Hi everybody, I'm back! It took some time but finally Im back with a new story. This time I decided to do a sort of cross-over with Greys Anatomy. I will not use any of the characters from Grey´s Anatomy, but I will use some of the show´s storylines. Of course, as a true Trory fan, this story will revolve around Rory and Tristan, but also around Lorelai and Luke.

Enough is enough

Disclaimer: I don´t own anything. It all belongs to the creators of the fabulous series the Gilmore Girls and Grey´s Anatomy.

Some background information you need to know:

Rory and Lorelai did have their big fall-out after Rory decided to quit Yale. They made up however, after they made the compromise that Rory should go back to Yale and get a degree. Rory decides to switch to medicine, just like Paris. She is totally focused on her new study and manages to graduate without any delays, together with Paris. This story will start shortly after their graduation.

Logan and Rory were still going strong in the beginning, but after the pressure Logan was getting to grow up and to get more involved in the family business and Rory´s non-stop studying their relationship turns sour and they decide to end it and just be friends. Rory has not been seeing anybody else since their break up.

Luke and Lorelai are still a couple. After Lorelai´s break down he realises that he doesn 't want to loose her and marries her. After a little while Anna turns around and allows April to visit Luke and Lorelai again. Two years later Anna has to move away, but April doesn´t want to leave her school and friends and asks if she can stay with Luke and Lorelai. So at the beginning of this story Luke, Lorelai and April are all living in the Crap Shack.

Okay, I hope you are still following me. Now let´s go on with the story.

Chapter 1: A new beginning

'Wow girls! I still cannot believe that the both of you got into this 'super!-look at me-I'm the best there is' intern program at Hartford Memorial' Lorelai says slightly squealing.

'I know. I still can't believe it myself'. Rory says smiling and continues unpacking her boxes.

Then Paris burst into the rooms. 'Rory, I know this is your house and all, but we should really switch bedrooms. My bedroom is way too sunny, and since we're gonna be working at least 80 hours a week, I'm only gonna be here to sleep, so I need a darker bedroom.'

'Forget it Paris! Like you said this is my house, so I get to have first pick and I choose that bedroom. So just pick one of the other 3 bedrooms.' And with that Paris storms out of the room again.

'I still cannot believe that you chose living here with Paris in Hartford over living back with us in Stars Hollow. I know my parents bought you this four bedroom apartment for your graduation, but you know that it comes with strings attached. It always comes with strings attached.' Lorelai continues.

'Mom, we have been over this a million times. I'm an adult now at the beginning of my new adult life. I need to do this on my own. Besides, it would be too hard with the hours that I will be making and your house is already pretty busy with Luke and April there.'

'I know, but I miss you, and it is strange to have two strangers in the house.' Lorelai says pouting.

Rory starts to laugh. 'Luke and April aren't strangers. Well maybe April still is a little bit. But she has been living with you for two months now, and you told me you like her.'

'I know. And I do like her, but she is not you. It still feels strange having her around. Okay speaking of which, I really have to get back. The good thing about this all is that Luke cooks us dinner at home now every night, and you know how good his cooking is.' She says winking at Rory.

Rory sighs. 'I think it will be take-out for me and Paris and an early night in, so we can start our new job freshly tomorrow.'

'No, no, no, you are doing this all wrong. From tomorrow on you two will turn into hospital slaves, so you have to celebrate you last free night properly. So go out to dinner with Paris and hook up with some motor guys afterwards or get a tattoo. You have been coped up in that student dorm of yours for too long, missy.' Lorelai says accusingly.

'Actually I think you are right.' Rory says, while putting down her box.

'I am?' Lorelai responds surprised.

'Yeah, I actually feel like going out. PARIS! Put on something nice, we are going out tonight.'


Later that evening the girls are sitting at the bar in the pub across the hospital, called Mickey's. They both look up when the bell at the front door jingles and a couple of guys walk into the pub.

Rory looks back to Paris. 'Does that blond guy look familiar to you? I've got the feeling that I know him from somewhere.'

Paris looks around to take a second glance. 'O my god, that is Tristan Dugrey! What is he doing here?'

'You're right it is Tristan. Should we say hi to him? I'm not sure. It has been so long ago. Do you think he would still recognise us?' Rory says in whispering voice, while fidgeting with her bag.

'Oh he'll recognise us alright. I think we were pretty memorable at Chilton. But I'm not sure if we should say hi, cause he left in a pretty awkward situation, and I don't know how much he has changed and if he wants to be reminded of that.' Paris replies, also whispering.

'What are you ladies conspiring over here? I must say that at first I was shocked that you didn't even seem to recognise me or say hello to me, but then I figured that you did recognise me and were just now debating how to get in contact with me.' Tristan says, while leaning in between the two of them.

'Both girls felt caught and turned around with a small blush on their face.

Paris was the first to respond. 'Well hello to you, Tristan! We didn't see you there. We were actually discussing how we could get free drinks from Mickey over there. But you sure don't seem to have changed much, have you?'

'Now now, Paris, you always knew how to make a guy feel wanted. But if it is free drinks you want, I can help you with that.' Tristan then turns to the bartender. 'Mickey give these girls something to drink on me. What were you having? A coke?'

'Actually, we were having tequila shots.' Rory replies, saying something for the first time

Tristan looks stunned for a moment and then turns to Mickey. 'Well you heard the lady, make that three tequila shots.' Then he turns around. 'I would never have guessed that the preferred drink of Rory Gilmore and Paris Gellar would be the tequila shot, but then again you always knew how to amaze me.' He says looking into Rory's eyes.

'Oh, please!' Paris responds and downs her shot in one sip. 'I have to go. See you tomorrow, Rory. Don't be late.' And with that she leaves the bar.

'What was that all about?' Tristan looks confused.

'Oh, just Paris being Paris.' Rory responds and lifts her shoulders. 'But what about you? I'm amazed to hear that you actually seem to know my real name.' She says smiling.

Tristan gives her one of his famous grins. 'I always knew your name, MARY. I just never chose to use it……..


The next morning Rory wakes up, because Paris is banging very loudly on her bedroom door.

'Rory, wake up! I'm leaving now. That means you have got exactly ten minutes to get up, otherwise you'll be late.' And with that Paris storms out of the house.

'How late is it? A sleepy voice says next to her, which startles her.'

Rory looks over and sees Tristan lying next to her. She immediately jumps out of bed, taking all the sheets with here.

Tristan is now completely awakened by the rush of cold air on his naked body. 'Rory what are you doing? Give me back some blankets.'

I can't, Tristan. I'm late for my first day of work, and you don't want to be late for your first day of work. So I'm just gonna pop under the shower and expect you to be gone when I get out, okay.' And with that she leaves the room, taking all of the sheets with her and leaving a smiling Tristan behind.


When Rory gets out of the shower, a big relief washes over her when she finds that Tristan is gone. This way she doesn't have to deal with the fact that she just slept with him. O my god, what has she done. She had just slept with Tristan Dugrey! Her all time, most annoying high school tormenter.

But then she starts to smile, when she remembers how nice it had been yesterday. After Paris had left, they actually had a really good conversation. Turns out that Tristan can be a very nice and not annoying at all, although it was good to see that he hadn't lost his ability to tease her and make her blush.

But how did she end up in bed with him? Well probably the fact that they had drunk 4 shots of tequila and that he was so happy to see her had helped in that department. She hadn't realised how lonely she had been the last the last year.

When Rory looks for her clothes she sees that they are all scattered over the place. A blush immediately appears on her cheeks when the memories from last night rush back to her. It had been rushed, it had been wild, and it had been very very good. She never had felt this kind of hunger inside of her. Okay, no time to think of this. Now she was really late. The only thing she should be focussing on is her new job.


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