thing he had said either, that award went to 'I have to pee', which was the only thing that had come out when he had tried talking to that hot blonde that worked at the video store.

Shaking off his thoughts he tried to focus on what Raven was saying, he had zoned out and missed part of it. "… and then I though, 'Well, I'd better talk to him about it'. So what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Uh… nothing?" Beastboy didn't have the foggiest as to what she was referring too; she probably had mentioned it during his reminiscent. All he knew was that denial usually worked well.

"You have nothing to say about that? I would have thought you would have had plenty to say. I mean, you had a whole two pages dedicated to it in the past week alone." Raven was looking at him with an annoyed expression on her face, her hands on her hips.

"Pages?" Beastboy couldn't remember writing anything, well, anything she could read anyways, in the past week. He would have suspected she was talking about an after action report or something but Robin had banned him from writing them any more. Apparently he liked to input his personal opinion on everything, not to mention all the spelling and grammar mistakes. One time writing about a battle Robin had been fighting, that went along the lines of, 'And then Rob jumpd the bad guy and his cape, witch is really pointles, waived behiend him like a gay pride flagg, and then hit him right in the face, witch was funny dudes' and he was never allowed to do them again.

There was something that he did write in though. Occasionally, when he had to get something out of his head, he wrote in a journal. And it was a journal because guys didn't do diaries. But Raven couldn't be talking about that. That particular item was currently in his room, under his mattress. There was no way that she could have even known about it, not to mention get her hands on it. No one was brave enough to touch anything in his room, not even Raven.

It was about that time that a thought hit Beastboy. Like a semi-truck hauling a ton of bricks and a small African elephant.


With a sinking feeling he remembered that Raven had indeed been in his room, and in fact, had gone so far as to not only touch his things but his mattress in particular.

"…and after all that you have nothing to say? And with peanut butter!" Beastboy blinked at Raven, he had zoned out again and only caught the end of whatever it was she was saying to him. Peanut butter did ring a bell… an awful bell that sounded almost like it was ringing out his death toll.

"Peanut butter?"
"Yes peanut butter - you are the one who came up with that after all."

And indeed he had. One of his entries in his journal had been about how he would like nothing better than to introduce the sticky substance known as peanut butter to a certain grey body he knew and how much he would like to lick it all off afterwards.

Suspicions confirmed, Raven had read his journal. Crap.

"Uh, about that Rae - well… you see…"
"Don't bother explaining yourself… I just want to know what gave you the idea that I would even consider peanut butter. I hate the stuff. You could have used chocolate syrup or something I might like."
"I know, and I'm sorry - wait a minute… what did you say?" Beastboy just stared at Raven. Not daring to hope what he had heard was true. She couldn't have meant it… could she?

"Are you saying what I think you're saying? Cause if you are - well then sign me up." He finished with the biggest, goofiest grin Raven had ever seen in her entire life. And being around Beastboy and Starfire on a regular basis, well, that was saying something. It almost made her feel bad about having to follow through with her plan. Oh well, she would make it up to him later - maybe with cherries.

She had been racking her brain for something suitably wicked to do the green shifter. Remembering the book she had seen lying under his mattress she had gone back and gotten it a few days ago. She was hoping to find his biggest phobia, or at the very least something embarrassing she could hold over him. What she had found was nothing of the sort. At least three quarters of the book was devoted to her, or at least things that he wanted to do to and/or with her.

At first she had been furious but, after reading more and more of his entries, had learned that it wasn't just a sexual thing for him. He really, truly liked her, and even though she would have her revenge on him, she would remember that for future reference.

Her plan after that had been to bring him in and embarrass him. Show him how it felt to have someone invade his privacy as he had done to her on so many occasions. But things weren't going as planned.

Raven nearly smacked herself for the stupid chocolate syrup slip up. That had not been in the plan. Sighing she decided that, since she was already heading that way, she might as well continue.

"Listen Beastboy," She watched him to make sure he was paying attention this time, "I read almost all of your journal and I don't mind if you… well, if you feel that way about me."

Beastboy's whole face lit up, "Really? Does that mean that you feel-"
"Don't get ahead of yourself Garfield." Beastboy winced at the sound of his name. "As I was saying, I don't mind. But, and yes there is a but, stop laughing!"

Beastboy couldn't help himself, hearing Raven say that there was 'a but' put his mind right into the gutter. And as a young male that was where it was normally. "Butt. Hehe."

Raven shot him a glare, "Are you through? Good. Where was I? Oh yes, your feelings are fine but you can't allow them to interfere-"

It was Beastboy's turn to interrupt, "Its not going to interfere with work. I already know that. And, I've felt this way for a long time and it hasn't caused any problems. So, if you don't mind, and I continue the way I have been, do you think…?"

Raven just closed her eyes; this was not the way this was supposed to go. She had been planning on setting him straight, for the time being anyways, then proceed with her plan, which she had dubbed Mission: Revenge.

Beastboy watched Raven with her eyes closed, the emotions playing over her face made it apparent that she was fighting with herself over this. Before he could think better of it he leaned in close and gently pressed his lips to hers. And prayed.

He prayed for many things. He prayed that Raven wouldn't push him away, he prayed that she would return the kiss, he prayed that she wouldn't maim him beyond recognition.

At least two of his prayers were answered. Raven didn't push him away though she did pull back, and so far, she had yet to start the beating he was sure he was going to get.

They stared at each other for a few moments before Beastboy couldn't take it anymore, "Say something - please!"

Doing a slow blink, she opened her mouth but nothing came out. She tried a couple of times before her voice started cooperating again, "What… Why did you do that?"

"Because I wanted too."

Raven just looked at him like she had never seen him before. Where was the cowering green midget she was used to? She had a queer idea to start searching under rocks to look for him. Shaking that image out of her head she just looked back at the changeling sadly, "This won't work Beastboy - it just wouldn't…"

Beastboy grabbed her by the arms, something that shocked both of them, "Please, don't say that. Just, just give it a try - that's all I'm asking. If it doesn't work then fine - but please… please."

Raven did the only thing she could do, especially when she saw the tears welling up in his eyes, she agreed, "Alright. But if it doesn't work this isn't going to get weird. Right?" For once she was the one who needed reassurance.

Beastboy just smiled at her and nodded before pulling her towards him and into a crushing hug, "Yes, it will work. You'll see."

Raven finally pulled away, a smile on her face, "Ok, so - what do you want to do now?"

Beastboy returned her smile, "Well, you said you liked chocolate syrup..."


Outside the room Cyborg was walking down the hall. Upon hearing strange noises coming from Ravens room he leaned in to put his ear against the door. Before his flesh could make contact however he jumped back. Something large had hit the door on the other side causing it to shake.

Reaching for the door chime to make sure that Raven was alright he stopped when he heard a loud, high pitched voice, a voice that sounded a lot like Beastboys, especially those times when Raven had him huddled in a corner calling for his mommy.

Backing slowly away from the door, he really didn't want to know, he decided that it would be best if he didn't interrupt. In fact, he was going to warn Star and Robin to stay far, far away as well.

He could still hear his green friend's voice as he walked down the hall…

"RAVEN! What are you going to do with that flame thrower!"

Cyborg shuddered and quickened his pace when he heard Ravens response, "It's called revenge Beastboy. It's called revenge."

(I know I promised more 'missing episodes', I will try to add them later :) sorry.)

If you couldn't tell, it's The End!


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