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The goodbyes had been tearful. Rose had had to remain in the hospital for another two weeks after she'd fallen ill, Grace had wanted to ensure that she was healthy enough to go back to a life with the Doctor. In the time they had Rose and Grace had grown very close, enjoying sharing memories of the Doctor as well as discussing the up and coming wedding that the Doctor had promised to return to Earth for. He said Vegas was always a good place for alien weddings and even Jackie had agreed to the idea after some gentle persuasion. The date was set for a year in Grace's future, enough time to allow the Doctor to make the inevitable miscalculations before they reached the correct time. Despite the delay in the event the Doctor's claim on Rose was evident in the Gallifreyan diamond that now glittered on her finger. The Doctor had presented it to her two days after his proposal after spending ten hours searching the TARDIS for it. Rose had accepted it with tears as he told her that its former owner had been his grandmother, grateful for such a precious gift. Her plan of showing him her gratitude was put on hold though as Grace insisted on no physical activity for at least three weeks.

Four weeks had passed. They had said goodbye to Grace in San Francisco a week before and now the Doctor and Rose were bidding a tearful goodbye to Jackie in London. The wind bit through Rose's jacket as they stood in the early morning sunlight but she hid her shivers from her already crying mother. She bit her lip to stop herself laughing as Jackie pulled a very reluctant Doctor into a hug. His hand had healed completely but he still let out a yelp, feigning agony to get Jackie to let him go. Jackie only laughed at him.

"You sure you want to marry a wimp like that Rose?" she asked, turning to her daughter.

"I suppose I do. Its only you he's scared of. That's a pretty big feat Mum, you should be proud of yourself," said Rose.

Jackie pulled her into a hug, "I'm proud of you my darling," she said, "Now promise me you'll be careful, don't do anything too mad for a few weeks at least."

"She'll be fine Jackie," said the Doctor, "I won't let anything happen to her."

"You'd better not!" said Jackie, her voice for once only half threatening, "God I'm going to miss you two."

"We'll be back soon," said Rose, pinching the Doctor's arm as he snorted at her comment. He yelped in pain and mock stalked into the TARDIS, muttering about husband beating and how you'd never have seen that on Gallifrey.

"I'd better go," said Rose, "He's getting restless."

"You will take care won't you sweetheart?"

"Of course I will. Love you Mum."

"Love you Rose," said Jackie to the closing TARDIS door. The grating rasp of the engines started up and the wind billowed around Jackie's hair. She watched the blue box dematerialise and then cast her eyes heavenward, blowing a kiss to thin air and knowing it would find its destination.


The TARDIS hummed quietly as she rested in the Time Vortex. The Doctor had chosen not to race off to some distant planet or adventure. Rose needed time to readjust to life with the time machine and he was not adverse to spending quality time with her. The only problem was, he couldn't find her. After some gentle persuasion and some language he even thought a little two fair the TARDIS finally revealed Rose's position in the ship and the Doctor made his way to her. He knocked on her bedroom door and then pushed it open when their was no response. Her bed was empty and he almost though the TARDIS had made a mistake until he heard the faint sobs coming from Rose's en suite.

The door was slightly ajar and he peered round it, concerned by the sound of his sobs. His words were stopped as he saw her standing naked in front of the mirror, her wet hair suggesting that she was not long after her shower. Raking his eyes up her body he almost forgot her tears until he saw her body convulse with them once more. She was staring at her reflection, running her fingers along the faint scar on her chest, leading from the base of her breast bone to the top of her chest. Despite the Doctor's equipment and treatment the faintest white scar had remained. He had thought it barely visible but he suddenly realised that to someone as young as Rose it could almost be as bad as losing a limb. The Doctor rolled his shoulders and shook his head at the thought, knowing it was time to change her mind.

"Rose?" he said entering the room.

She shrieked in surprise before quickly grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her, pulling it as high up her chest as possible, "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Her face was serious but there was no venom in her words.

"Sorry," said the Doctor, crossing the room to her, "I was worried. I heard you crying. Are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

Rose looked as though she was about to give him some feeble excuse but when her eyes connected with his she knew she had no choice to tell him the truth.

"Its this scar," she whispered, "Its hideous. I wanted to…I…you…how can you even bear to look at me?"

She turned her eyes away from him towards the floor, failing to see the sympathetic smile on his features.

"What scar?"

"Don't be cute," said Rose, "You know what scar."

She felt fingers brush her chest as he released the towel that was around her and pushed it to the floor, leaving her bare before him. Her hand shot up in an attempt to cover her chest but he pulled it away again.

"You mean this little scar," he said tracing his fingers over the faint line on her chest, making Rose shiver with both delight at him and disgust at herself, "Or this little mark here."

His fingers traced down her chest to brush the tattoo of his name on her hip, "This one is quite old, before my regeneration, I like that one, means a lot," he said before tracing his fingers back up to the line on her chest, "This one is newer, because of my regeneration, I love this one, means you're alive. Makes you all the more beautiful."

Rose still didn't raise her eyes but his words made her heart thump all the harder in her chest. The Doctor glorified at the jump of it as he pressed a kiss to the top of the scar, grinning as he heard Rose moan. Without a second thought he began to kiss his way down the scar's path, dropping to his knees before her and not caring as the wet bathroom floor soaked into his trousers, he'd be out of them soon anyway. His kisses continued their straight path until they reached the base of the scar before veering off to brush against the tattoo on her hip.

"Perfect," he murmured, the vibration of his lips against her skin making Rose shudder, "Bright Angel."

Rose's fingers knotted into his hair as his lips reached their final destination, her other hand gripping on to the sink to stop herself falling. His hands came up to the small of her back to steady her as he revelled in the moans of pleasure escaping her lips. His whole being was concentrated solely on her as he remapped territory he'd only had a brief chance to explore before, memorizing the touches that made her moan, the way she tasted against his eager tongue. He teased her mercilessly until he knew her sanity would not withstand anymore. As she reached completion she cried his name and the Doctor knew he had never heard anything more beautiful. He gave her a moment to steady herself before kissing his way back up to standing, his lips creeping up her neck before capturing her quivering lips.

"See," he said as he pulled back to breathe, "Beautiful. I love you Rose Tyler."

"I love you," was the breathy response against his lips, "But at the moment you are wearing far too many clothes."

The Doctor felt her smile and her light fingers as they sought the buttons of his shirt, "I think that can be remedied," he said taking her hands and pulling her back into her bedroom.


The Doctor shifted his arms to hold Rose closer to him, several hours had passed since he'd found her crying and he was now convinced that she believed him when he told her she was beautiful. He felt her hum contentedly as she buried her face deeper in his neck.

"Are you getting restless?" she asked, her hot breath teasing his skin.

"I'm quite happy here thank you," he said, tracing patterns on her shoulder, "Besides, we have a time machine, not missing much."

Rose heard the slight loss of conviction in his voice at his last words, five weeks of domesticity had played hard on her Doctor. She smiled against his shoulder.

"I don't mind if you want to go somewhere. Do something."

"I'll only go if you go," said the Doctor, smiling when he felt her nod, "What do you want to do?"

"Do you know what I'd really like? I'd like to pull on a pair of jeans and a T shirt covered in slogans and run the Hell away from some butt ugly aliens. Sorry, not very human is it?"

The Doctor laughed in a way he couldn't remember having ever done in his life, "Actually my darling, it sounds very, very human! Come on!"


The Pterodactyls circled high over head as several other species of dinosaur wandered around in the tropical sun, ignoring the two tiny people standing watching them in the hazy light. The Doctor wasn't watching the sight before him but instead the girl beside him as her eyes shone gold in the failing sunlight, a comforting gold that told him of the infinite power she had learned to control.

"Remind me how long you intend to stay with me again?" he said taking her hand in his own.

"Forever," said Rose flashing him a perfect smile that matched the glitter of the wedding band on her finger and he knew, deep in his heart of hearts, that in this dimension at least, the Doctor and his Rose would be together until the end of time.

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