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Set after 'The Satan Pit' so potential spoilers for up until there.

"The stuff of legends," said the Doctor, pulling down on a lever and letting the familiar rasp of the TARDIS engines calm his still jagged nerves. Rose stood, pressed close against his side, desperate for the comfort his presence gave her. They both knew how close they had been to the end, separated for all eternity. That hurt more than the thought of dying, the thought of not dying together. The Doctor snaked an arm up her back, onto her shoulder and pulled her close. She rested her head on his shoulder, letting her hand sit warmly on his hip. They both watched the central column of their beloved ship as it worked away, taking them into a safe part of the time vortex.

"Right then," said the Doctor, falling short of his attempt to sound cheery, "I think its time we got some rest don't you, even I want a lie down after that one. I've got bruises where I didn't even know I could bruise!"

Rose's eyes shot to his, her expression one of desperate concern, "Are you alright? Ida said you fell."

"I'll be fine, don't worry about me."

"But I do worry Doctor, I…"

"Rose! I'm okay…we're okay and hey, we didn't need to get that mortgage after all but d'you know what, I wouldn't have minded if we had. I think I could cope being stuck with you," said the Doctor, his voice cracking slightly and his tone changing dramatically, "I thought I'd never see you again but I got you back, oh God Rose I got you back!"

Rose let him pull her into a crushing hug, finally releasing the tears that had been building up since their reunion. She felt the Doctor quaking beneath her hands and began to rub his back gently. She silently pulled away and took his hand. Leading him deeper into the TARDIS. She passed both their bedrooms but the Doctor didn't question her, merely let himself be led, content in the feel of her hand in his. Rose finally opened a door into one of the lounge rooms, one of the more modern ones on board the ship. The massive television screen stood black and silent against one wall while the other walls were taken up by a gallery of pictures Rose had put up, charting their adventures both with his old incarnation and his new. To a stranger they would look like photos of a happy couple, most of the shots being of them wrapped around each other, blissfully happy. One even had his ninth self pressing a kiss to her lips under a sprig of Mistletoe when he had taken both her and Jack ice skating in Austria, at Christmas 1900. He liked that picture.

A large bean bag lay on the floor, close to the telly. It was big enough to take two people with plenty of room and Rose and the Doctor often curled up on it to watch movies when they needed to recuperate.

Rose sat down on the bean bag and pulled the Doctor down beside her, laying so that his head came to rest on her shoulder as she wrapped him in her arms, somehow she knew that he was the one who needed comforting. His very faith had been tested today and she knew he was shaken. Despite her own need to be soothed she found her solace in gently stroking his hair and whispering to him in the dim light. It wasn't long before sleep found them both and their dreams were untroubled, the demons chased away by their closeness.

Rose woke several hours later, not fully rested but settled for the time being. She felt the soft whisper of breath across her neck and looked down at the man still curled in her arms. The Doctor slept as soundly as she'd ever seen him, his fingers tracing delicate patterns on the material covering her stomach

as he dreamed. He looked about five and Rose had to suppress a giggle. His hair stuck up in all directions, a couple of loose locks falling into his eyes. Rose imagined his eyes, the deep chocolate pools that she still fondly remembered as being electric blue but no longer mourned for. She cast her memory back to a time before the regeneration as she brushed the Doctor's hair back from his face. She trailed her fingers across his brow, the once mature skin now youthful and much paler. She traced his nose, smaller now but still defined elegantly, and his lips, fuller than before, lips that could pout adorably when necessary and issue dangerous threats when he was displeased. Her Timelord. She knew she had no claim to him but it was moments like this, the quiet times when he was hers.

Rose pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead before waking him softly, "Doctor? Wake up sleepy head."

"Mmmm?" came the response as he turned his face further into her neck, "Rose?"

"Its me," said Rose.

"Angel," he murmured, "Bright angel."

Rose blushed at his words and realised that he was dreaming still. Part of her wanted to listen further but she knew whatever his subconscious was showing him was not for her to find out.

"Doctor, wake up," she said, running a hand up his arm and giving his shoulder a slight squeeze.

She felt his lashes skim against her neck as his eyes fluttered open, two sleepy orbs stared up to hers with a dazed smile, "Hey Rose."

"Hey," she said softly, "You feeling better?"

The Doctor glanced over their position and blushed slightly, gently removing himself from practically on top of her. Rose found to her dismay that she immediately missed the comforting weight.

"I'm sorry," murmured the Doctor, "I must have been crushing you."

Rose gave him a reassuring smile, "Nah, you weren't. Your so skinny that I doubt you could crush a fly."

"Oi," said the Doctor, sitting up and poking her side, "Less of that you. Suppose you woke me for a reason other than to insult me, I'm not skinny, I'm athletic."

"If you're so athletic let's see you muscles then."

The Doctor stuck his tongue out at her, "There you go," he said, "One of my many muscles. Now, why did you wake me?"

"Just wondered if you wanted to go somewhere, do something. Must be loads of planets we've still got to save," said Rose sitting up as she laughed at him.

The Doctor seemed to ponder for a minute, apparently waging an internal war with himself, "Actually…" he said slowly, still mulling things over, "I quite fancy… no forget it, planet saving it is."

He got to his feet to leave but Rose caught his wrist and pulled him back down beside her, " What were you going to say?"

Her eyes told the Doctor that he wouldn't be able to argue his way out of this one. He ran a hand through his hair, "Right, before I say anything I want you to know that yes, I did bump my head when I fell in the cave but I ran a scan with the sonic screwdriver and I didn't do any damage to myself," he said so rapidly Rose thought he would collapse from lack of air. He took a breath and began again, "Its just…I'd like to…Oh come on!"

Rose lay a hand on his arm, "Doctor you can tell me."

The Doctor sighed and caught her gaze, "I quite fancy doing something a bit normal you know," he said, before casting his eyes to the floor and picking at an imaginary bit of fluff on his trousers.

"How do you mean normal?" said Rose wishing he'd look at her, "Normal as in human?"

The Doctor nodded, "Do you know what my ideal thing would be to do right now? I want to put on a pair of jeans and some old T Shirt covered in slogans, I want to go to a pub and drink beer and dance to cheesy pop music and then stagger home half cut with a kebab in my hand," he said looking back up at her, "Sorry, not very Time Lord is it?"

Rose smiled and got to her feet, holding out her hand to him, "I know just the place. Now come on, I'm going to pick out your outfit, can't have you showing me up with your taste in clothes."

The Doctor offered no argument as she pulled him to his feet and off towards the wardrobe.


The Doctor looked good in blue denim. That was the only thought in Rose's head as she watched him lean against the bar and chat to the barmaid as she prepared their drinks. She was vaguely aware of Shireen and several of her other mates chatting away happily beside her and she was aware of answering them but the only thought in her head was how good the Doctor looked in blue denim. She sat up a little straighter as he came back with a tray of funny looking cocktails and several pints of beer for the blokes that had joined them, attracted to Shireen's rather daring top.

"Enjoying yourself?" asked Rose as the Doctor slid into the seat beside her, his arm automatically flopping onto the chair behind her like it was common place, letting the men around them know that Rose was not on the market that particular evening.

"Surprisingly yes," said the Doctor, smoothing out the wrinkles in his black shirt, Rose had convinced him against the slogan T shirt idea, "You?"

"Yeah," said Rose softly, "but just once in a while, don't want to be getting too domestic do we?"

The Doctor quirked an eyebrow before taking a drink from the pint in his hand. An unfamiliar song came over the speakers from the dance floor, Rose had asked the Doctor to make sure they landed a little way into her future so as not to confuse any of her friends as to her new appearance, her hair having been longer the last time they had seen her, so the song was unknown to her.

She was shocked to feel the Doctor take her hand and pull her to her feet, "Do you want to dance?"

"To this?" she said noticing the couples on the dance floor, wrapped around each other as they moved to the music. She blushed at the thought of dancing that way with the Doctor. Did he know what he was asking? Did he know one of her many fantasies was to dance with him like that? Had he known what was going through her mind that night they'd watched dirty dancing in the control room and she'd had to perch on his knee because Jack wanted to join them half way through and the captain's chair only had room for two?

"Don't you like this music?" he asked, turning to her as she hesitated.

"Its fine but…"

"Well then come on," said the Doctor leading her to the floor.

He turned her so that her back was pressed against his chest and let his hands rest on her hips. Rose was shocked at how expertly he moved to the music, his hips moving hers in their delicious dance. Rose felt her breath stop in her throat and her heart start racing as he tucked a thumb into the waistband of her jeans, anchoring her to him.


He turned her to face him and pulled her close, guiding her arms around his neck as they began to move together, his eyes capturing hers as they smouldered almost black in the dim light but she also saw sadness there. He pulled her closer so his lips were beside her ear.

"I nearly lost you," he murmured, running a hand down her side before resting on the small of her back.

"But you didn't," said Rose, the emotion in his voice, laced with the intimacy of their dance making it hard to string a sentence together.

"I don't want to lose you Rose," he said, "If I ever do I'd… Oh Rose… I'd…"

He trailed off as Rose pulled back slightly, her eyes searching his face, desperate to comfort him. Without a second thought the Doctor leaned into her for an explosive kiss. He traced his tongue along her lip, demanding entrance. He felt her hesitate but he was insistent, the delicious electricity she was sending through him with her dancing was not going to go unrewarded. Rose parted her lips to allow him access and he grew gentle once again, tracing his tongue gently against hers before exploring her mouth further, revelling in the very taste of her. He heard her moan in the back of her throat and he pulled away to breath. He knew what he wanted but he didn't want regrets, didn't want the next morning to be awkward. He was about to speak when Rose spoke, albeit her words slightly stuttered from shock.

"How drunk are you?" she asked, running her fingers through his hair. The question took him aback but he would not let her blame this on drink.

"That," he said nodding to the table they had previously occupied, "Is my first. I've been on lemonade most of the night."

"I thought you had something in it," said Rose.

"No, I wanted to be sober for this. You?"

"I can handle my drink," said Rose, "So you knew this was going to happen?"

The Doctor was surprised they were actually managing to have a rational conversation while Rose was grinding against his hips, her hands tracing down from his hair to scratch against his chest. He felt a moan escape his lips before he spoke again, "You make it sound like some dastardly seduction. I knew I was in love with, I know I want to make love to you."

Rose knew her mouth had fallen open and that she looked like a goldfish but she had little choice in the matter as her brain refused to respond. Here was the Doctor, her Doctor admitting that he loved her. Her expression made the Doctor pale dramatically even in the darkness of the dance floor, he'd misread the entire evening.

"Rose…Oh God…please don't tell me I've got this wrong! I thought, what with the hugs on the sanctuary base, and the looks, and your kiss and earlier in the TARDIS. I…oh Lord…I thought you felt the same. I've screwed us up now haven't I? Rose…"

Her lips on his silenced him before she grabbed his hand and dragged him from the dance floor.

"You. Home. Now," came her breathy command as she pulled him out into the London air and towards the neatly concealed TARDIS. She pulled her key out of her pocket but stopped before she unlocked the door, turning to him with tears in her eyes.

"Rose?" said the Doctor, concerned by her tears and the rapid chain of events, "Angel?"

"I love you too," she murmured, pressing a much softer kiss to his waiting lips, "And you're never, ever going to lose me. Now, why don't you complete this seduction of yours and take me to bed?"

The Doctor gave her a manic grin before taking the key from her hand and unlocking the door. Sweeping her into his arms he carried her into the TARDIS, closing the door behind him with a decisive kick.