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"Yes, yes, oh God oh." Leo couldn't remember the last time Piper had sounded like this with him. A smile crept across his face as he traced her cheek down to her neck and across her shoulder with kisses. Piper gently rolled them over and sat up so that she was straddling him. Her hands placed on his stomach, she rocked back and forth, rotating her hips, feeling him inside her at every angle. She dropped her head back and felt her hair swaying across her back. Leo looked up at Piper and was amazed by how beautiful she was and how he made her feel. It had never been like this; their passion together had never been this strong before.

He was getting closer and he could feel that she was too. He placed his hands on her and guided her hips slowly caressing her smooth skin with his thumbs. Piper leaned forward placing her hands on either side of his shoulders, her hair dropped down surrounding her face and she flicked her head to move it away from her eyes.

Unable to control himself, Leo moved her hips faster and harder. "Oh, Piper. Oh, I can't… I can't hold on much… longer." Leo didn't want to come before her; he wanted this to be perfect for her. "Don't… hold back. Come now… I'm ready. Oh God, Leo. Now. Now."

Leo tightened his grip on her hips as he emptied himself into her. "Ahhhh!" He moaned in painful pleasure. Piper sprung back up to sitting and almost screamed as she felt his fluids collide with hers. She tried to steady her breathing as she slowly leaned forward again until she collapsed onto Leo chest. Still inside her, Leo put his arms around her and smelled her hair the way he always used to after they made love.

Piper gently pulled herself away from Leo and rolled onto her back. "Oh…my…God." Her mouth was dry and her throat was soar from all of her heavy breathing and panting. "Yeah." Leo chuckled. They lay there for a while reveling in the aftershock of their mind blowing orgasms. Then Piper rolled back resting her head and upper body on Leo's chest, placing her hand over his heart feeling it as it's beating slowed. Leo draped his arm across her back and placed a kiss on her head.

After a few minutes, Leo broke the silence. "You know, part of me is glad that Phoebe and Paige didn't cast a spell on us." Piper lifted her head and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Why's that?" Leo smiled and stroked her cheek, "Because then I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did." Piper chuckled in agreement and lifter her mouth to his lips, kissing him tenderly. "I love you, Leo." She whispered, her lips still touching his. "I love you too."

Nine months later, baby Chris was born.

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