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" I see you and Hera couldn't last five months without tackling me when I came home. Severus commented rapping an arm around both of them. "No, I don't believe we can dear." And " Not a chance." Were the only replies he got. "So Hermione, she got you to tell her about the war before Ron even had a chance?" Hermione blushed still clutching him tight. "I swear she's either going to be a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff. Salazar was nice but sly and Helga was a devious bitch." Said Hermione smiling at her daughters' reaction "Mother!" she screamed glaring at her mum. Severus chuckled "Definitely a Slytherin," he said pulling them along to Heras' bedroom "they're more mannered than Hufflepuffs." He picked up his daughter and laid her down on the bed telling her to get some sleep. "But Daaaaad!" she whined putting on a cute face that got a lot of things out of her uncles aunts and mother. "Go to bed we have t o go to Hogsmead tomorrow. I promise you can see Rose," he said at the hopeful look on Ras' face " but you have to go to sleep right now." As he finished Hera jumped up hugged him hard gave him a kiss on the cheek, did the same to her mother, and dove under the covers. "Good night Hera," said Severus "sweet dreams, baby girl." And he pulled his wife from their little girls' room. "Come on Hermione we need our sleep aswell." Hermione looked into his eyes as they were settling down for sleep. "I missed you so much Sev, and you were only gone five months." Whispered Hermione "I love you to much to stay away from you for more than that. You and Hera the only family I have and I cherish that." He whispered back holding her close to him. "I love you too Sev, and I couldn't deal with you gone for that long again, I don't think." As the two fell to their dreams they didn't notice a small girl with black hair and dark blue nearly black eyes smile and walk to her room. She had a long day ahead of her after all.

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