Enough is enough

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Chapter 5: All work and no play


Rory parks her car and rushes into the hospital. She is running late and grumpy, because she didn't even have the time to get some coffee. She mutters something about blaming her mom for passing on the inability to get up early and Paris for having the nightshift and therefore not being home to wake her up.

When she gets to the elevator and sees that it is about to close, she yells out 'Wait for me!'

The person in the elevator sticks out his hand between the closing doors to prevent them from closing. Rory jumps into the elevator right before the doors close again.

She turns around to thank the person for holding the elevator, but stops when she sees that Tristan is standing there staring at her and grinning like an idiot.

'If you wanted to be alone with me, all you had to do was ask, Mare!' He says while still grinning and staring intently at her.

'If I had known it was you, I would have taken the stairs.' She counters just as quickly. 'And stop looking at me like that.' She says frustrated.

'Like what?' Tristan asks innocently.

'Like that! Like you've seen me naked.' Rory nearly screams out. It has been two weeks since their night together and she had tried to avoid Tristan as much as possible, but every now and then she could feel his eyes on her, making her body shiver all over.

'But I have seen you naked.' Tristan replies softly and takes a small step to close the distance between them.

Rory finds herself lost in his eyes and feels her knees getting weaker. The distance between them is getting smaller and smaller, and all she wants to do at this moment is kiss him.

When they are about to kiss, she abruptly pulls back to break to spell.

'No, Tristan! We talked about this. We cannot do this.' Rory says fiercely. She practically jumps out of the elevator and walks away as soon as the doors open.

Tristan just stands there, looking at her retreating figure. He didn't understand why she was fighting this so hard. Fortunately for him, he was a patient man. She would come around eventually. Even Miss Oblivious couldn't deny the sexual tension that existed between them for too long, could she?


Stars Hollow

Lorelai stares at the papers in front of her, as she has trouble focusing on the task at hand. This was totally ridiculous. Now her little quarrel with Luke was even affecting her work. It had been two weeks since April fell off of Cletus. Although she and Luke were speaking with each other, the conversation was polite but cold.

This has to stop. She thought to herself putting the papers aside, knowing nothing was going to get done. She didn't want to give in first, but she also knew how stubborn Luke could be. This could go on for another couple of weeks, heck, maybe months! No, she had to stop this, because it was affecting her work. Her patience was non-existent today, and she was ready to blow. Sookie tried to avoid her as much as possible and even Michel didn't dare to complain about anything anymore.

She walks into the kitchen, where she sees Michel and Sookie laughing amicably. Wow, this is a sight I almost never see! she thinks to herself. She really must have been bad company lately.

'I'll be out for the next hour, okay?' She says to them.

'Where are you going?' Sookie asks her.

'I'm going to talk to Luke and end this stand off once and for all.' Lorelai replies in a determined voice.

'Yay, good for you.' Sookie squeals. 'It's about time. Boy, you two can be stubborn.' she says accusingly.

'I know. I'm sorry I've been so on edge lately. But I'm going to fix this now.' Lorelai says and walks away to find Luke.



The morning has been relatively uneventful for Rory and now she, Ben and Izzie are enjoying a long lunch together.

They were just talking small talk when the topic turns to living arrangements and becomes more serious.

'I never expected it to be this hard to find a place to live.' Izzie says in a frustrated voice.

'Yeah!' Ben chimes in. 'The only options that are left are to move outside of Hartford. I never realised that Hartford was this expensive.' He grouses.

'Yeah, but living outside of Hartford will lengthen our travel time and shorten our free time, which is already so scarce.' Izzie sighs defeated.

Rory realizes how lucky she has been that her grandparents had bought her the apartment, because otherwise she would have found herself in the exact same situation. Okay, maybe not the exact same, cause she always had a home in Stars Hollow, but nevertheless she feels bad for them and wants to help them out.

'Well, I have an idea. Why don't the two of you move into my place? My grandparents bought me a 4 bedroom apartment and so far only two are being used by Paris and me.' She suggests. She pauses for a couple seconds to see their reaction. When she realizes that they want her to continue, she does.

'It only has two bathrooms though, so we would have to share those, but we are hardly there anyway. The rooms aren't really big, but big enough and the rent will be very low. So what do you say?' Rory asks them smiling. This was the perfect way to help them, although she knew it would piss Paris off.

'Really? Do you mean that?' Izzie asks her excitedly.

Rory nods her head and smiles. 'Of course I mean it, otherwise I wouldn't suggest it.'

'But you realize that Paris is gonna flip, don't you?' Izzie asks her in a concerned voice.

'Don't worry about Paris. I'll take care of her.' Rory says, trying to sound convincingly.

As they put away their trays, Rory thinks of the best way to break the news to Paris. She knows it's best if she just comes out with the truth. If she starts complaining she would just have to remind her of the fact that Paris was in the exact same situation. Her father was convicted of embezzling, leaving Paris with no money. She would just have to accept it.

She walks into the hallway and sees Paris standing there talking to Jason Matthews, the brain surgeon.

Come on, Rory. Just like a band-aid. She thinks as she walks over to Paris who seems to have finished up her conversation with Dr. Matthews.

'Paris! I need to tell you something. Ben and Lizzie will be moving in with us. Now before you say anything, I know you're not very fond of them, but they don't have a lot of money and they can't find an affordable place to stay.' Rory says all in one breath. She braces herself for Paris' out burst.

'Okay!' Is all that Paris says.

'You're okay with this?' Rory asks her in disbelief.

'Well they need a place and you've got a place, so it seems like a good solution to me. Who am I to argue with that, since you did the same for me.' Paris shrugs with a smile on her face.

'What are you so happy about?' Rory asks questionably.

'Doctor Matthews just asked me to scrub in for his next brain surgery.' Paris responds almost squealing and walks away.

Ben and Izzie walk up to Rory after they see Paris leave. 'So how did it go?' Ben asks excitedly.

'Well..' Rory says, sounding a little surprised. 'Strangely enough she agreed with me that it was a good idea. So I guess you better move in quickly before she changes her mind.' Rory says jokingly.

'You're the best Rory.' Izzie says and gives her a big hug, quickly followed by Ben.

Rory laughs out loud. 'I know! Just don't spill my secret okay?' She says in a stage whisper.

Tristan had been looking at Rory and her interactions with first Paris and then Elisabeth and Benjamin. He had no idea what it was all about, but it was good to hear her laugh. A group of drunken frat boys had just entered with a guy who had injured himself during one of their pranks. He knew he had to check him out to make sure there was no permanent damage, but his other injuries needed to be tended to first. He knew Rory didn't like these kinds of guys, so he decided to send her to them, so he could come rescue her after a little while.

'GILMORE! Get over here.' He shouts through the hallway.

Rory looks up from her conversation with Ben and Izzie and walks towards him.

'I've got someone who is injured in room 12. I will most likely have to operate, but before I can determine that, his other injuries have to be treated. Can you do this for me?' Tristan asks all seriously.

'Sure! I'll do it right away.' She says and turns to walk away.

'Oh and Rory!' Tristan says as an afterthought.

'What?' She says raising her eyebrow.

'Some of his friends are also in his room. It seems they have been drinking. If they are bothering you, just sent them away or call me, okay?' He says sounding serious again.

'Will do!' Rory replies and leaves for room 12.

When she gets to the room she sees that Finn is lying in the bed and that Logan, Colin and Robert are standing next to his bed, all looking really drunk.

Finn seems to be sleeping and the other three are talking to each other.

Rory smiles. 'Hey guys! Why am I not surprised to find Finn here?' She says.

All heads shoot up at once.

'Ace! Wow isszzz good to see you.' Logan says with a slurry voice.

Rory smiles back at him. 'It's good to see you too, but I'm sorry I have to ask you to leave the room, because I have to treat Finn here.' She says, nodding in Finn's direction.

She points at Finn and sees that he is awake and smiling brightly at her.

'That is one thing I am looking forward to, Love!' He says while grinning shamelessly.

Rory laughs at his response and starts leading the rest out of the room.

When they are all out of the room, Logan holds on to her arm. 'It looksszz like things are good for you, Ace!'

'They are, Logan. Really good!' She smiles up at him. 'So what happened? Another LDB event?' She says laughing.

'Yeah I jusszzt came over from England for the annual LDB celebration, and you know Finn. He insisted again on being the flying target, while everybody was shooting paintballsszz at him. Only thisszz time he landed wrong and now he can't feel his fingerszz in his left hand.'

'That's why Tristan is going to operate on him later on, but first I have to look at his other injuries. Why don't you guys go home for a while and sober up. He won't be out of surgery for another three hours. You can come back to see him somewhere around five o'clock.' She explains, knowing there was nothing more they could do.

'Okay, we'll go. It waszz good to see you though.' Logan says and gives her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.'I hope to see you later on. Maybe we can have a drink or something, when you finish your shift.' Logan says hopefully.

'That sounds good. I probably get off somewhere around seven, so pick me up in the lobby.' She says smiling.

'Alright Ace. See you later!' Logan says and turns to leave. Rory watches him leave, taking Colin and Robert with him, and turns around to go inside the room again.

What she didn't see was Tristan looking from a distance. What the hell was that all about? He thought in surprise, not expecting her to actually be comfortable around those guys. He had expected her to be annoyed with them. He definitely did not expect to see her hugging one of them. It seemed like they'd left now though, so he probably shouldn't think too much about it.

Rory was now looking at Finn's injuries. It seemed like most of them were just bruises, but he did have a cut above his left eyebrow that would need stitches.

'Okay, Finn. I'll have to stitch you up. This is probably gonna hurt a bit.' Rory says to him, while getting all the equipment.

'It can't hurt as much as my never dying longing for you, Love!' Finn says while putting his hand on his heart, acting all hurt.

Rory has to smile about this. She knows Finn isn't serious, but it is nice to flirt shamelessly once in a while.

'Well you lost me Finn, when you didn't even remember me in the beginning and always went for the redheads. You really hurt my feelings there, so I just sought comfort in Logan's arms.' Rory says, faking to be hurt also.

'No, you've got it all wrong, Love! It was after you chose Logan over me that I had to find comfort with the redheads.' Finn corrected.

'Ah, I see we aren't going to figure this out right now. Just hold still so I can make the stitches.' Rory says to him.

Finn is now sitting on the side of the bed, while Rory is standing between his legs to stitch his face. When she puts in the final knot, she cuts the wire. 'So that's all done. A nice job if I say so myself. I don't think it will leave a scar.' She says while examining her work.

Finn however has only one other thing on his mind. 'So tell me Love. Now that you and Logan are definitely not together anymore, is there still a chance for us?' He says while raising his eyebrow, which hurts immediately.

Rory has to laugh at that and decides to play along. 'I don't know Finn, I was fairly heartbroken the last time. I don't know if I could take it again.' She says all dramatically.

'Yes Love, but I know you have been dying to kiss me, ever since you saw me lying in this bed. You just can't resist such an exotic creature like me.' He responds cockily.

'Oh, how you know me so well. It takes all my wits not to throw me in your arms and kiss you.' Rory replies, still playing along.

'Well let me help you with that than.' Finn says and pulls her with his right hand closer and kisses her on the mouth. 'Now tell me that you didn't enjoy that, Love!'

Rory starts to laugh out loud and right before she is about to answer that, she sees Tristan standing in the doorway, looking all mad and … hurt? Ok, she must be imagining things. She quickly shook off the feeling and turned back to Finn, hitting him playfully on the arm.

'Oh just shut up Finn and be nice to doctor Dugrey over here, cause he is going to operate on your hand.' She says still laughing. 'I'll come back to check on you after the surgery.' She says and walks out of the room, leaving Tristan and Finn behind.


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