Title: Mind Games
Rated: PG
Warnings: darkish themes, language, sexual overtones.
Summary: D9, Jack, and Rose have to track down a being with strong telepathic powers so solve a murder.
Notes: This fic was inspired by a dream that involved dr who and the xmen... but I tried my best to weed out the xmen as much as possible. But please forgive any very obvious references to the xmen, I couldn't keep the dream plot without some of the stuff.

Chapter One - The Profesor
The TARDIS came to an abrupt stop. The three occupants tumbled unceremoniously to the floor. They slowly gathered their senses and pulled themselves back to their feet. The Doctor dusted off his leather jacket and turned to the other two.

"Are you alright there Rose?" The blond nodded as she rubbed the side of her head. The Doctor looked over at Jack. "Jack?"

"Does this thing always land this badly?" Jack asked, working a kink out of his shoulder.

"No, not always, usually only when something is wr--"

Without warning the TARDIS lurched again, sending the three back to the floor. The TARDIS fell silent except for a few small knocks from the depths of the ship. The three stayed down on the floor until they felt certain that the ship was not going to throw them down again. Once on their feet again, The Doctor checked to see when and where they were.

"That's odd," he muttered. He looked at his travel mates. "There's nothing there."

"Isn't that impossible?" Rose asked.

"Nothing is impossible," Jack commented.

"As much as I hate to admit it, but Jack is right," The Doctor replied. "Improbable but not all that impossible."

The three jumped in alarm when the entrance to TARDIS opened. A man in a hovering chair, that much resembled an oddly done wheelchair, entered. He was not an old man, but nor was he a young man either. He was dressed in a smart manner and had a bald head.

"Forgive me for not standing," he said. "And I apologize if I caught you unaware. But I need your help."

The Doctor shared a glance with Rose and Jack. "How did you stop my ship?"

The man gave a half smile. "I had to time it perfectly. I knew I would only have a fraction of half a second. It must have confused your ship when I made it stop so suddenly." He raised a bemused eyebrow. "You were not aware that I knew it had a mind?"

"Who are you?" Rose had asked the important question.

"I am a friend," he replied. "You may call me Professor."


This is getting a bit ridiculous, Rose thought to herself. First we have The Doctor, now we have The Professor. What's next, The Solicitor? It's like a set up for a really bad joke.

"I wish this were a joke, Rose," Professor said, slowly turning his chair to face the three of them.

They sat up straight on the sofa in The Professor's vast library. Jack and The Doctor both looked at Rose's perplexed expression.

"I never said it was," Rose said slowly. "And how do you know my name?"

The Professor gave a half smirk. "I have the uncanny ability hear your every thought." He's gaze centred on The Doctor. "And I do mean every thought, Doctor. Even when they are randomly going through your brain during a discussion."

The Doctor's face turned a light flush of red. "So why did you bring us here, Professor? Why not solve your problem on your own if you can read minds? Why throw us about my ship?"

The Professor closed his eyes as if in deep concentration. "I once again apologize for any damage done to your person, Doctor, but it was imperative that I get you. You see, like me, you possess a certain… gift. True, your gift of intuition is very different from mine, but it is nonetheless useful to help me in my case. An outsider's point of view, one could say."

"What do you need help doing, Professor?" Jack asked with a somewhat suspicious look on his face.

"I have had several of the staff and students here go missing lately," The Professor said. "For some reason I cannot get through to them. It all started when I found my son dead. Then one by one, people began to disappear. Those closer to him disappeared first and then those he wished to be close to. I can't explain it, unless someone is trying to lure me away to a point of vulnerability. I want your help finding who it is and doing away with them."

The Doctor grinned slightly. "There has to be some kind of brick on the track. What's the deal with this murderer?"

The Professor's half smirk disappeared. Even his tone was heavily serious. "He has the uncanny ability to manipulate time and existence by merely thinking of it. He likes to find weaknesses and play upon them to the point they drive you mad as he switches you back and forth between reality and what you most desire. And there have been several time in which I found myself too weak to decipher what was real and what wasn't."

"So you enlisted a Time Lord in hopes that he could figure it all out," The Doctor smirked.

The Professor was quiet. "I would be lying if I said 'no'. Can you help me?"

Rose looked up at the Doctor as he stood. "Don't at least want to think about it Doctor before --"

"I've already given my answer," The Doctor said with a bright smile. "Come on, back to the TARDIS."

For the longest of moments, Rose wondered what The Doctor's answer had been. That however was remedied as they were leaving the library.

"Thank you for your help Doctor," The Professor said quietly. "But I warn you to be careful, I never know when he's coming back for someone else."

Once they were safely within the TARDIS again, Rose could not contain her shock. She turned The Doctor toward her.

"Are you mad? The man can manipulate time and existence!" she proclaimed.

"I know," The Doctor smiled. "Thought it would be fun. Should be easy after the last stop." He sent a glare to Jack. "Not that the complications were a natural fault."

Jack put his hands on his hips. "You are going to remind me of that constantly aren't you?"

"I will until I get tired of it," The Doctor quipped. "But, come on, we have some lives to save." he looked over at Rose. "Rose? It could be dangerous."

She smiled shyly. "What's life without a little bit of danger?"

"Two out of three in favour," The Doctor said. "You can sit it out if you want Jack."

"And let the two of you have all the fun?" Jack boasted. "I think not."

"Good, we start in the morning," The Doctor said, and disappeared into the back of the ship.