Hi Everyone! I'm gonna resurrect an Old OC that I made up a few years ago. There are alotta Metal references so ... look out!

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans. I do own the character of Windshear.

Winds of an Empire Ch. 1: Arrival

Outside Titan's Tower, the sun was shining, birds were singing, and fish were jumping around and playing in the surrounding water. The serene scene reflected the abnormal peace and tranquility that Jump city was experiencing. There was no major assault by Slade, no major robbery, no HIVE attack, and no apocalyptic... crap. It was a vacation for our favorite Titans that had grown rather... boring

Inside, Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing the recently released fighting game "Slaughterhouse 7: The Revenge on Revenge." Several outward changes had happened to our favorite shape-shifter since he was bitten. He was wearing his black "I LEAVE BITE MARKS" t-shirt and new black baggy jeans with blood-red trim. His hair now reached shoulder level and was dyed black. He'd occasionally wear black lipstick and eye shadow, but that was usually for public outings with Raven. Instead of the one bottom fang sticking out from his mouth, his vampire fangs took its place. The other Titans took this joker to vampire goth transition rater well. Under all those black clothes and goth aura, he was the same fun loving, prank pulling, and joke toting Beast Boy he was when the Titans formed.

"Son of a..." Beast Boy moaned, as his character died... again. "Whaddya do? Practice in your sleep?"

"Actually, yeah." Cyborg replied.

"Dude, really?" Beast Boy asked in wonderment.

"Yep! When I go to sleep and recharge, I can play movies, games, get on the internet... That's what I do instead of dream." Cyborg said.

"Well, how the hell am I supposed to compete with that!"

"You ain't!" Cyborg laughed as he ruffled Beast Boy's hair.

Soon Raven walked into the main room. "Eh, go play with yourself." Beast Boy said, tossing his controller to Cyborg then getting up to walk over to Raven. Raven had on her red pajama bottoms that were decorated with little bats. She also had on a black spaghetti strap shirt that said "BITE ME" on it with a picture of fangs below the words (Beast Boy's favorite). Ever since she started dating Beast Boy, she started buying newer and gothier clothes. Beast Boy gave her a sense of self-confidence and she became a bit more sociable, but she never lost her Raven edge.

"Good morning, my Nymphetamine." Beast Boy said, wrapping his arms around Raven.

"Beast Boy," she whined, "Cyborg's right there!"

"He's busy." Beast Boy replied and then kissed her.

She kissed back before saying, "I'm thirsty." She then broke away and went to go prepare her tea. After she got out her teapot, she felt beast boy wrap his arms around her again. She sighed. "Yes?"

"So am I." Beast Boy said slyly.

Raven looked around and saw that Cyborg was indeed immersed in his video game. "All right."

Beast Boy smiled, and then kissed her neck before softly biting into it. Raven cooed a bit as Beast Boy happily drank.

"A-hem!" Robin's voice came in from behind the two dark lovers. Beast Boy extended his hand and stuck out a finger as if to say "just a minute." Robin rolled his eyes. "I'm just glad you two don't do that in public. We don't want the world to know that vampires exist.

Beast Boy pulled back from Raven's neck. "First of, dude, I--" Beast Boy was cut off when Raven Pulled him back to her and kissed him briefly but passionately. "MMPH! ...uhh I-I... uhh..."

"Beast Boy!" Robin said, trying to snap Beast Boy back into reality.

"Yeah! What were we talking about?"

"I said that we don't want the world to know that vampires exist."

"Dude, first off I'm only half vampire. Second of all..." he paused. "Second of all... I'm only half vampire."

Robin just laughed.

"Oh, have I awakened to late?" said Starfire from the doorway.

"Nah, Star." Robin said. "With no major attacks you could go sleep in more if you want."

"No, thank you." She said, smiling. "I have slept enough." She walked over to the table where raven was sitting.

"Hey, Robin, can I talk to you for a sec?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah, sure." He said walking over to the fridge where Beast Boy was. "What do you need?"

Beast Boy put an arm around Robin "When are you gonna tell her you love her?" He asked, smiling smugly.

"Ugh. Beast Boy..." Robin replied, pushing Beast Boy away.

"Dude, don't bullshit a bullshitter. Every one can tell around the tower. Hell, Cy and I got a bet flowing, and I get $50 if you tell her this month!"

"Another reason for me to keep quiet." Robin said. Beast Boy gave Robin a "dude, c'mon!" look. Robin sighed. "Is it really that obvious?"

"Dude, it's been like three and a half years since this team formed and since she kissed you! Remember?"

"How could I forget?" Robin said, dreamily.

"HA! I knew it!" Beast Boy yelled.

Robin quickly covered Beast Boy's mouth. "Shut up!" He looked around and saw that, luckily, no one heard him. He let Beast Boy go.

"Christ! You've really gotta tell her!"

Robin sighed. "Fine."

Beast Boy's eyes widened. "Y... you're serious?"

"Before we turn in tonight."

"Aw, c'mon!"

"Just shut up and make you're breakfast." Robin said smiling, before walking to the GameStation.

Beast Boy brought his tofu eggs and pancakes over next to Raven. After thirty minutes everyone was done with breakfast, and the GameStation was turned of to prevent overheating. Everyone was sitting at the table trying to think of something to do.

"We could go to the amusement park, again." Cyborg offered.

"They don't open on Sundays." Beast Boy said. "We could catch a concert."

"No, unless you want to cut your wrist at a goddamn hawthorne heights show." Raven said before she and Beast Boy made "ick" faces. "Nothing good's going to come until next month." She added.

"We could play a game of board." Starfire suggested.

"Not until Robin stops smacking the Monopoly board at the end of every game." Cyborg said before everyone except Robin started laughing.

"Hey! That was just that one time! ...and the time before that... and—shut up!" Robin said, getting red in the face. "Here's an idea! How about a marathon session of training?" This quickly ceased the laughter. "Thought so." He said, smirking.

"Trump card..." Cyborg grumbled.

"You know it." Robin said while leaning back in his chair. Soon there came a knocking at the door:

Knock tap-tap-knock knock... POUND, POUND!

"Did any of you two order anymore weird accessories?" Robin asked, pointing at Beast Boy and Raven.

"Robin, friends Beast Boy and Raven are not weird." Starfire said, giving Robin a stern look.

"Oh, Sorry guys..."

"Eh, it's okay. We're used to it." Beast Boy said. "I did order this really cool arm wrist thingy that had a ring attached to it with chains, but that was yesterday. It can't be here today."

Robin groaned. "We're probably gonna have to talk about you're expenditures. I'm all for you two being yourselves, but I don't want these purchases taking away from money for computer maintenance, weapons, and the like." He said getting up to answer the door.

"Goth is a bit... high-maintenance..." Raven mused aloud. "Maybe we could get... jobs..."

"Just as long as we stay the hell away from the fast food industry." Beast Boy said, laughing.

"God, I'm still trying to figure that whole thing out!" Cyborg said.

"Maybe Voltaire has some openings at The Graveyard Shift." Beast Boy considered.

"That is the spirit, friends!" Starfire said cheerfully.

"Hello." Robin said, opening the door. A violent gust of wind bowled him over.

"Robin!" Starfire said worriedly, before flying over to his side.

"What the hell was that?" Beast Boy said while everyone else got up from their seats.

"Uhh, yeah, that'd be me." A gruff voice came from behind the Titans. They looked over and saw a figure over at Beast Boy and Raven's CD & DVD collection. The stranger had magenta colored skin and no hair. Instead of hair, he had six tentacles on his head that were the same length as Beast Boy's long hair. He had on sunglasses, baggy dark blue jeans, and a black "Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales" t-shirt. Where most guys had hair on their arms, he had snake-like scales. He had black fingernails and a cross necklace. "Sweet, man. The new Type O Negative DVD."

"Hey! That's mine!" Beast Boy yelled, before turning into a saber-tooth tiger and lunging at the intruder. The intruder disappeared into a gust of wind, and Beast Boy smashed into the counter and turned back.

"Beast Boy!" Raven yelled before flying over to his side.

Beast Boy groaned, and spit out a vampire fang that quickly grew back.

"Idiot." Raven said before smacking him upside the head.

"Easy there, veggie-vamp. I just wanna talk to y'all." The stranger had a rough voice with sort of a mid-western tone to it.

Starfire suddenly gasped. "You are a Naverinean! But, they are supposed to be extinct!"

"I prefer the term 'population challenged.'" The Naverinean replied. "Oh yeah. My name's Windshear."

Hell yeah! I'm going to try and put as much as myself into Windshear as I possibly can.

If you want a visual (a.k.a. crappy drawing) of Windshear, then my deviantART page is linked in my profile.