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Kim Possible: The Reflections Universe

Entwined Spirits
Chapter 4 – Final Night
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

Sitting on the couch, Ron watched TV and waited. He glanced at his watch and frowned before returning to the anime. He liked this show about a boy working together with the crew of the Gekko against some military organization. It was bizarre in a way given the background was set in the far future where it was sort-of a post-apocalypse world where mechs were the main force of war machines.

He sighed again, wondering why it was taking his wife so long to get ready.

After they had a fun time biking, the Stoppables returned the rental bikes just as the sun was setting, and upon arriving back in their suite, both prepared for dinner. Ron, in the morning, had made reservations for two at the resort's restaurant, even though it was not required. He just wanted to make sure they got a good table.

Now a little more than an hour had passed and Yori still had not come out. After he had showered and shaved, the blond donned a nice white dress shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Nothing fancy, since it was not really a big formal occasion to wear a suit. His other half however, given she was a woman was taking far longer than he to get ready. Ron expected maybe 40 minutes, but more than 60? Something was definitely up.

Hearing footsteps behind him, Ron grinned and sighed again, but this time with relief. Her voice confirmed what he knew. "I'm ready now, Ron-kun."

Getting up, he turned, and once his eyes saw her, the ninja master was once more floored as many times he has been in the past few days by his ninja warrior mate. Yet his flabbergasted expression stayed only for a minute to be replaced with a leering, amused, and tender one. "I should have known you still have a few surprises up your sleeve." Yori giggled mysteriously at him as she swirled around for his praising eyes.

Standing before him, Yori was dressed to the nines in an elegant, form-fitting, black evening gown. Two straps held up the dress and ran crisscrossed against her back, which was otherwise bare to the waist. The hem ended above the ankles with two leg slits on either side running up to mid-thighs. High-heeled dress sandals encased her bare feet; three straps across the top before the toes and a single strap around the ankle with two straps connecting it to the sandal's base. The chest displayed enough cleavage to tantalize while also being a bit modest. Her shiny hair was pinned up stylishly in a French twist with some strands loose around her ears, and her make-up consisted of a bit of blush, light pink lipstick, and light blue eye shadow. To top it off, two diamond earrings and a gold wrist bracelet were the only jewelry she wore.

Ron Stoppable, after inspecting his wife, said the only words that fit the goddess standing before him. "You're absolutely gorgeous," he softly spoke with deep fondness.

Feeling her cheeks burning a little, Yori closed her eyes and tilted her head a little as she broadly smiled. All her preparations for the past hour were worth it for the effect she was receiving from her dearly loved man. She did all this for him.

Raising her face to look at him, she took a few steps to reach up to pretend she was straightening up his shirt. "And you, my most beloved husband, are quite handsome." Yori took delight to see his cheeks redden a bit as he kept his smile to match hers.

With her small, strapless black purse in one hand, the stunning ninja woman took his hand in her other. "Come, dinner awaits."

But Ron held back and raised a finger. "Not yet," he grinned with gleaming eyes. "There's one thing missing." With that said, he went into the bedroom, leaving a puzzled spouse wondering what was omitted.

Her question was answered when Ron came back out with a velvet flat box, and Yori smiled and shook her head. "Ron-kun, you know I do not have any desires to be pampered!"

The blond ninja master grinned. "I know, Yori. It's just I'd bought this at the same time I bought your engagement ring. I was saving it for a special occasion." He opened the box, and she gasped at the sight of a sparkling diamond bib necklace. It was a small bib necklace, with diamonds embedded almost everywhere, even on the ribbon chain.

"Ron-kun!" Yori smiled up at him.

With a tiny shrug, Ron explained himself further. "I didn't expect you to dress up like we're attending the Oscars, yet given you are dressed up like this, the necklace will fit your outfit perfectly." He took out the necklace and tossed the box aside before going behind her to place the jewelry around her neck and locking it into place.

As they turned as one to face each other, Yori felt like her heart would burst as Ron looked adoringly at her. "Now you're ready," was all he said.

Again, shaking her head, the smiling Japanese woman wanted very much to kiss him senseless, but knew such an act would ruin her make-up, so she placed her free hand on his chest and reached up to give him a quick heartfelt smooch. It was enough to tell him what she was saying.

"Fine," Yori grinned as she tipped her head down to try to see the necklace as much as she could. "I'll accept this gift." Her expression turned into a tight-lipped, lopsided-grinning firm one as she looked back at him. "Just no more," she emphasized her meaning with a finger jab into his chest. "You may have a lot of money, Chosen One, but as I said, I have no desires to be heavily showered with riches and jewels. You know we agreed to use that money to build a home and raise our family."

"I know, my Lotus Maiden, I know," Ron said, grinning down at her before bending to place a kiss on her forehead, which pacified her to produce a small chuckle.

With a cheery face, Ron grandly held out his arm to his wife. "Shall we go to dinner now, my Lotus Maiden?"

Yori grandly raised her chin and placed her arm through his. "Let us, my Chosen One," she grinned.

So arm-in-arm, Ron and Yori left the suite for the restaurant and dinner.


The resort's restaurant had a look that said 'high class' – beautiful woodwork, high ceiling with glass chandeliers, lovely tables & chairs, fine dinnerware, and other touches. Yet, despite its appearances, the same service was given to anyone, regardless whether they were in casual attire or fancy formal garments. It was a good place to dine for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just for a quick bite.

Situated at the front corner of the resort, not far from the front lobby, the restaurant provided its patrons with wonderful views of the outside. High glass windows were placed around the front and side, showing the lake and the nearby woods. People could eat while having the benefit of the spectacular scenery.

So when Ron and Yori arrived, they were seated at a table for two next to a window with a good view of the lake. The waxing moon was at a stage where much of its light reflected off the lake's surface. Added to the low illumination of the restaurant's lights, a perfect romantic atmosphere was created for the young married couple.

Many of the other dining people took notice of Ron and Yori's formal wear and easily deduced the pair had recently been married. The look the two gave each other told many they deeply loved each other. A few wistful grins were produced from the older couples, remembering the times when they were young and spirited upon being married.

As they looked over the dinner choices on the menu, Ron ordered champagne, which his spouse approved with a sly grin.

His Japanese was not perfect, yet after two years in Japan, the blond American was good enough to place his own orders at eating establishments without needing his Japanese beloved to translate. Besides, he also needed to know Japanese enough to work at the Japanese Bueno Nacho branch

So after a few minutes, both placed their orders with the waiter, and just afterward, another waiter arrived with an ice bucket containing the champagne. With a grin, he poured the fizzling wine in two flutes, placed the bottle back in the bucket, and left the couple to themselves. Raising their champagne glasses together, Ron and Yori smiled at each other.

"Here's to us, Yori," Ron toasted. "To our future."

"To our future, Ron-kun," Yori repeated in concurrence.

They clinked their glasses together before taking a drink. Ron placed down his glass, while Yori still held hers, as both turned their heads to look out the window at the stunning landscape outside.

After a few minutes of pleasant silence, Ron broke it. "Looking back at my life, I can't believe I've come this far." He snorted a chuckle. "Ten years ago, I was pretty much the slacker that most people would have thought he wouldn't have a chance in having a good life. Yet here I am with a career," his brown eyes smiled at the woman sitting across from him, "a wonderful loving wife, and a bright future."

A grinning Yori reached over to hold his hand in hers. "I did not think that way when I first met you. I knew even then you would succeed in life."

"Thanks, Yori," Ron gratefully grinned. "I am the luckiest guy in the world to have someone like you by my side."

She matched his expression as she squeezed his hand. "And I am the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like you by my side." Her hubby goofily grinned.

"What about you?" he asked. "Are you the same person you were ten years ago?"

Yori wryly smirked. "Of course not, Ron-kun. I am more experience now in training and discipline than I was at 14. Also, I am more wise in the ways of life compared to when I was a young girl thinking I could take on the entire world." She drank a sip of champagne.

Recalling fondly the teenage ninja girl he met during that one-week exchange program, Ron nodded. "You were a force to be reckoned with back then, Yori. A bit brash at times," he shrugged a bit, "but you sure knew better than me when it came to fighting."

"True," she sagely admitted, but sadly grinned. "I was a bit brash at times back then. I tried to recover the Lotus Blade by myself and ended up getting caught." Her lips curled into a frown. "I fell into the trap just too easily."

"Hey," Ron softly said. "You learned something and pressed on. As you said, you're wiser now."

His tender grin made her grinned in turn. "Hai. I am." Narrowing her eyes, her face turned smiled in admiration. "I should say the same as you, my husband. You've learned much in two years that would normally would have taken five or more for a typical student. You surpassed me, and I am proud of you for accomplishing what you did."

Ron sighed happily. "Thanks, my wife." Yori squeezed his hand again before letting it go.

So throughout dinner, the happy couple talked, ate, laughed, and enjoyed each other's company. They even playfully fed each other bites from a single piece of chocolate cake they ordered for dessert.

By the time Ron and Yori were finished and felt it was time to return to their suite, close to three hours had passed. With a generous tip for their waiter, they left contented.

The restaurant staff at hand to witness the newlyweds' departure couldn't help but feel a very rare case of true love had been shown them. Many patrons and staff, including Ron and Yori's waiter, agreed that the two young people would no doubt be together for the rest of their lives, for love as strong as theirs was meant to be forever.


Still hand-in-hand, Ron and Yori strolled into the suite, and with a warm grin on her face, the Japanese ninja pulled her husband toward the bedroom. However, her lover gently pulled her toward another direction to the space between the couch and the bedroom door.

"Nuh-huh," he smiled with a raised finger. "Not yet. There's one more thing we should do." Leaving his puzzled wife, Ron went to the entertainment system and turned on the stereo to play soft slow-paced music from one of the satellite channels. Then he proceeded back to the front door to lower the suite's overhead lights to a romantic low setting. Only then did he return to Yori, who was smiling now that she knew what he had in mind. "Now we're ready to do our thing."

Purring, Yori accepted him taking her left hand into his right as they wrapped their other arms around each other. "Let us then dance, my love," she said as they started at a snail's pace to dance in lazy circles. Ron didn't say anything but smiled tenderly back at her.

As the couple danced, they kept their eyes glued to each other, feeling the soft music and the romantic lighting gradually fill their hearts with love. So much that Yori couldn't help but to place her left cheek on his right shoulder, curl her left arm around his back, and mold her chest to his, wanting very much to be intimately close to him. Ron didn't mind one bit, for he hugged her back and placed his right cheek on top of her head as they continued to dance together to the sway of the gentle music.

Being a bit bold, Ron parted her just for a moment to grab her hand to raise it up as he used his other hand to wordlessly twirl her. Yori softly giggled as he did this and pulled him back to her, for she loved his playful side.

A few moments later, he did so again, but this time he stopped her at half spin to press her back to his front. Again, Yori gave an amused surprised giggle and welcomed his arms around her front as he pressed his cheek against hers, making her closed her eyes. With her hands over his, she let Ron guide their swaying movements.

Her dark orbs opened when she felt him raise his left hand with hers still on top. As they continued to gently rock side-to-side together, both stared at their entwined left hands, palms up with her fingers laced in the spaces between his. His ring finger was next to hers, and the loving pair could see their wedding bands side-by-side glimmering under the soft light with the addition of her engagement ring's diamond sparkling.

It was a powerful emotional sight to see these symbols, which represented their love and bond to each other, like this together, and so for a while, they sighed and lovingly looked at their rings. So influential the display was that Ron took her hand to bring it to his lips so he could kiss her rings. Feeling her heart contracting at his action, Yori followed suit and brought his hand over so she could kiss his ring in turn.

Afterward, the lovers eyed each other, and mutually knew, upon seeing their expressions, what they wanted next. Placing her left hand to hold his head, they brought their lips together to kiss longingly with slow sweet affection. They softly moaned as they felt their hearts beat as one. Without unlocking their mouths, she swung around to wrap her arms around his neck tightly as his firmly went around her back. Once more they moaned, not wanting to let go as they savored the soft, sweet lips of each other.

Finally, needing to breathe, they broke the connection but remained in each other's arms. Collectively, their lips curled up into affectionate grins as they pressed their foreheads together.

"I love you, Ron-kun," Yori said in a whisper, looking into those chocolate eyes.

"Back a'cha, Yori," Ron replied in the same soft tone, gazing at her dark gems.

Once more, their mouths came together for a long, soulful kiss full of promise, and like so many times before, they knew their beings were joined as one.

Breaking apart, Yori smiled tenderly as she took his hand and pulled him toward the bedroom. Ron didn't protest this time, and once they were inside, they, in tune to the slow music, undressed each other with adoration and loved each other truly with hearts, minds, and souls.


Slowly awakening, a satisfied smile graced Yori's face as she stretched under the bed sheet. Like all the times before in the past few days, she just found it fulfilling every time she made love to her husband. Her mind made her produce a wicked grin upon recalling his reaction after seeing her lacy black panties. He had jokingly asked what other intimate apparel she had in her closet, and she had simply said he had to find out. After that, she kissed him before they presumed to tenderly finish undressing, as they loved each other with soft affection.

Turning onto her side to face the porch door, the ninja woman could make out the outline of her man softly lighted by the moonlight shining through the door. He was on his stomach with his head on the pillow, facing the door.

With a loving grin, the beautiful Japanese reached over to place a hand on his back. "Can't sleep, my Chosen One?"

His body shook a bit, and knowing him, she could tell he just chuckled. "Oh, I did for some time, my Lotus Maiden. Just after I woke up, I was thinking that the time we spent just didn't seem enough."

Wanting to feel his skin next to hers, Yori climbed over to lie on top of him and lay her left cheek on his back just below his neck. Her hands soothingly conveyed she wanted to comfort him as she looked at the moonlight through the porch as he was doing. "Hai. Three days just didn't seem enough. I wish we could able to spend a week together, Ron-kun."

"Yeah," Ron agreed as his right hand reached up to hold hers on his shoulder. "Too bad Bueno Nacho HQ only gave us three days."

Yori gently kissed his skin before sighing. Bueno Nacho HQ wanted Ron to be back in the States, and upon hearing he was getting married, they gave him only three days for the honeymoon instead of a week as he asked for. Least they had been given three days to enjoy each other.

Starting tomorrow, Ron and Yori would begin their journey to the United States, where their new lives would await them. A condo townhouse Ron bought a few weeks ago via contacts through Bueno Nacho HQ, would be there upon their arrival. It would be a nice temporary home, until they were able to find or build a new one that suited their requirements.

Nuzzling his skin, Yori gave a small smirk. "Well, next time, you will tell them that we will have a week off."

Hearing and feeling him chuckle made her giggled as well. "Oh, I assure you, Mrs. Stoppable, that next time we will have a week for our honeymoon." Ron rolled over, prompting her to get off him until he was on his back before she lay back on top of him again, her face chinned on his chest. "I think next time, we should go to Hawaii or a place in the Caribbean," he suggested as he combed through her soft hair with his left fingers.

Loving his fingers running through her tresses, Yori purred in agreement. "Hawaii sounds ideal, my love. I have not visited there yet."

"Then Hawaii it is!" he grinned. "We'll go there for our second honeymoon after we get married again in the States."

Both laughed quietly at that. In truth, they didn't need to again file for a marriage certificate in the States, for their Japanese certificate would be enough for the American government to accept their marriage. Their second marriage, which might be sometime the following year, would be mostly for show for Ron's large extended family. His mother had told him that many of his relatives were disappointed they would not able to attend the wedding in Japan, but in a compromise, Ron and Yori agreed to arrange to perform a second wedding ceremony in the States for his family, a Jewish-American ceremony. The young couple hopefully would have their lives settled down mostly by the time they would consent to the second wedding.

Closing her almond eyes, Yori began nuzzling his chest, purring again at the way he was stroking her hair. She wondered, for maybe the millionth time, how could anyone love another so much as she and her beloved did each other? Even thinking about him just once would make her want to be with him and just love him to pieces.

Wanting to love him once more, the nimble woman initiated only her hips to move against his. Hearing his small groan, she grinned in triumph knowing her rubbing of her private area against his was just as stimulating to him as to her.

"Yori," Ron softly moaned, eyes fluttering shut as he wrapped his arms around her back.

"Shhhhhh," Yori quietly shush him with a finger on his lips. "I want to love you again, Ron-kun, but we're going to try something different this time." She returned to lay her head on his chest and continued her hip movements, causing both to calmly moan together as the heat rose in them.

Feeling he was ready, the beautiful Japanese pushed up slightly to allow him entrance, and once she settled all the way down, making both groan softly, she lay down onto him and once again just let her hips move slowly, her face nuzzled into the crook of his neck with eyes closed. It wasn't long until her American lover began moving his hips at the same pace, and thus the young couple loved each other with just their hips leading the way.

The sensations were intense. They had made love several times in the past few days and even quite intimately a few hours ago. Yet this time it felt different to Ron and Yori. Not even moving, except their hips languidly, the build-up was more powerful, and furthermore, it really did feel like they were truly making love to each other. Other than the area where they were joined, they were able to concentrate on nuzzling, kissing, touching, and just letting their love consume them.

Yori felt the urge to pick up the speed, but she resisted, given this slow upsurge was nothing she felt before. She also knew it had to be the same for Ron, given she could feel his hands clenching her butt in a way that told her he was nearly delirious with desire.

Kissing his neck, the raven-haired beauty murmured warmly a word he barely heard. "Koishii."

Hearing that word inflamed his heart for her even more, even in the midst of their mounting passion. Ron opened glazed eyes to whisper back his feelings. "Mai tenshi."

Her eyes opened upon hearing him, and she raised her head to look down at him nose-to-nose. "Ron," Yori spoke gently before locking her lips over his before her arms went around his neck, drawing him even closer. In turn, one of his hands came up to the center of her upper back to draw her closer to him.

Breaking the kiss, Yori, with a moan, dropped her head to rest again in the crook of his neck. It was only a matter of time before the dam would burst for both.

Moving his hands to her hips, the blond man knew he was close. This slow lovemaking was excruciating. The feel of her flesh against his. The flowery scent of her luxurious soft hair. Her breath against his neck. All of this combined with what he felt for her and their physical joining brought him to the pinnacle as he tilted back his head, pushed her hips all the way down, and moaned her name as he released inside her. "Yorriiiiiiiii."

His release and hearing him call her name was enough to trigger her climax. Her body gently shivered and shook as she gasped and moaned his name in turn. "Roooonnnnnnn."

Neither had ever felt anything like this. It was like a calm wave washed over them yet it was deep as well as the longest lasting they experienced thus far. Their minds were just too far-gone to even notice anything else as they peaked together.

As the last remains of their pleasure died away, the newlyweds felt drained yet tremendously content. Their arms relaxed but they kept their hands where they were, letting their bodies calm down as they basked in the afterglow.

Feeling fatigue was going to claim her, Yori kissed his neck and grinned. "Love you, Ron-kun," she softly voiced before closing her eyes to let sleep consume her.

Ron was just too pooped to even care regarding her using him as a mattress and pillow. With a small smirk, he mentally admitted that it did feel intimately nice with her on top of him like this.

Eyes drooping, he wrapped his arms around her form into a relaxed posture for him to sleep. "Love you too, Yori," he murmured before dozing off to join his wife in dreamland.

Sleeping soundly and peacefully together, the Chosen One and Lotus Maiden, still physically joined at the hips, breathed in-and-out in synch. Both dreamed of each other, which made them smile even asleep.


Turning from the front door after the bellhop had carted the luggage away to the waiting cab at the front of the resort, Ron walked back to the bedroom. "Yori?"

"I'm coming, Ron-kun," the reply came from behind the bathroom door. A moment later, Yori stepped out. She was wearing red blouse, jeans, sneakers, and her hair in a ponytail held by a scrunchie. Her attire was much like Ron's, who wore a red t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Both looked like they were ready to travel.

"Ready?" Ron grinned, taking her hand.

Yori gazed at the bed and the entire place, bathed in sunlight through the porch doors and windows, before fondly smiling. She would definitely have good memories of their honeymoon here. Some photos they had taken would also keep the memories alive and well even decades from now.

Picking up her purse and shouldering the strap through her other arm, the ninja warrior woman nodded at her ninja master husband. "Hai. I am ready now."

So hand-in-hand, they strolled to the suite's front door. Yet as the couple reached the door, a thought made Yori stop, making Ron stop as well. His eyebrow rose at her in an unspoken question, but the Japanese lady merely smirked and answered his question with actions.

Pulling her man to her, Yori reached up and kissed him fully with all her being, and Ron, only momentarily caught off guard, returned the gesture equally, for he was not going to complain if his wife wanted to smooch lips.

After a minute or so, they broke apart, Yori smiling up at him. "That, my husband, was for both of us. It will last us until we reach our new home in California."

Ron smiled, for he understood they would not able to kiss like this for half a day or more. It was one thing to show their affection at their wedding, it was another to do so in public. "That'll be more than enough, ninja girl. Once we arrive at our new home, I'm going to pay you back… With interest."

A wicked smile graced her face. "I look forward to receiving the payment," she cooed before her face returned to normal. "Let us travel now to our future," Yori grinned before leaving the suite, tugging him along through the door, which Ron closed behind them.

Together, Ron and Yori Stoppable walked forward, hand-in-hand, toward whatever tomorrow would bring as their life as husband and wife truly began.

The end


After-story A/Ns:

1) Well, that's the end of my 'R/Y getting married' trilogy! AtomicFire suggested in a review that I might consider writing up the Jewish-American wedding Ron and Yori would have in the States. It sounds appealing, given it would create stories of Yori meeting Ron's extended family and what they might think of her. I doubt all of them would accept Yori, given she's not Jewish, etc. Heck, I'm imagining Yori meeting cousin Shawn (who would be a teenager by now), who would test Yori's patience. (smirk)

Yet for now, I'm returning to focus solely on "A Bond of Honor". If my muse hits me to write up other stories, I'll let everyone know. :)

2) For anyone's information regarding the Japanese words Yori and Ron spoke during the last lovemaking scene, the following is a translation from Japanese to English...

Koishii : Beloved

Mai tenchi : My angel

3) Just to let everyone know that I've made minor changes to "Full Circle" in light that I know now that Yori will likely call Ron 'Ron-kun' than 'Ron-san' especially that they are intimately close. However, I can see Yori teasingly call him 'Stoppable-san' when she's joking with him. ;)