"Are you sure this will work?" Asked an eighteen-year-old young man who had messy black hair to his friend.

"Well I can never be totally sure, but as far as I know it should."

The blonde haired girl answered back lacking her usual dreamy tone.

She looked around the library that had books and papers strewn about as if some one had been frantically searching for something. The board in the corner was written on, with every square inch covered in rune after rune and calculation after calculation. In the center of the room sat a cauldron that was bubbling away and giving off blue colored steam.

Harry looked down once again at the book in his hands, re-reading the page for the umpteenth time, and then looked back at the potion. As far as he could tell everything was in order; the color and texture was spot on, but then again, Snape had always said Harry was useless at potions.

They had come up with this brilliant plan only a few months back, a time when both of them had been wallowing in their own depression. Both of them had lost those most important to them in the war against

Voldemort, true they had won the war, but in return they had lost their will to live. That is, until Fawkes delivered a note one day to a very upset and brooding Harry.

He was shocked to open the letter and see the hand writing of his long dead headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. The only thing on the slip of paper was the title of a book and the password to Dumbledore's private room in Hogwarts. Since Harry lived at Hogwarts all year-round after the war, it didn't take him long to find Albus' private room or the book.

What was shocking though, was what the book held. The book held the answers to both his and Luna's prayers.

They could go to another world, one where they could start over again.

Of course, they might run into problems once they got there, but it was nothing the warriors couldn't deal with.

There had been much planning up till this point, for some of the potion ingredients were extremely rare and hard to come by. That, and they had much to organize and retrieve, for they did not plan on going to this new world empty handed.

Both of them had specially made trunks that could hold everything that was in their bank vaults, and any other personal items they had deemed necessary. The goblins, which had been sad to see any gold leave their banks, were in shock when both the Potter and Lovegood fortunes slipped out of their grasps.

They had also decided that they would change their names once they got there, if they had counter parts in that world. No need for things to be too confusing.

While both Luna and Harry wanted their families, they wanted to be cautious first and just sit and observe. It wouldn't do to rush in and screw everything up. There was also the whole Voldemort deal.

So it was decided that they would pose as siblings from the Maximus family, who happened to be cousins of the Potters. Harry had taken great pains to research the family for they had disappeared during the first war and were believed to have fled the country. They had never been found, hence giving Harry and Luna the perfect cover story.

So here they were a month later, with their completed potion and all their possessions packed away and ready to go.

Both Harry and Luna were wearing muggle clothing, as they did not know where in this new world they would show up. They would hate to pop up in the middle of muggle London in their wizard robes and cause a scene.

"Well I guess this is it." Harry said the excitement clearly tangible in his voice. He turned to Luna, who was smiling gently back at him.

Luna had changed quite a bit from Loony Luna Lovegood, as she was known back in her earlier years at Hogwarts.

Slowly, but surely, over the years Luna was drawn out of her shell by

Harry and the others, so much so that you never would have guessed she was withdrawn before.

Luna was like the little sister Harry never had, and he treated her as such.

During the war, Luna and Neville had become engaged, and when he was killed in a Death Eater raid just weeks after they had announced their engagement, it was a blow to them all.

Luna had never fully recovered from the loss of her fiancé, but she carried on in the war with such a will, that she was soon a force to be reckoned with on her own. Many of the Death Eaters came to fear Luna

Lovegood, she became almost as feared as Harry Potter himself.

"Well come on Luna, we haven't got all day!" Harry said with a smile as he shrunk his and Luna's trunk and put them in his pocket.

"Hedwig, come on girl!"

The snowy white owl flew into the room, landing on Harry shoulder, clicking her beak in a disapproving way that made him smile.

"Oh, stop your fussing! We're leaving soon and I'd hate to leave you behind because you were sulking." Harry replied.

Luna walked forward and began to read from the book, "Well, according to this, all we have to do is drink the potion, hold hands, and say the spell. Sounds pretty straight forward to me."

Harry poured the thick blue liquid into two different beakers, handing one to Luna before picking his up as well.

"Here goes nothing." Harry said before swallowing the whole beakers' contents in one go.

He quickly put down the beaker and grabbed Luna's free hand, waiting for her to drink the potion.

Luna looked at him and smiled a bit before drinking the liquid, which indeed was very foul tasting.

Then together they read the spell in Greek, "Σε μια καλύτερη ζωή."

Suddenly, there was a bright light, and Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood knew no more.


A special thanks to Apathetic Angel for betaing this chapter!