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Aburatsubo's Dating Service: Chapter Five by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

Coming to his senses, Takeo flushed bright red, but with an indeterminate emotion. Consulting all his strength, he shoved Aburatsubo roughly off of him. This time he was not subtle.


Aburatsubo pouted.

"I can't help myself when the mood strikes. I think we should have Magic Club outside today, in the rose garden…It's so much more…magical," he added, stroking Takeo's cheek.

Takeo was about to respond when he heard a familiar greeting from none other than the object of his affection, Sawanoguchi-kun. She was about to enter the classroom, to open the album, to look upon herself and her best friend…INDECENTLY EXPOSED! Oh, the fantasies were too much for him…

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha! What a splendid idea! Sawanoguchi-kun, today Magic Club will be held in the rose garden!" he yelled, pushing her down the hallway. "The natural beauty of a blossom that is just beginning to open will be the source of our power and we will finally gain the strength to fulfill our noble mission to free humanity from submission to the will of an alien force!" declared Takeo, reassuming his nauseatingly heroic heirs.

"SEMPAI!" Sae cried. "I will listen to your wisdom only…Only…I forgot that I left my wand inside the classroom. I'll be just a moment," she said, making as if to dash past them.

"NO!" cried Aburatsubo and Takeo in unison.

Sae started, slowly turned to see Takeo dragging behind her, his hands wrapped around her ankles.

Takeo gazed up appreciatively. This was the first time he had touched…Sae…in such an intimate way. And from this angle, looking up, he could see…everything…

Sae blushed almost to match her dress.

"Sempai?" she asked very timidly.

Finally, Takeo awakened from his reverie. Slowly getting to his feet, he released his grip on her ankle and took her hand.

"Sae, there is something I've wanted to tell you for a long time. Come on, let's go out into the rose garden," he said smoothly, leading her away.

Aburatsubo's mouth stood agape. He remained frozen there for what seemed like hours, until he was startled by an ear-piercing scream.

"SAE, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING HERE!" Nanaka yelled from the faraway Magic Classroom to the ends of the Earth. "So help me, this is the last thing I'll ever lend to you!"