Title: Mind Games
Rated: PG
Warnings: darkish themes, language, sexual overtones.
Summary: D9, Jack, and Rose have to track down a being with strong telepathic powers to solve a murder.

Chapter Four - Dream Rooms

The voice was very weak, but Rose stopped instantly and slid Jack down to the floor so that she could look at him straight faced. "Jack?" She cupped his face in her hands. "Are you alright Jack?"

Jack groaned in pain as he tried to sit up, then he seemed to decide it would be best to retain his position of lying on the floor. "The Doctor… He beat the crap out of me. Blacked out…"

"No, he didn't Jack. It was all fake," Rose informed. "I was standing outside of your room with The Doctor while you were being taken. We're going to try and get you some help…" Rose lifted her head and looked at all the closed doors down the corridor. In spite of lights she had glowing from the windows outside of the building, there were no sort of warm lights burning from beneath the doors.

She looked back toward the direction of the lift. The doors had faded away into nothing more than a simple piece of blank wall surrounded by a decorative arch. Carefully, she helped Jack get to his own feet. He panted painfully and held his ribs with the hand he didn't have around her shoulders. However he managed a slight laugh.

"You know, I never figured I would get into the whole BDSM thing until earlier," Jack commented light heartedly. "But, if how I'm feeling now is any indication, it would have to be a once in a while type thing."

Rose looked up at Jack and managed an amused smile. "You were having a sex dream about the Doctor?" she snorted.

"You were there too," Jack inserted, managing a slight grin. "Wouldn't mind that really happening once I recover from this…"

"Typical," Rose scoffed. She gasped as a faint light appeared beneath one of the doors close to the end of the corridor. "Do you know what's in any of these rooms?"

"Not a clue, but I think they cater to whatever you're thinking at a given moment, like the TARDIS." Jack stopped to catch a few short breaths. "But I'm not sure."

"Well, I really want to get you some medical help," Rose stated firmly.

"That's not… Oh God, ribs hurt… badly…" Jack's limbs buckled and Rose was barely able to save him from colliding face-first with the floor.

Rose adjusted Jack onto her back again and struggled toward the light at the end of the corridor with all the energy she could muster. By time she reached the door, her back was incredibly sore. She released a ragged sigh as she read the small, proudly gleaming, gold plate on the door.

Medical Treatments.

She hunched herself over so that she could reach the knob without loosing Jack. As soon as she touched the knob the door swung open. She rushed as fast as she could into the room. It was equipped with several small cots with blankets and pillows. There were doctors and nurses scurrying around, tending to other patients.

"Thank God."

As if drawn by her voice, the doctors and nurses rushed over to Rose and relieved her of Jack's weight.

"Let us take him to the back…" one of them said. "You wait here…"

"No!" Rose called out, remembering what The Doctor had said about possibility never being able to find Jack again. "I want to stay with him…"

Jack seemed to come around for a moment. He gave her a faint smile. "Go help The Doctor Rose. I'll be fine, I promise." Rose watched as they led him away behind a curtain. "Go," he repeated.

She rushed forward to at least see what awaited Jack on the other side of the curtain. When she snatched the curtain back, all that was there was a dusty old military cot with moth-eaten blankets on it. Rose looked around the room. The once bustling room was void of any life, other than her own. There wasn't even a light build lit up, just the vague glow of the moon from outside the window.

"Where'd you take Jack!" she screamed. She turned around and around, hoping that maybe the scenery would reappear. When it became obvious that she would not be getting Jack back, Rose picked up the old cot and threw it across the room, hoping to get the attention of the man playing the trick on her mind. "What did you do with Jack you coward!"

Rose raced from the old room, turning to look at the door as she closed it. There was still a gold plate that said "medical treatments", only it was severely tarnished and looked like it suffered from extreme neglect. She rested her forehead against the door and fought the urge to cry. The one thing The Doctor had told her not to do, she had done.

What had she been expecting? That the madman would actually allow her to keep her friends close by? Had she really been that sort of foolish? She felt helpless without Jack or The Doctor there to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. Then again, Jack had told her to go and find The Doctor.

But how would she ever be able to find him in such a confusing place?

"Rose," a familiar voice called out.

Rose felt her blood drain to her feet. "Doctor?" She ran toward the direction of the voice. Had the lift brought him to the twenty-eighth floor while she was in the medical room with Jack? She caught sight of his tall frame at the other end of the corridor and raced that way as he disappeared into one of the rooms. When she reached the end, he was nowhere in sight. "Doctor?

She jumped and turned as she heard a loud voice boom from one of the close rooms.

"I can control you," the voice intoned. "Your thoughts are mine to make into reality."

Her breath caught in her throat as she edged toward a room that now had a blue light glowing from beneath the door. She slowly reached out and touched the doorknob. The door swung open, Rose gasped in shock.

The Professor was floating in the middle of the room, surrounded by an intense blue light. She slowly walked around him. His eyes appeared to be rolling back in his head as small threads of white seemed to be sinking into his flesh.

"I can control you," The Professor repeated. "Your thoughts are mine to make into reality."

Rose felt herself grind her teeth. "Liar!" she shouted. "Give me Jack back, give me my Doctor! Let us go home to the TARDIS!" She picked up a rickety old folding chair that lie in the corner and raised it up to attack the floating Professor. Mid-swing the chair froze in place and yanked roughly from her hands. She looked at The Professor; the whites of his eyes had turned black.

"I can control you," he repeated again. The chair flew over her head with a loud whoosh and crashed through the window. "Your thoughts are mine to make into reality."

Rose looked around and realized she had thrown herself to the floor to avoid being hit by the flying chair. She slowly drew herself back to her feet. A familiar sound reached her ears, the sound of the lift ticking and knocking out in the corridors.

"We'll se about that," Rose promised just before she raced out into the corridors.

The twin metal doors materialized beneath the arch. With desperation, Rose threw herself into the lift and hit the bottom for the topmost floor. If she couldn't find Jack, she was going to make damned sure she at least found The Doctor.


Meanwhile, on the next floor up…

The Doctor stepped out of the lift. The moment his foot hit the metal floor, the corridor seemed to roll with thunder. It seemed to get louder as the lift closed behind him, as soon as the doors had disappeared silence surrounded The Doctor. He visually counted the doors in the corridor.

"Thirteen rooms, thirteen chances for me to find where you are hiding," The Doctor proclaimed, listening to his voice reverberate off the metal floor and walls. "And make no doubt, I will find you. Even if I have to open one door at a time to do it."

The Doctor picked a direction to start in and strode purposely down the corridor. His footsteps echoed like a song foretelling danger to whatever lied behind the doors. He reached out to grasp the first doorknob and was surprised by the fact he had barely touched it, and it sprung open for him. When he first stepped onto the thick carpeting of the old dusty room, he wondered what sort of odd things could come to pass in a room inhabited by nothing but dust, moths, and a few old rickety school desks.

The Doctor closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. The sound of a ringing bell filled his ears. He opened his eyes and the room was gleaming and clean with the sun pouring in through the windows. Older teenagers were sitting in seemingly brand new desks in proper school uniforms. And if he wasn't mistaken, two of the students were a few years' younger versions of his two travel companions.

The slightly younger Rose was seated up at the front, right in front of his lecture desk, slouched down in her seat. Her uniform jacket looked about three sizes too big for her, as if it were a hand-me-down from her mother. Her hair looked as if it had been teleported from an early Madonna video and hadn't been tended for days. Overly dramatic eyeliner surrounded her eyes, giving her an extra hint of self-neglect. She rolled the eraser of a pencil over her bottom lip in a bored fashion.

One of the other girls leaned over Rose's shoulder and whispered something, which results in Rose simply whipping her hand back and hitting the girl in the nose.

In the far back corner, engrossed in conversation over some sort of robotic trinket with a male and female classmate, was Jack. Jack seemed to be paying no mind to the fact The Doctor even existed in front of him.

"So're ya going to start the lesson or not Doctor?" Rose asked snidely. "I got a smoking appointment in the girl's lavatory in about ten minutes." She gave a smug little smile, one that spoke volumes of disrespect.

The Doctor figured he had better make the best of the scenario before him. He picked up the book on his lecture desk. "Today we will talk about…" He looked at the book and felt himself flush slightly. "A subject which I think most of you are rather fond of… The human body."

Jack looked up from his little robotic trinket. "Hey Doctor, the agenda today says you were supposed to be teaching us about the finer arts of sexual gratification. The places that are best to touch and not to touch, that sort of thing. Or, at least, that's what I'm here for." He gave a raunchy type laugh, which was shared by his companions.

"Well, it's all really just trial and error isn't it?" the Doctor asked. The students in the classroom laughed and began to gather their belongings and exit the room. The Doctor turned his back to the emptying desks. "Well, that was easy, test done."

The Doctor turned to follow the example of the imaginary students, but jumped slightly when he did so. Rose was sitting on the edge of his lecture desk, uniform skirt hiked up to a very immodest height, her spread legs adding to the immodesty. "I thought the test would be over…" He narrowed his eyes as he approached the younger Rose. "May I help you?"

She smiled impishly and reached out to grasp the front of his jacket. The Doctor grasped her wrist. "Don't even try it, I know you're not real."

Almost instantly, the brightness of the room scattered like dust and he was in the rundown, one desk room again. The Doctor looked around the room. He had seen that particular classroom before, it seemed like it was a ghost out of his dreams.

Once he walked out of the room, he walked to the one directly across from it. As soon as he was fully inside the room, the door slammed shut and locked several times. He covered his ears as the room was filled with howls and cries like that of several people being tortured and tormented. Several sets of hands seemed to be pulling at him, grabbing him and pulling him toward the centre of the room.

He felt sharp fingernails cut at his skin. He closed his eyes tightly. "YOU ARE NOT REAL!"

Suddenly, everything became silent. He opened his eyes and the room was completely empty, except for a few cobwebs blowing in an invisible breeze. Shaken, but not deterred, the Doctor left the room and went on to the next one. While he was standing in the corridor, he dared the telepath, "Is that the best you got? You really think I would forget why I'm here just because you slut up Rose and throw a few ghosts at me? You're forgetting, I'm not a human being!" he lowered his eyes to his feet and shuffled them slightly. "For the most part anyway…"

The Doctor strode across the corridor and thrust open another door. Just before he was to enter the room, a faint blue glow from beneath one of the other doors made him pause. Instead of waling into the room, he walked down to the one with the blue glow under the door. He could hear an inaudible murmuring from inside of it.

He opened the door and before him was The Professor. The Doctor studied the floating form for a long moment, and then became aware of the sound of the clattering lift. Before he had time to pay attention to what The Professor was saying, a familiar voice called out…

"Doctor! Where are you?"

He raced from the blue room just as Rose was about to enter the room full of the angry spirits. He ran and grabbed her arm, causing her to turn and scream. "I wouldn't go in there if I were you. All sort of nastiness in there, wouldn't want to catch something." He pulled her into the safety of the corridor.

Rose threw her arms around his neck. "It's really you. I thought I had lost you." She pulled back before he had the chance to return the embrace. "They took Jack again. I tried to go with him but he told me to come find you, Doctor."

The Doctor used Rose's moment of panicked breathing to pull her close and hug her tightly to him. It was a very real Rose this time. A soft Rose that was warm and oddly enough, smelt faintly of daisies.

"You wouldn't believe what all I had to put up with…" The Doctor said quietly. "You and Jack in Secondary school."

Rose pulled back and grimaced in disgust. "Please tell me I didn't have the Madonna hair… That was such an embarrassing stage in my life and I was such a little tit."

The Doctor managed an excited smile that brought Rose's smile back to her face. He shook his hands on either side of his head. "Don't have to tell me… saw it myself." He rested his hands on her narrow shoulders and gave her a serious expression. "Did you make a habit of flirting with your teachers?"

Rose looked away slightly with just her eyes and bit her bottom lip. "We have to get Jack back, Doctor," Rose insisted.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'," The Doctor grinned. He took her warm hand firmly in his. "Come with me, I found him just before you showed up. I wanted to hear what he had to say…"

The Doctor yanked Rose along with him as he bound back to the blue room.