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This story starts the day after "A Promise Forever".

Story rating: Rated M (aka R)
Written: May/June 2006

Summary: Ron and Yori enjoy their honeymoon.


Kim Possible: The Reflections Universe

Entwined Spirits
Chapter 1 – Passions Aflame
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

Rolling over onto her left side, the female body still asleep was content as a grin graced her lips. Her dreams were peaceful and blissful, making her lips broaden into a smile even in sleep.

Yet the Sandman didn't hold her forever in slumber, for her body didn't have to be rested for a long time. Oriental eyes fluttered open, taking in the soft light flittering through the blinds of the glass porch door and windows. It was enough to illuminate the bedroom to see details yet to not strain the eyes, which were used to being in the dark for some time now.

As of now, her dark eyes settled on the form of the man sleeping on his back only a few inches away. Her heart contracted fully with love, making her smile widely once more, but this time awake. She couldn't help but to look at that handsome face with disheveled, blond hair. He looked so tranquil and comfortable in slumber, making her love for him beat a little stronger for a moment.

A yawn suddenly made her eyes close as it escaped her mouth, and feeling a need to do so, she stretched her naked, well-shaped, lithe body under the bed sheet, purring with a grin on the wonderful physical feelings coursing through her. Her new husband last night had made love to her so superbly – mind, body, and soul – that she felt she was touching the stars.

Opening her dark eyes again, Yori Stoppable once more gazed at the naked, sleeping man beside her. The man who had a gentle, generous heart, a strong, tough spirit, a kind soul, and a goofy sense of humor that made her laugh. He was the love of her life and she knew she would always be there for him forever. Her friend, her lover, her husband… Ron Stoppable.

Wanting to be near him, Yori scooted a bit closer to drape her body over his right side, her right leg gently settled into the spot between his legs. She nuzzled her face into his chest and the blond chest hairs there, taking in his smell and the feel of his skin next to hers. After giving a gentle kiss on the spot over his heart, she settled her left cheek on the spot and contently enjoyed his nearness as she watched the light through the blinds.

As she lay there, her mind remembered last night, making her smile on what she and Ron-kun had done together.


The double doors opened, and Yori and Ron walked into the luxury suite with the bellhop right behind them pushing a cart containing their luggage. After the bellhop placed down the luggage, Ron kindly tipped him before the young man left with the cart, leaving the newlyweds to explore the place.

It was the largest, most magnificent suite in the entire resort. Just standing from the entrance, one could see a couple of couches, coffee table, two recliners, and a day bed situated in front of an entertainment system. A porch door was behind the living room, and one could see, despite the low light of the moon, it led out to a small patio with a small pool and jacuzzi. To the left was a small kitchen with a table, and a door between the kitchen and the porch door must lead to the bedroom.

Ron grinned as he walked over to the kitchen and surveyed the items there. It certainly was well stocked with dry food, yet the refrigerator had some fresh items, so it was easy to presume the resort stocked it before the suite would be occupied by anyone.

"Looks like we have enough food to last us the entire stay here, Yori," Ron called out to his wife as she checked out the living room. Being a great chef, the blond man knew he could cook up some good meals with what had been provided.

Yori grinned as she approached the sliding porch door. "That's good to hear, Ron-kun." Her lips curled slyly upon closely seeing the jacuzzi through the glass of the door, knowing she and her husband no doubt would be using it. She turned her head to see Ron still taking stock on what they had in the kitchen. "However, I will want to have dinner once in the restaurant." Her expression turned devilish. "As much as I would love to stay here for the next few days, I like to have some variety in my meals. However, I don't mind being served Jewish sausages occasionally."

Hearing the double meaning, Ron chuckled before he turned, with a smirk, to see her heading his way. "Oh? Would Mrs. Stoppable mind if her Jewish sausages are served extra spicy?"

"Not at all, Ron-kun," she replied, her eyes narrowed as she approached. "It will help to heat things up." Upon arriving, her hands playfully slid up his clothed chest to wrap around his neck.

Brown eyes lit up as his hands held her waist and pulled her to him, making her softly purr. "Well then… I might as well cook up several servings of Jewish sausages for you." Ron lowered his head as she raised hers.

"Good," Yori whispered before locking her lips to his.

Eyes closed, both moaned as they molded their bodies together, and soon tongues were exploring each other's mouths. They couldn't get enough, and they held on as long as possible until, with a gasp, they broke apart, yet their bodies remained connected as they breathed hard, never taking their eyes off each other.

Lips forming a wicked grin, the ninja woman reached up for a quick, loving smooch before leaving his arms to stroll back to their luggage. "Good appetizer," she purred over her shoulder.

With a soft chuckle, Ron leered at her as she picked up a suitcase and small traveling kit containing make-up and other hygiene stuff. "Just you wait until the main course, ninja girl," he nearly growled.

"I look forward to it, ninja boy," Yori parried back with a seductive smile, which told her spouse that she was definitely looking forward to devouring the main course.

As she walked toward the bedroom, Mr. Stoppable watched his beautiful wife sway her shapely hips, quite enjoying the show she was giving him before she disappeared into the room.

Shaking his head, Ron smiled. Despite that they would only be here for a few days, Yori traveled with three suitcases and her make-up kit, making the blond man once again wonder why women have the need to take more clothing than they needed. True, they have more variety of clothing than men. Any idiot walking into a department store or any clothing store could see the women's clothes section was always bigger than the men's. However, it still baffled him why the ladies have to take more clothing than they needed for the amount of time they would be on a trip.

As always before, Ron let that mystery go, for he had more important things to do now.

Taking a suitcase, the ninja master turned off the lights of the kitchen and living room before entering the bedroom. He whistled in appreciation as he placed down his case beside Yori's opened one before doing a quick gaze around the room.

It was something that a master bedroom might look like. A king-size bed with silk throw pillows and sheets stood beside a door, which no doubt led to the bathroom. Opposite the bed, two dressers were placed on either side of a cabinet, which held a TV set. A small table and chairs were between the bed and another porch door, which led out to the pool and jacuzzi.

Knowing Yori was in the bathroom, Ron changed into silk pajama pants and buttoned shirt, before he took out several small, scented candles and placed them on every piece of furniture in the room save the bed and cabinet. When he was done, he turned off the electrical lights, leaving the room radiating in a soft candlelight glow with the smell of flowers in the air.

Sighing at the romantic atmosphere around him, Ron waited. He was fortunate that he didn't have to wait for long.

A few minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened, and when the blond man turned, his jaw dropped to the floor. Standing there in the doorframe stood Yori, looking gorgeous in an outfit that he only saw once before, months ago on Valentine's Day. The Little Black Kimono had returned, and it had the same effect on him as it did then. It fitted her trim body snugly, and it was mostly black with pink trim, waist, and small pink flowers. A leg slit up the middle of the skirt nearly went the upper inner thighs, showing those lovely legs of hers. Her hair was totally loose and free with no hair accessories.

Yori felt quite womanly, for it brought her pleasure seeing Ron-kun's slack-jawed face. She knew he loved this kimono, and tonight, she was going to bring him all the pleasure and love he deserved.

Giving a feral, seductive look, the lithe woman strolled toward her man, who recovered to slowly and warmly smile at her. Her heart skipped a bit upon seeing that loving face. No man before made her feel like this. Ever.

Reaching him as he stood in front of the bed, the Japanese woman wrapped her arms around his back as he did the same to her. They stood there for a few moments, each looking into the other's eyes and drank up the love and adoration each was feeling.

For Ron, he had never seen Yori so beautiful. Her body was toned and well endowed, and it matched wonderfully with the soul and mind he had come to love. His nose caught the flowery scent of her raven hair, and he knew she must have washed her body and hair just for him. He knew he was going to love her unconditionally for what was to come.

For Yori, she truly believed he was the most handsome man in the world. His brown eyes just draw her in every time, and she loved his soft blond hair. Her hands felt the well-toned muscles of his back, reminding her again that his training and exercise made him toned and fit for speed and endurance instead of strength, much like her body was built for. Yet all that was nothing compared to the gentle soul inside, the goofy, caring, and loving soul she first discovered when he first came to Yamanouchi when they were teens. Now she was going to love this man with all her heart.

Finally, Yori broke the silence with a coy grin. "Like what you see, Ron-kun?"

"Me likey. Me likey very much." Ron leered with a grin before he pulled her to fully mold her against him.

A gasp escaped her upon his unexpected move, but her reaction quickly turned into purr upon feeling his body against hers. "That's good," Yori said as her right hand traveled up his back to run through his hair, "because I'm ready for the main course." She pulled his head down to hers and locked her lips over his, and soon after, the couple pulled each other as close as possible as their tongues danced together and their hands started to roam.

Moaning again, Yori pressed her hands between their bodies to unbutton his shirt as she felt his hands cup her bottom. Once his pajama shirt was undone, she explored his front, and all this without breaking contact with their lips.

Ron felt like he was on another world. His hands told him that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath the kimono, and he certainly knew she wasn't wearing a bra when he felt her breasts press up against him a few moments ago. When she ground her abdomen against him, the blond nearly growled into her mouth, for he knew she knew she was exciting him.

Breaking apart for air, they panted for a while and their eyes held each other. Yet Ron could read something in her eyes that made him worry for a moment. "Yori? Is something wrong?"

With a kind smile, Yori shook her head. "No, nothing important, just…" A sigh escaped her. "I'm a bit afraid."

This took him aback a bit. "Afraid?" Then a thought came to him. "You're a virgin?"

Again, the nimble woman shook her head. "No," she smiled warmly. "Just I want to say something that I have said countless times before and no doubt many times in the future." Her left hand reached up to gently stroke his cheek; her dark eyes steady on his brown ones. "I love you, Ron-kun."

His heart melted as his expression matched hers. "I love you as well, Yori. With all my heart."

Feeling what her heart was telling her, Yori didn't hesitate to say and do what was to follow. "Then make love to me, Ron-kun. Let us love each other fully."

"Booyah," he whispered in agreement, before claiming her lips once more, but this time they kissed gently without the run-away passion controlling them.

This was what they really wanted for their first time – gentle love that fulfilled their hearts.

Pushing her husband onto the bed with her following without unlocking their lips, Yori began to tenderly explore his body, and upon feeling his hands untying the sash of her kimono, she broke the kiss to smile lovingly at him as the kimono parted to reveal everything to him. She was pleased to see him eying her like she was a goddess.

"You're beautiful," Ron softly spoke.

Her response was to smile fully before kissing him again, this time a bit more forcefully, letting the ardor again slowly stoke their hunger. The raven-haired beauty moaned into his mouth when one of his hands cupped her breast, approving of his actions, and in turn, her hands made short work of his pajama pants, giving her access to the part of him she eagerly wanted to touch. A groan from her blond stud told her he endorsed her motions.

So for long as they could, the newlyweds explored each other, flesh to flesh with no clothes hindering their explorations, and when they knew they couldn't wait any longer, their bodies joined together as they cried out passionately of their first union with him on top of her. They made love with their hearts and souls for a long time, not noticing the passage of time as they were consumed by their rising passions to merge their bodies, minds, and spirits into one.

Nothing else mattered to Ron and Yori during this time, for they were only aware of each other. The Japanese woman reached the clouds several times before she was too tired to continue, and her American man completed his ventures least twice, where she welcomed him fully inside her.

Only when both were finally satiated of their desires did exhaustion come to them. With the candles dying off, Yori cuddled over Ron with her head on his shoulder, and after he pulled a bed sheet over them, slumber finally took them as one into dreamland.


Yori smiled at the warm memories of last night. She'd expected the usual problems that 'first time' couples faced – not getting into the mood, not able to satisfy each other, etc. Yet neither encountered such problems at all as they explored one another and just let nature take its course. The ecstasy they experienced was so magnificent that it felt they were naturally made to be together.

She suddenly became aware of a large hand combing through her messed-up black tresses, and as her smile enlarged, Yori slowly turned to place a gentle kiss once more on the spot over his heart. Only then did her eyes come up to gaze into twin, awake, loving, chocolate orbs attached to a small grinning face.

"Good morning, Ron-kun," she greeted huskily.

"Morning to you, Mrs. Stoppable," Ron spoke back before his head leaned up a bit to place a tender kiss on her forehead, prompting a tiny chuckle from her. He turned his head to read the digital clock on the nightstand and seeing it was nearly 11 AM. "We certainly slept a long time."

"I'm not surprised," Ron's wife said before moving her body right on top of his, and then she proceeded to hand out small kisses on his shoulder, dancing toward his neck. "After all, we did arrive late." She purred out the next words. "Not to mention the hours of wild love-making." Her lips caressed his neck for a few moments before raising her face to look directly down at her spouse's beaming one. "It felt we fitted each other perfectly."

"Uh-huh," the blond man agreed, eyes twinkling as she lowered her head to angle her lips to his. "Yin and Yang."

"Exactly," Yori whispered before claiming his lips and feeling him return the pressure equally. Both took pleasure in the softness and warmth of the other's lips. No tongues, no rising desires, just a long and firm liplock conveying their love.

When they parted with a smooch, Yori and Ron smiled warmly as she rested her forehead against his. They merely lay still gazing at one another while her right hand combed through his blond hair while his left gently stroked her back and his right held the back of her head, fingers entwined into her mane.

After a while, wanting to express herself more, the 24-year-old woman began kissing his cheeks, up and down the line of his jaw, and down his neck. His body shuddered, and Yori knew it was out of pleasure. Encouraged, she proceeded to kiss his skin as her hand began wandering over his body.

"Yori," Ron nearly groaned out, eyes closed. "You had the main course last night." His hands reached down to grab her round derriere.

She definitely was affecting him, and given his hands on her rump, the ninja woman knew he was not saying 'no'. With mounting need, Yori greedily ravished his mouth with hers, her tongue dancing with his and showing just what she wanted. Gasping, as they parted their mouths, she purred as her teeth nipped his ear. "I want dessert," she sensuously murmured into his ear.

"Oh, God!" the ninja master exclaimed, as his wife threw away the bed sheet and progressed to kiss and stroke down his body. The sensations she was giving him made him shudder and writhe.

Her expression was wicked, eying his blissful face. "God will not help you, Ron-kun. I'm hungry." With that said, Yori held the part of him that she loved the best and showed her skills how good she was.

Ron could only clutch his hands on the mattress sheet and writhe some more in agony. His loving other half was torturing him, and when he tried to return the favor, she gently batted his hands away, telling him without words that this was her gift to him. He held on as much as he could, for this was just too good to end so soon.

As she pleasured him, Yori felt herself become aroused. It was just exhilarating to love this man with all her being. No man before ever held her heart as Ron-kun did, and she was determined to award him all the pleasure she could give. Last night, they both equally gave and received, but this time, the Japanese woman wanted to pamper him, yet she knew she would get something out of this as well.

Knowing he was ready as well as she, Yori straddled her man and let him inside. Both groaned and closed their eyes on the completion. It felt so good to both that they just stood still and savored the moment.

Hands on his chest, she started to love him toward consummation, and soon she felt his hands on her hips and knew her beloved was on the road as she was. It wasn't long until enthusiastic sounds were emanating from both lovers, growing louder in pitch, and it was clear that the couple were not aware of anything else now but only each other.

The climax came over both at the same instant, for both cried out in concert. Cries of joy and immeasurable elation came from the newlyweds, and even as she soared high into the clouds, she felt his relief join hers and she welcomed him deeply inside her, wanting him there with her.

When their release began to subside, weakened, Yori collapsed on top of Ron, both gasping for breath. Her ear was on top of his chest, so she could not only hear his breathing but also feel his heartbeat. As they calmed down, she felt his hand running softly up and down her back as the other affectionately raked through her hair, making her smile. She didn't need to open her eyes to tell he was just as happy and satisfied as she was.

After a few minutes of basking in the afterglow, Ron softly chuckled. "Well, Mrs. Stoppable, was the dessert suitable for ya?"

Yori giggled and opened her eyes to look into an equally mirthful face. "Very much, Mr. Stoppable," she replied, eyes sparkling.

"Good," Ron smirked before pulling her by the shoulders up to lock their lips together in a simple kiss. Afterward, the blond gently moved her off him before leaving the bed. "Now excuse me, I have to go relieve another part of my body," he explained as he headed toward the bathroom.

Confused at first, the raven-haired woman wondered what he was taking about, until it dawned on her, making her laugh. Of course, it made sense given how long they had been in bed.

Her laughter didn't last for long, especially when she heard the rush of flowing water. Yori frowned as she too hopped off the bed toward the bathroom. It still amazed her that the sound of water could make one's bladder remind one that it needed to lose water.


Noodles from a plastic ramen cup were pulled out of by a pair of chopsticks and slurped into the mouth with relish, and soon after the chopsticks were again pulling out more noodles and food from the cup to satisfy the hunger of the female sitting on the kitchen table.

Ron couldn't help but grin across the table as the sight of Yori eating food up like she was nearly starving. Of course, his appetite was almost on par with hers given they both hadn't eaten for more than 18 hours since the wedding reception.

After their late morning lovemaking session, both had to take care of other biological needs in the bathroom, and after that was taken care of, they both ended up taking a shower together. It was fun washing each other's bodies and hair and just enjoying petting and kissing under the soothing, hot spray. However, their make-out ended up into another lovemaking session, yet a mild one compared to the ardor of the previous two times.

It was just after they had finished taking a long shower and Ron shaved that another biological need made its presence clear to the Stoppables. Ron's stomach growled followed shortly by Yori's. Both sheepishly grinned as they headed toward the suite's kitchen in robes – he in a terry-cloth, white robe provided by the resort and she in her silk, pink/black kimono, which acted much like a robe anyway.

Still grinning as he gazed at his wife eating, Ron had to admit that Yori certainly was glowing. Her long hair was still slightly damp, slicked back over her head and hanging loosely down the back, and her caramel skin was clean and fresh. It was clear she showed all the signs of a woman who joyfully radiates after having amazing sex.

Yori sheepishly grinned upon giving a small burp and placed a couple fingers over her mouth. "Excuse me, Ron-kun."

Laughing in delight, Ron shook his head. "I can't blame you, Yori. After the intense physical workout we've been doing in the past 12 hours, we certainly need to recharge our batteries." He took a few bites out of his cheese & egg omelet he made for himself. He'd offered to make some for his lover, but she declined and opted for the ramen and some plain scrambled eggs along with tea.

"Indeed," she playfully smirked, "for after all, we are ninjas, my husband." Her eyes half-closed. "We were trained for speed and agility."

An agreeing chuckle left Ron's mouth as Yori ate some more ranma. "Oh, you are quite agile all right, Yori."

The ninja giggled, given it was so true. Being nimble as she was, she certainly gave her husband a workout last night he would not likely ever forget. Of course, he was just as flexible and in good shape. A wicked thought came to her. "We will probably still be ravishing each other many years from now. I certainly would not mind."

"I have to say the same as you, my love," she softly purred. "You're quite good with your equipment." Kami, she just loved the playful innuendo banter.

Feeling his cheeks heating up, even his ears, Ron proudly grinned at her before looking down and taking more bites out of his omelet. He heard her giggle again, making him shake his head a bit.

The blond man, ever since he was old enough to understand about sex, was no stranger when it came to his own private equipment. He knew he was not hung like a horse, but he was not puny either. A good size that even his wife valued greatly, given her reactions last night and this morning. A perfect fit, far as she was concerned.

Giving a mental chuckle, Ron wondered how the girls back in Middleton High would have reacted if they knew about his size. With a few exceptions, most of them only saw the geeky, goofy boy and wouldn't even bother to give him the time of day. Oh, he knew that size shouldn't matter when it came to serious relationships, but for some women, who just wanted some fun and nothing more, size did matter occasionally. He probably would have had some of the girls working to gain his attention if they had known about him then.

So for nearly an hour, the young couple ate and humorously engaged in witty repartee and talk. Ever since they were reunited two years ago, they'd come to enjoy this fun side to their friendship and even more so after they became romantically involved.

In the meantime, as they were occupied trading innuendo barbs, enough food was consumed for four people. Again, it came as no surprise, given how many calories they no doubt burned in the past 12 hours.

When they were finished with their meals, Ron and Yori sat back and relaxed. She sipped some tea as her dark eyes watched him pat his stomach with a contented, goofy grin. "That sure hits the spot," he sighed. "I don't think I can eat another bite."

"Likewise," she concurred, grinning. "I believe we have properly recharged our batteries for the time being." Her lips drank some more tea.

"So," Ron gestured to his wife, "what do you think we should do next? Watch some TV? Hang out outside for awhile?"

Her brain has an idea all right as her mouth curled craftily lopsidedly. Placing down the teacup, Yori got up to take a few steps around the table before straddling him to sit down onto his lap, her arms encircling his neck.

"Yori," he softly chided as his arms wrapped around her waist at the same time she buried her face into the crook of his neck. His voice tone, despite being amused, gave a slight warning.

"We can cuddle, can we not?" the ninja woman asked while nuzzling his neck and softly kissing the skin.

Ron grinned lovingly as he kissed her cheek and sniffed her hair. Even slightly damp, her black tresses smelled wonderful. "Yeah. Cuddling. I can do that."

So that was what they did for some time — kissing, necking, petting, and just being in each other arms. That was until Yori's libido began to take control of her, making her hands roam under his robe and her mouth kiss him more forcefully and passionately than before.

The blond 24-year-old man found himself being taken along with the ride as his wife's heat rose. Even he began exploring underneath her robe and returned her fervent kisses in equal intensity.

After breaking off a long, tongue-entwining lip lock to breathe, Yori looked into her husband's face with a feral grin and clouded eyes. "I want you, Ron-kun," she softly growled.

Seeing she indeed desired him and would not let go until her thirst was quench, Ron's lips languidly became feral to match her expression, and before Yori knew it, she was thrust up onto the table and she gasped in astonishment as the table's items rattled a bit. Before she could even say anything, she felt his hand again underneath her robe to touch her in a way that made her gasp once more.

"You want me, ninja girl?" Ron softly growled nose-to-nose with her. "You'll have me, just this time I'll be calling the shots." His lips curled up mischievously, knowing he was going to enjoy this.

Yori only could nod, for his control had made her speechless. She knew Ron-kun occasionally would suggest and do things on their dates and other special events, but this was the first time he was ever dominant in wanting to control the intimate aspect of their relationship. The thought of letting him control their lovemaking appealed to her greatly.

Ron didn't waste time for he pressed his mouth over hers and devoured her with a kiss that melted her being. All Yori could do was to hold on and willing and eagerly relinquish to his command.


TBC (End of Chapter 1)