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"Casey!" The voice of her mother boomed through the house as she walked in the front door, Derek sauntering behind her.

"Oh you're in trouble!" Derek teased quietly a smug look on his face as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

Casey shrugged her stepbrother's arm off, "Yeah, Mom?"

Her mom appeared from around the corner with books full in her arms. "I got all the university information from the library and I've been waiting for the last half hour. Why were you so late?" She shrugged the books onto the desk as Casey made it into the living room to stand in front of her mom.

Lizzie and Edwin looked back from the couch where they were watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Casey glanced back as she heard Derek plop into his chair and grab the remote from the duo.

"Sorry, Mom, I was with Sam and Emily. We were working on some homework." Casey glanced at the books on the desk, "You know, Mom, I'm still two years from having to fill these out." She gestured vaguely towards the books.

"Come on, Case. I thought you'd have already planned university, your job, and your non-existant wedding out." Derek called from the couch as he barely turned to look at her.

Casey snapped around as her eyes narrowed in a glare, "I can't do everything." She blindly grabbed one of the books her mother had gotten and chucked it at Derek's head as she ran up the stairs.

"Well, that's new." Derek shrugged as he tossed the book haphazardly at Edwin. "I'll be back later, I've got hockey practice. Couch recruited a new player…got to train him or something." He hopped up and grabbed his bag, slinging it over his shoulder.

As the door shut Lizzie turned to Edwin, "Why did he even come home?"

Edwin just rolled his eyes. "What's up with, Casey? Her time of the month or something?"

Lizzie threw the remote at Edwin's head as he ducked laughing. "Get a life."

Edwin brought his vision down to the book sitting in his lap, "You Can Get a Scholarship Too! Why'd Nora get this? Case'll have no problem getting a scholarship."

Lizzie's eyes narrowed as she grabbed the book, "Who knows. I'm going to go see if Case is alright." She stood up and made her way to the stairs only to hear Edwin shout something along the lines of 'more tv for me.' She made her way upstairs and knock uncertainly on the door. "Case, can I talk to you?"

There was muffled shuffling as Casey came to the door, "Sure, Liz." Casey's face appeared blotched as she swung open the door and let her little sister come in.

"Have you been crying?" Lizzie asked as they sat down on Casey's bed.

"Yeah. I know I shouldn't, it's just so embarrassing. How can she bring something up like this? She knows my chances of getting into one of the universities I want are slim now. And getting a scholarship? That'll never happen." Casey dragged the back of her hand over her eyes to remove some of the tears.

Lizzie put her hand on her sister's leg and squeezed in a comforting fashion, "You don't know that for sure. Mom must have done some type of research before she just popped up with these books. I mean look. This book is called Even You Can Get a Scholarship. See it's talking to you, Casey."

Casey burst out laughing as Lizzie joined in, "Well if the book is really talking to me." In a swift movement Casey reached behind her back and pulled out a pillow. She took the initiative and hit her sister lightly. Releasing a giggle Lizzie got a pillow herself.

Nora sighed looking at the two girls from Casey's doorway. This was probably the best instant she'd seen between the two girls in a long time. Maybe the books had been a bad idea, but watching this moment made it worth while.

"Girls George is making dinner, but Derek is inviting his friends over after practice so we need to get some more drinks. Want to come to the store with me?"

"Sure, Mom." Casey smiled as she nudged Lizzie one more time with the pillow.

Hockey Rink

"That was a pretty sweet move, man." Derek said as he slapped Sam on the back.

"Yeah, I've been working on it. Think it'll impress the girls?" He said back with a laugh.

"Definitely, as long as the girl you're trying to impress isn't my stepsister." Derek replied as he threw his arm around Sam's shoulder.

"There are cute girls around this school?" A voice rang from their left.

"Seriously, you picked the right school to come to, Matt. There are some great girls. Derek has a little black book full of them." Sam said looking over his shoulder at the boy walking behind them.

Matt jerked his head to the right, swinging his shaggy light brown hair out of his eyes letting his blue eyes show through the mess of hair. "One of which is Derek's stepsister?" He laughed lightly as followed them out into the night air.

"Wohhh, she is off limits to everyone that wants to be my friend. As I said to Sam before there is the male rule." Derek hopped walked a little faster to be in front of them and turned to face them, "My Dad's cooking tonight. Let's hope it's good. And just ignore my sister."

"Sure, man." Matt said as he moved up to walk next to Sam.

Sam leaned over and said just loud enough for Derek to hear, "You'll see her at dinner."

"Hey!" Matt and Sam just laughed.


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