Shizamako: Guadian of the Shikon Jewel


The clouds moved along the palace of heavens as the palace was calm with slience. Lady Katsura sat in her throne room thinking about the day events.

' Evil is growing stronger and stronger each year. I don't know how long I can sustain it.'

The day has been long for Katsura. Balancing light and dark is not a easy job for the leader of the angels of the heavens. A knock came to the throne room door as Kastura sighed in her chair.

"Come in."

A young messenger came in quickly walking to Katsura wanting to deliver the urgent message.

"Katsura-sama, it seems we've found her." Katsura sat up in her seat, waiting to hear what her messenger had to say.

"Is that so?"

"Yes my lady. Should we awaken her?"

A smile was seen on Katsura's face as relief was shown on her face.

"Alright, send Saino to awaken her."

"Yes my lady." The messenger left the throne room with out another word leaving Katsura by her self.

"So after 100 years the Shizamakko apprears. I wonder how much powerful flow through this one."

Sorry its so short! Its just a prolouge, ne? Anyway give me your reveiws!

- Mizunosora

May 28, 2008: I'm doing some editing to get back in the groove for this yeah I want to get this done before I start on the next chappie :D