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Chapter 9: Farewell

Three months has past since Kagome had arrived at the Western Castle. Training has been extremely tough for the guardians, who wanted to try out their new skills and powers. Kagome and Saino constantly spared, perfecting Kagome's fighting abilities to the outer most heights. Never before has she felt that she had some much power before, nonetheless it was all hers. Never again will she be called weak. Never again.

Kagome smiled lightly at her thoughts as she basked in the sun. Today was her off day from training, since Saino had some "official" business to be attending to. It didn't matter because it was really rare for her to relax due to the intense training.


The excited voice of Miyoki reached Kagome's ears, interrupting her thoughts. Kagome sat up looking at the bubbly girl in front of her that smiled from ear to ear.

"Hai? What is it Miyoki-chan?"

Miyoki grinned at her best friend excitedly. She knew Kagome would be happy to hear the new that she received from Saino-sensei. Hell if she was happy, then for sure Kagome would be.

"Saino-sensei came back, and she brought back some news."

Kagome rose her eyebrows at the news; or lack there of. She was surprise that Saino would come back so early since it seemed her "official" business seemed really important.

"Well Miyoki-chan spill. Whats all the fuss about that got you all excited?"

Miyoki smiled even wider at her friend's words. She grabbed Kagome and lifted her up till she was on her feet.

"Well, apparently there has been some disturbance in the village up in the Eastern lands. Taking to consideration of how hard we both worked, Saino-sensei is sending us to investigate!"

Investigating a village with disturbances wasn't exactly what Kagome had in mind. In fact she really didn't want to go. But, looking at Miyoki's face made her smile. It seemed the girl have not done anything really "exciting" in her life since she was born a hime. Since Miyoki was excited, she couldn't help but chuckle and be slightly excited to. After all she would be able to test her new abilities.

"That's great Miyoki-chan! It'll be a way to test our abilities not to mention the fun we'll have traveling together!"

"Hai Kagome-chan! And it gets better. It seems Sesshoumaru-sama is throwing a small gathering before we leave to wish us luck! Isn't great Kagome-chan? Not only do we get to get out of this stuffy castle but we get a farewell party!"

A small chuckle escaped Kagome's lips, as she watched her best friend's antics. She looked like an innocent child waiting for her sweets. Honestly, Miyoki could be Rin's twin in personality.

"Come Kagome-chan. Saino-sensei told us to meet her in Sesshoumaru's study so she can brief us on our mission to the east."

Taking Kagome's hand, Miyoki quickly pulled Kagome to meet Saino. Little did both know the danger that was ahead of them at the eastern village.

InuYasha sighed as he stood on a tree branch scanning the surrounding area. The Inu-tachi had been traveling for weeks to his bastard of a brother's castle. As the days went by he became more nervous and scared for Kagome's well being. Not even Sango could settle his nerves. He felt so responsible for Kagome's kidnapping that guilt was eating him inside. If he didn't…if he wasn't with Sango…if he looked for her like he said he was going to with out Sango following him…then maybe…maybe Kagome would be safe.

InuYasha's balled his fist as he realized his treacherous actions. He betrayed her by breaking the promise of always being there to protect her.

"Break time is over! Its time to go, so hurry your asses up!"

The group grumbled as the pack their stuff and ready themselves for the journey ahead.

InuYasha jumped down from his perch and began leading his "pack" to Sesshoumaru's castle. No matter what the cost it, he will get Kagome back safe and sound.

Stormy gray eyes read the scroll that was held in small petite hands. Saino sighed at the news that Sesshoumaru's guards had reported earlier today. Neither her and Sesshoumaru weren't very happy with the news. There was an attack in a very important trade port in the Eastern lands. The village that link Sesshoumaru's domain and the Eastern lord's domain had great disturbances occurring in the area.

Saino lifted her head as she stared the Western Guardian and Lord. Sesshoumaru return her stare with an equal amount of intensity.

"You know I have to send her."

A growl erupted from Sesshoumaru's mouth. He didn't understand why Saino wanted to send Kagome along with Myoki. Just the thought made the hairs on the back of his neck stand. Something ominous was going to occur if Kagome goes, and he didn't like it.

"You can send this Sesshoumaru instead."

Saino glared the demon who was questioning her actions.

"No. Kagome won't not be able to stand for herself if she does not go with Myoki. She can not defeat Naraku if you baby her Sesshoumaru."

"This Sesshoumaru is not babying no one Saino-sensei."

Cold malice was heard from Sesshoumaru's voice as he added the horrific. Saino's plan to send Kagome to the Eastern lands was unacceptable. Another growl erupted from his chest as he continued to stare down at Saino.

"I would not stand for you insolence Sesshoumaru. I will not have your little infatuation for this girl ruin my plans for her! She has a duty to perform and you will not stand in the way. Understand?"

A light knock was heard from the other side of the shoji screen distracting the two from the previous argument.

Giving one last glare to Saino, Sesshoumaru directed his stare to the two women that was outside his study.

"You may enter."

Kagome and Myoki enter the room with slight confusion on their face. You had to be pretty clueless to not feel the tension that had settle in the room. Kagome looked questionably at the two who continued to give each other deadly glares.

"Eto…Myoki-chan told me you wanted to brief us before we leave tomorrow Sensei."

Saino turned to Kagome who fidget under her gaze.

"Hai. I did. Take a seat while I explain what exactly you two will be doing."

The two sat down on the opposite side of Saino who continue to stand. Kagome watched as Saino folded the scroll that was in her hand and handed it to Sesshoumaru. Blue eyes clashed with golden, as Kagome caught the stare of Sesshoumaru. A shiver went up her spine at the intense look he was giving. Something was up between him and Saino and she didn't like it.

"Apparently there was been disturbances in the trade port of the eastern village that links to Sesshoumaru's domain with Myoki's father's. Last night the village was attack from an unknown source. After the attack, a barrier has surrounded the village where none can enter it. Sesshoumaru nor I are not sure what is the cause of this is, but I'm sending you and Myoki to investigate. I expected a full report from the both of you. I suggest you keep you guard up. I fear Naraku has taken action."

The nervous feeling of leaving the safety of the castle began to grow as Kagome took in all the information that Saino had given. If Naraku was on the move, then she had to be ready no matter what the circumstances were.

"Is that all Saino-sensei?"

Myoki's voice snapped Kagome out of thoughts. She looked at the older woman who sat opposite of them.

"Hai that's all. You may leave."

The two sat up and started to leave. The looks that both Sesshoumaru and Saino were giving her were quite uncomfortable. Something was up between the two. If not now, she'll get information from Sesshoumaru tonight even if it's by force.

Blood red eyes held amusement as it looked at the work that was done. Naraku chuckled at his newest child that was born earlier today. It seemed Kagura had succeeded in capturing the Eastern port, but it wasn't enough. Kagura always failed him no matter what the circumstances were. It was time to take matters in his own hands. After all he wanted his little hime for himself. Not to mention the great power that is kept secure between her breasts. When he had his way with her, all the enormous power she has will be given to him.

Another chuckle came from Naraku's lips as his child began to awake. Green eyes stared at Naraku's red ones with great intensity causing another wave of evil laughter to come from the hanyou. Now that Lucifer was reborn inside of him, his new creation was far more powerful then his previous ones.

"I shall call you Akuhiko, my puppet."

Tsutsuma quickly drowned the sake that was in his cup. It was nice to relax since that evil woman is always making them train. He swore Saino just wanted them to die from overworking.

"Tsutsuma I believe that was your fifth cup of sake."

The bronzed-eyed youkai looked at the demon beside him with a glare.

"You know Chiharu you need to lighten up a bit. I swear you are worse than big head over there."

A growl could be heard from the far end of the table where Sesshoumaru sat. As usual Sesshoumaru and Tsutsuma glared at one another hoping for one to make a sudden movement towards each other's person.

"Tsutsuma I suggest you keep from insulting this Sesshoumaru if you want to keep that dirty tongue of yours."

Tsutsuma scoffed at the taiyoukai. Like hell Sesshoumaru would actually do something. From what he knew Sesshoumaru was always bluffing when it came to tearing pieces of his body parts off.


The bronze-eyed made a move to refill his cup of sake only to see that he was denied.

"Oi! Chiharu give me the damn bottle back."

"You are drunk. Besides I have not had a drink yet. You were hogging the bottle."

A grumble could be heard from Tsutsuma as he picked at his food. Sesshoumaru and Chiharu always had to gain up on him…it was like those two were lost long brothers.

Kagome giggled lightly at the scene in front of her. Chiharu was always picking on Tsutsuma. Chiharu may not same much but his actions always spoke louder then words.

The little gathering Sesshoumaru had planned was going well. It was very relaxing due to the music that was being played and the delicious food that the chefs had made. It was sad knowing that she wasn't going to see everyone for a few days, but Myoki as her company was enough.

A smiled grazed her face as she watched Myoki dragging Chiharu and Tsutsuma to dance. It was kind of cute….even though Tsutsuma was drunk. She sighed lightly enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that was around her.


Blue eyes snapped up only to meet with golden eyes that belong to Sesshoumaru. Her heart fluttered as he stared at her. She hasn't spoken to him for a few days due to the busy schedule of being a lord and her being busy with training.

"If you would follow this Sesshoumaru."

Kagome nodded lightly and stood up. She had no idea what he wanted, but she was going to use this chance to ask him what was going on between him and Saino earlier today.

He didn't know what possess him to lead her away from everyone. Maybe it was that he needed to tell her about the danger ahead. Or was it the fact he was going to miss her while she was away.

He lightly scoffed at his thought. He felt nothing for the woman that was following him. He was simply her guardian, nothing more.

' I will not have your little infatuation for this girl ruin my plans for her!'

He wasn't sure if he was infatuated with Kagome, he admitted that day when he had kissed her, she sparked some interested. But an infatuation…preposterous.

Reaching his destination, he stood under a tree near his gardens waiting for Kagome to reach him. The moon was out lighting up the night with its glory. He watched as Kagome made her way towards him. His breath was caught in his throat as she looked at him. Her pale skin shined in the light giving off an angelic look. The kimono she wore for tonight's festivities elegantly stuck to her curves matching her blue eyes that she possess.

He was in awe at the sight before him. The connection that he felt with her was far stronger then anything he had felt before.

"Ano…Sesshoumaru? Is there something you wanted to tell me?"

The intensity of Sesshoumaru's stare cause Kagome to blush lightly. Never before had anyone looked at her the way Sesshoumaru was doing right now.

She let out a small gasp as he stepped closer to her, never breaking the eye contact with her.

"This Sesshoumaru would like to give you this."

Blue eyes watched as he reached inside his haori and took out a small box. Curiosity was placed on her face at the object Sesshoumaru was holding.

"Your journey to the Eastern village will be very dangerous if its true if Naraku is on the move. Since Saino will not send this Sesshoumaru in the place of you, I had this made for your protection."

'So that's what was going on between the two.'

She watched as Sesshoumaru open the box only to reveal a necklace with great beauty. The chord was string with gold and silver with a crescent moon dangling at end. It was absolutely beautiful.

"My youki is tied into this to warn off any…ominous beings."

Her eyes widen as Sesshoumaru step closer to her and hooked the necklace around her neck. An instant feeling of reassurance and tranquility flowed through her as the necklace was set on her skin. A blush settle on her cheeks as she smiled at Sesshoumaru.


The faint whisper was heard from Sesshoumaru, as she touched his hand with thanks. He had no idea what this connection he shared with this woman. The look she gave him made his heart beat; bringing feelings he had never felt before.

He gently took his other hand and caressed her cheek while squeezing her hand that in was in the other.

"This Sesshoumaru ask you to be careful and stay safe."

Kagome smiled again as she leaned into his touch. She was happy that he showed this amount of affection with her even if he didn't say much.

"I promise I'll be safe."

Golden eyes stared at the woman that smiled at him. He nodded at her response and caressed her cheek one last time. He let go of her hand and step back.

"I hope for your safe return."

Kagome looked at the demon who began to walk away, leaving her by herself out in the castle's garden. She had no idea what just occurred between them, but had no desire to forget it. She smiled at his disappearing form, lightly touching the necklace that he had given her.

Sesshoumaru wasn't there to see her and Myoki off the next morning. According to Tsutsuma he had more "lordly" stuff to do. Kagome was slightly disappointed at the though of not seeing him before she left.

She sighed lightly and shook the feelings off. She had a mission to complete, and she couldn't have misplaced emotions hold her back.

"Kagome-chan? You ready?"

Kagome looked at her best friend with a smile and nodded. Both waved at the others as they settle off to the danger that was ahead of them.

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