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Aburatsubo's Dating Service by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

Sae gave Takeo a quick, adoring glance. Takeo blushed. Aburatsubo grabbed Takeo around the waist to distract him. Takeo blushed again. Squirming out of Aburatsubo's arms, he declared the meeting adjourned.

Aburatsubo was tickled. As always, whenever they chose to be present, Akane and Nanaka were the first ones out the door. Nanaka, of course, would be standing outside, waiting for Sae. As soon as she was gone, Aburatsubo would have the two seconds alone with Takeo, which he treasured more than what seemed like an eternity around his other "fans".

However, today was different. Sae stopped at the door and turned around.

"Coming, Takeo-kun?" she asked.

Takeo gulped, blushed, and squeaked, "Hai," before following her out.

Aburatsubo felt a flash of jealousy and worry. Those two were getting much too close. Something had to be done.

Aburatsubo thought of nothing but the situation (apart form his usual daydreams about Takeo) as he walked home. Nothing was coming to him. He ran a hand through his magenta hair as the wind tousled it. He sighed a little, then cried out as he fell flat against the sidewalk.

It wasn't like him to be so clumsy. As he painfully struggled to get up, he realized that a book lying on the sidewalk had tripped him. He picked it up and upon opening it, realized that it was a photo album of either Sae's or Nanaka's, since it contained only photos of those two from the past year or so. He smiled, thinking how nice it was that the two were so close, and continued absently to flip through the pages. What he saw astounded him.

On some strange whim, Sae and Nanaka must have taken pictures while trying on clothes, for the next picture was of both Sae and Nanaka in their underwear. Aburatsubo nearly dropped the photo album in disgust.

Suddenly an evil smile spread over his face.

'This could be exactly what I need."