Unity Day

By Ticklesivory

Summary: Obi-Wan is assigned his first solo mission as a Knight, but finds himself completely unprepared for the lesson that the Force decides to teach him.

This is another movie-theme fic (loosely based on a favorite movie of mine - I'm not going to tell which one until the end.) ; )

If you are wondering what happened to my promise to finish "Time of Reckoning," let me just say that my muse had other the plans. The little bugger is upset that I didn't consult him first and therefore built a brick wall in front of that story that has me completely blocked. In the meantime, I decided to go ahead and start this one. Hope ya'll don't mind! ; )

Chapter One

"Congratulations Knight Kenobi."

The baritone voice of Jedi Master Mace Windu addressed the newly decorated Knight as he bowed before the Jedi Council, but when the young man rose, his face did not reveal a trace of the excitement or anticipation that the council member expected to see. Instead, it appeared that the young man looked almost disappointed.

Obi-Wan had done well under the tutelage of his Master, Qu-Gon Jinn. He was a brave young man, strong in the Unified Force, a skilled warrior and very likable person. But being one of Qui-Gon's oldest friends and witnessing the apprenticeship himself over the years, offered Mace an insight into the Knight's character that Qui-Gon had often failed to see. Obi-Wan could be arrogant at times and quite disdainful toward what he considered to be 'pathetic lifeforms.' It was a phrase that young Kenobi had picked up somewhere along his apprenticeship. Mace had discussed this problem with Qui-Gon on many occasions.

This particular flaw had been addressed during his apprenticeship, but now that the knight was on his own and was going on his first solo mission, the senior council member could not help but worry.

The purpose of the mission was to simply oversee the renewal of the Unity Treaty between the Naboo and the Gungans. The Gungans were a race of amphibious creatures who, over the centuries had evolved to gain the ability of speech, but were not considered to be very intelligent.

It was a simple mission, free of any dangerous situations or complicated negotiations, and the Jedi Council felt that it would suit the knight quite well as a first mission.

Mace Windu, however, had an ulterior motive in this particular assignment. Dealing with the Gungans would no doubt teach Obi-Wan Kenobi a few things. The Force regards no lifeform to be of lesser value and the Jedi would do well to learn that lesson for himself once and for all.

The young Knight's dark brown nerf hide robe whipped behind him as he made his way through the Temple. He had just a few hours to pack before he was to go on his first solo mission.

He met the gazes of several Senior padawans on his way, several of them offering their congratulations on his assignment, to which Obi-Wan would only grunt in reply.

'Small Temple,' he grumbled. Everybody already knows! And they probably already know where I'm going too.

A bloody treaty renewal! Was that all he had trained for in the past eleven years? He was considered the best swordsman in the Temple. He'd won the Senior Lightsaber Competition for Force sake!

And all the Council could see fit to send him on was a bloody treaty supervision?

'What a waste of talent,' the knight mumbled to himself as he entered his newly- appointed living quarters at the north end of the Knight's Hall.

Clean tunics and boots were aggressively tossed into his pack. Obi-Wan hesitated in picking up the survival kit, wondering why he would even need to pack it, and then finally tossed it in as well. He didn't hear the taller man enter his apartment and take a stance next to the bedroom doorway, his eyebrow cocked as he watched the young man who appeared to be trying to put as many wrinkles into his tunics as possible, by the way he was jamming his fist into them as he crammed them into the bottom of his duffle.

"Going somewhere?" Qui-Gon asked and smiled as the knight started and spun on him with a frown that soon twisted into the typical cocky grin the young man was famous for.

"Naboo." Obi-Wan stated flatly as he continued packing, cursing himself for losing his focus and allowing his former Master to sneak in on him.

It was an odd feeling, not knowing where the man was every moment of the day. When he had achieved knighthood, the training bond he had shared with Qui-Gon had vanished, but they still shared a friendship that Obi-Wan was grateful for. Too many Master and Padawan pairs had drifted apart after the knighting ceremony. Obi-Wan wasn't about to let that happen, but he was wondering why Qui-Gon had barged into his rooms unannounced. He'd have to say something about that.

"Your door was open, so I came in. Hope you don't mind." The Jedi Master responded as if he had read Obi-Wan's mind.

"Not at all, Mas…" The younger man caught his slip. Although he would need to address Qui-Gon formally as Master Jinn in public, in private, it was acceptable to use a more casual term. Obi-Wan smiled, the name coming more easier to him than he had expected. "Qui-Gon."

"I've been talking to Mace Windu." The Jedi Master continued.

"Ah." Obi-Wan replied as he tightened the drawstrings on his pack and grabbed his cloak. That explains the visit.

"Obi-Wan. This is a quality first mission for a new Knight. Do not let its simplicity fool you. The Force can teach you many things in any situation, but you have to stay focused and listen to what the Force is telling you."

Obi-Wan could have repeated Qui-Gon's last sentence by memory. He had heard it often enough over the last eleven years, but his devotion and respect for the older man allowed him to keep his tongue and he bowed in acceptance of the advice. "I will, Master Jinn." He replied more formally, matching the slight grin Qui-Gon offered.

"Focus on the moment." Qui-Gon stated as the Obi-Wan moved past him and headed for the exit. "And don't forget a clean pair of socks."

"Blast!" The younger man sputtered before turning on his heel and moving back into his room, opening his drawer and stuffing a pair of thick tan socks deep into his duffel.

"I'll comm you when I return." Obi-Wan assured the older man before he left and nodded his head in farewell.

"I look forward to it. And may the Force be with you."

The Jedi Master followed Obi-Wan out into the hallway and watched the young man confidently stroll down the corridor. The smile he had been wearing however, crept away to reveal a creased brow of worry.

If Mace's feelings were correct, this was not going to be such a simple mission for Obi-Wan. Qui-Gon was aware of the knight's faults. He had tried to deal with them during the young man's training, but perhaps now that Obi-Wan was a knight, he would finally have to face certain truths on his own.

And Qui-Gon knew that sometimes, the truth can be painful.