I sincerely apologize to all of my readers for my long absence! Unfortunately I've decided to abandon both Maximus and A Second Chance. Seeing as I haven't updated in a year it's finally time to admit that I'd probably never get around to updating. It's not fair to my readers for the stories to be unfinished. So I'm hoping that both stories will be taken on by some excellent writers to do them the justice I couldn't. If you'd like to continue either story e-mail me at That way I can put a link to the adopted versions of the stories in the originals and on my profile. However, I will be continuing Ripples in Time sometime soon, if you'd like to base a story off of it feel free to do so. Most likely within the next week or two there will be a new update. I appreciate all the reviews and support from my readers and wish you all well. Once again I apologize!