Oh dear. Somehow, reading a limerick by lolo popoki stirred up my muse, and it refused to be silent until I'd typed out half a dozen limericks.

This one didn't look like it was in need of a beta, so I figured it'd go up first.

Enjoy this little snippet of nothing. C:


There once was a RK obsessor,

Who locked Kenshin up in her dresser,

But Watsuki-sama sued;

Her life simply screwed,

She wrote pretty disclaimers, bless her.

Oh dear lord kill me now; I can't even write a decent disclaimer any more. D:


His words always made her see red,

Till her bokken would crack o'er his head,

She screeched out a "chan",

He cried, "I'm a man!"

And they'd banter and bicker till bed.


But wait, there's more!

Well, once I get them beta'd.