Winds of an Empire pt. 8: Angel

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This one might be longer than the rest, but it's probably my best ever.

"And we're back on CNN's American Morning." Said Soledad O'Brien. "Joining us now from Titan's Tower in Jump City is a new face to us. He's decided to make himself known to the planet, here is Emperor Windshear. Emperor, thanks for joining us."

The screen went to a split screen and showed Windshear. "Glad to be here Mrs. O'Brien."

"So you are alien emperor from a planet called Naverinea. Did I say that right?"


"We're not on a list or something?"

Windshear laughed. "No, I wouldn't do that. I'm just here taking a breather. I'm surprised you're takin' this so casually."

"Well, aliens and mutants are no rare occurrence here. Why did you choose this planet as a vacation spot?" Soledad asked.

Windshear didn't want his past broadcasted, so he told a premeditated lie. "It looked like a nice place from space. And the Titans have been more than hospitable. Alotta planets are fairly barren to visitors, but this one reminds me of Naverinea, sure there are some problems, but the pluses outweigh the minuses. This is a beautiful place, really."

"Well you said you have a busy schedule today, so we should probably send you on your way."

"That's fine. I just wanted my name out there. We can talk about my empire later if that's fine." Windshear offered.

"That would be great. Emperor Windshear, everyone."

It was around 7:30 in the morning when Windshear had his mini-interview with CNN. Around 7:45, the Tower was bombarded with a lot of people calling. Cyborg had to disable the phones except for calls from other Titans. Speaking of which...

Ring, ring! Robin got up and answered the phone. "Hello...yeah, he's here. Hey, Windshear! Telephone!"

Windshear put down his controller and went to the phone. "Yes?"

"Hello, Windshear?" It was Speedy.

"Hey Speedy. What do you need, buddy?'

"Well, I'd just like to personally thank you for sticking up for Aqualad and me yesterday."

"Oh, think nothing of it, man."

"I can't. It was a really awesome thing. Especially for Garth, he's really timid about other's views on him."

"That Aqua's real name?"

"Yeah. Look, how can we repay you?"

"You don't gotta do nothin'! Just if anyone gives you shit 'bout being gay, then just flip 'em off and be on your way."

"That's not enough! Look, we wanted to have our first public date today, and I think Garth would be more at ease if a straight couple was there to. Like a double date. I think everyone knew your song last night was for Argent, so would you two go on a double date with us?" Speedy asked.

"Oh... well I was gonna have my first date ever with Argent today, and I wanted it to be special and all, so..."

"Oh..." Speedy said, dejectedly.

Windshear felt bad for his friend. "Wait, I gotta idea. Bee and Cyborg were talking a lot at the convention. They have a thing for each other, you think?"

"Uhh, maybe, I dunno." Speedy replied.

"Hold on a moment. Hey Cy!" Windshear said, getting his attention. "Speedy's got something to ask you!"

A few hours later...

Windshear and Argent were walking along the pier.

"You know, if Bumble Bee and Cyborg get together that'd be two couples you set up!" Argent said laughing.

"Really!" Windshear said, smiling. "What was the first 'n?"

"Starfire told me you gave her confidence to ask Robin out."

"Cool. So, where do you wanna go?" He asked nervously.

"I don't know! I've only been in this country for two days!" She reminded.

"Oh yeah. Sorry." He said.

"Don't worry. It's my first date, too." Argent said reassuringly.

"We could go to the amusement park." Windshear offered.

And so, they went to the amusement park and stayed for about two and a half hours. Windshear won Argent a big stuffed animal bat at the milk bottle game.


Windshear stepped up to the booth. "How much for a go?"

"1 dollar for three tries." The carnie said.

"That don't sound too hard." Windshear said reaching for his wallet.

"Careful. I heard these things are rip-offs." Argent advised.

"Now, don't worry your pretty little head." Windshear said smiling. "I know what I'm doin'."

Argent rolled her eyes, yet smiled. Windshear took one of the large wooden balls and threw it at the small pyramid of bottles and...

"What the hell? I hit it dead on!" He yelled

"No you didn't. You were off about a foot." The carnie lied.

"What did I tell you... rip-off." Argent said, crossing her arms.

Windshear groaned, but then saw an opportunity. Suddenly a strong gust of wind knocked over a water cooler near the game stand. The carnie was distracted long enough for Windshear to throw the other wood ball and an energy disk at the bottles and knocked them over.

"Hey buddy!" Windshear yelled. The carnie looked over and saw Windshear pointing to the knocked over bottles. He was stunned. "Yeah, now you owe me a prize."

"... fine. Just take something..."

Windshear looked at the random trinkets like glow-sticks and mini squirt gun. He then saw the perfect thing. "I'll take that!" When he was given the said object, he turned around and handed the large stuffed animal bat to Argent.

"Oh, it's cute! Thanks." She said blushing.

'Not as cute as you.' Windshear thought.

>>end flashback

On their next date, they went to the Guitar Center and Windshear bought her a bass guitar, bass amp, lesson books, and tablature books. She wanted to get back into the instrument after taking such a long break from it.


"So, which one looks better?" Argent asked. "The blue B.C. Rich or this black ESP?" She held up both next to her by their fret boards.

Windshear looked over after taking Iron Maiden, Mudvayne,Dream Theater, and early Metallica tab books from the shelf. "Well, the blue one looks cool, but the black one matches your uniform." He then took out his wallet. "Want me to flip a coin?"

"Screw it. I'll get the black one. I'll match your guitar." She said, putting the B.C. Rich back on its stand.

"Oh, takin' up my offer to start a music project, huh?" Windshear asked slyly.

"Well, I have to see if I remember how to do this." Argent said.

"It's like ridin' a bike! Don't worry; I'll be right beside you."

"Yeah, nothing to worry about." She said as they both laughed.

>>end flashback

Argent wanted a Heavy Metal experience, so they went to the Unholy Alliance Tour when it rolled through.


Windshear and Argent were considered guests of honor and got backstage passes.

"You're right!" Argent screamed. "It is pretty good!" They were in the middle of Slayer's performance of "War Ensemble"

"Is that an understatement or what?" Windshear yelled back.

"Yeah, it's really loud!"


"It's loud!"

"Run that by me one more time?"

"LOUD!" Argent screamed as the song ended.

Tom Araya looked from his place on the stage, gave her and Windshear the metal salute, and said, "Fuck yeah, lady!"

>>end flashback

She then, in turn, took Windshear to the Drop Dead Death Rock festival. Windshear needed gothier clothes, so they went shopping at The Graveyard Shift where Beast Boy got recently promoted to assistant manager.


"Dude, don't worry." Beast Boy said, getting clothes from a shelf. He, Windshear, and Argent were at The Graveyard Shift after hours. "I can buy it for you and get the employee discount."

"That's not what I'm worried about. I don't think I can pull of the 'goth' look." Windshear said, not really feeling the black fishnet shirt.

"What, are you too metal?" Argent said, secretly taking advantage of the fact that fishnets were semi-transparent. "Just wait until Raven gets here with the makeup."

Windshear suddenly looked as if the boogieman busted through the door. "God, no! I don't wanna! Please don't make me!"

"Oh, don't be such a baby! You don't have to wear whiteface. It'd look too weird against you're magenta skin." Argent informed. Windshear sighed with relief. "Just some black eyeliner and lipstick."

"EYELINER!" He screamed. "C'mon! My eyes are already pure black! What more do you need? And don't get me started on lipstick!"

"Fine." Argent said, crossing her arms and turning around. "I guess we could just stay at the Tower. Well you could stay..."

Windshear sighed in defeat. "Fine. B, get me those black torn up pants I saw in the display window."

"Sure, man." Beast Boy smirked. "Maybe I should get Argent one of the whips from the back room, too."

>>end flashback

Almost every day a new movie came out, Windshear and Argent went to the theater. Sometimes alone, with another Titan couple, or the entire team, but they always felt like they were the only ones there. It was even the place they held hands for the first time.


"Sorry 'bout that..." Windshear whispered, getting back to his seat after his third trip to the restroom. Argent rolled her eyes, and Windshear looked down at the trash filled ground.

She felt a twang of guilt. "Hey, it's no big deal. Really."

Windshear looked back up at her. "Well, maybe I shouldn't buy a pop every time."

"Maybe you could get the small." Argent offered.

"A 68 oz. is the small." They laughed a bit causing the theater to shush them. "I guess I'm just stupid."

Argent then lightly placed her hand on his. "The last thing you are is stupid, Windshear."

He looked at her, smiled, and intertwined his fingers with his. She smiled back, and then they turned back to the movie screen.

>>end flashback

Windshear had to occasionally return to his ship and leave the planet for emperor stuff. Argent got slightly down when he left, but knew he had to. Once he was gone for a week and nothing any of the others did could bring her mood up.


The Titans were outside the Tower for a picnic. Well, all but Windshear. He had to oversee a military strike on an enemy planet. He was also too far away to establish a video feed to Titan's Tower. The Titans were concerned, but hopeful. Argent was just plain worried. It had been eight days, and she was practically behaving like he wasalready dead.

"Argent," Robin began. "you haven't even touched your food."

She looked at her small slice of steak and a lump of mashed potatoes and poked around on them with her fork. "I'm just not hungry."

After a long silence, Starfire suggested. "May we throw the ball of foot around?"

"Great idea, Star. C'mon, B, we haven't done this in ages!" Cyborg said, getting the football out from under the table.

Everyone began to run away to a more open area. "Will you be joining us, friend Argent?"

"No, I'm good. You guys have fun." She replied putting on a misleading smile.

"Go on, guys. I need to speak to Argent about something." Raven said, before grabbing Argent's arm and dragging her inside.

When they were in the Tower, Agent said, "Jesus, Raven. What'd I do?"

"Give us more things to worry about." Raven said harshly. "I know you're worried about Windshear, but you have to believe that he's coming back"

"And what if he doesn't!" Argent screamed back. "What if he's dead, or paralyzed, or finds someone else, or..."

"ARGENT!" Raven yelled. "Please, calm yourself!"

"You don't know what it's like!"

"Yes I do! Every time in battle when I get separated from Beast Boy, he is the only thought in my mind!"

"Well, you just feel it then! Dread is stalking me every waking moment!"

A minute of silence passed. "But you're right." Argent admitted. "I should have more faith in Windshear. He's not one to just lay down and die."

"Beast Boy's the same way." Raven said, smiling. Soon, a strange whooshing sound came from outside. When the two goths made it outside, a big red pod spaceship landed.

"Titans, get ready." Robin ordered as everyone got into battle positions. The doors on the pod opened and a figure stepped out.

"That was a bitch! How the fuck y'all been!"

"Holy crap, it's Windshear." Beast Boy said. It was, and it looked like he went through hell. He was in body armor that was cracked all over and had some nasty bruises on his head.

"Windshear!" Argent exclaimed before leaping into his arms. "You... asshole!" She said before slapping him. Do you have any idea how worried we were?"

"If it's any consolation, you never left my mind." Windshear said softly, still holding her in his arms.

>>end flashback

Now it has been about two and a half months since they started dating.

Argent walked through the door to the roof. "Windshear?" She asked.

"Hey, Argent. Didn't think you got my note." He said, smiling.

"You put a sticky note on my head while I was taking my afternoon nap!" She laughed. "Why'd you want to meet up here?"

"The sunset." He said simply. She looked over at the horizon, and sure enough, the setting sun was making the clouds turn red.

"Just like when you found me." They went over and sat down near the edge. Windshear pulled out a pack of cigarettes and asked if she wanted one. She did, so he handed her the pack and got out his lighter. After a few minutes of just enjoying one another's company, Argent asked, "Windshear, can I feel the scales on your arms?"

"Sure." He replied, scooting closer to her. Argent moved her fingers up and down his arm.

"Cool. It's like snake scales, except bigger." She commented.

"You're the first person who wanted to fell them." Windshear said, laughing softly.

Argent smiled. She continued to trace her hand up his arm. Windshear noticed she moved her hands onto his shoulders even though he had on his short sleeve Opeth t-shirt. He was about to say something until she reached his neck. Her fingernails sent pleasurably chills throughout his entire body. Her hands made it to the sides of his face. They looked directly into each other's eyes before leaning in and pressing their lips together. Windshear wrapped his arms around Argents waist and dragged his forked tongue across her lips. She opened them and their tongues softly danced together. After a few minutes of kissing, they broke for air.

"Argent..." Windshear began, his eyes glazed with tears of joy. "I-I love you. You are the most wonderful, beautiful, kindest, and most amazing soul I have ever met."

Argent was teary eyed as well. "My real name's Toni, with an 'i.'"

"Artemus, with a 'k.'" Windshear revealed.

Argent laughed a bit. "Well then, Artemus, I love you too. In a million years I never thought I'd feel this way about some one. You are so brave, noble, and sweet. Out of trillions of girls in the galaxy you chose me."

"You chose me, too! Why would anyone want to be with a lizard freak like me?"

"You're no freak, Artemus." Argent said sweetly. "If anything, I'm not good enough to be with an emperor."

"That's impossible, Toni. You're perfect." He said.

"You're perfect." Argent replied, before they both leaned in to kiss again.

...and everything was right in the world. The End.