Chapter Twenty

As per his typical routine, Obi-Wan awoke to the sound of the alarm next to his head blaring insistently. It had taken him a while to get used to the fact that he had quit setting the chronometer many days ago, but it didn't seem to matter. Some time during the night, the time/space continuum anomaly occurred and everything was as it was his very first morning on Naboo.

So, it was no surprise to awaken to the rather annoying sound. He quickly silenced it and lay in bed, remembering the sweet occurrences of just a couple of hours ago.

His hand absentmindedly rose to run his fingers over his mouth, recalling the softness of her lips, recalling the way she moved against him, the way she trembled in his arms, securing it all in his mind for future dreams. He wasn't sure when he would get another chance, or even if he would get another chance to hold her again.

Obi-Wan rose slowly from the bed and per his daily morning ritual, walked to the 'fresher to prepare for another Unity Day. However, the sound of something pricked his consciousness -- rather the lack of the sound of something, and he rushed back to the window and threw aside the slatted shades.

Down below, the Theed streets were empty. Completely deserted. Not a Gungan nor a Naboo citizen in sight. Everything was peaceful and quiet -- deafeningly quiet.

Was it possible?

Adrenaline coursed through his body and Obi-Wan quickly returned to the 'fresher, running a razor across his stubbled chin and donning his fresh tunics and cloak just in case. He opened his door hesitantly, expecting to see the charming Governor standing there, but the older man was nowhere to be seen.

He hurried to the dining hall to find it deserted as well. No visiting Gungans, no Captain Panaka. He did see a single palace kitchen staff walking toward the back galley entrance and he called out to her.

"Have you seen Pad…uhm…Queen Amidala this morning?"

The young woman looked at him curiously. "She's dining in her rooms this morning, Sir Jedi , but not for another two hours."

Obi-Wan glanced about him and through the numerous vaulted windows. The sun was just now appearing along the distant Naboo horizon. The Unity celebration had gone on until at least third hour last evening, and he and Padmé had called it a night only an hour after that. Of course she would be sleeping in. He had taken her to her room less than two hours ago. He knew she needed her rest, but discovered he couldn't wait.

He had to make sure.

He literally ran to her suite and hesitated just a second beforerapping his knucklesfirmly upon her door, anxiously waiting someone to answer. A handmaiden…anyone.

He was more than pleased to see it was Padmé who opened her door, her hair tousled with sleep, her eyes squinting adorably at him in the sunlight now pouring through the hall window behind him.

"Obi-Wan?" She murmured. True, she had wanted to see him again, but perhaps not so soon.

"I…" he attempted, but emotion choked out his words and tightened his throat. The only response he seemed capable of was physical, and he didn't hesitate in that. He practically lunged at her, startling her momentarily until he could feel her relax in his embrace and snuggle tightly against his chest.

"What is it?" She asked, tilting her head up to peer into his face.

"What day is today?" He felt compelled to ask, the doubt and worry still lingering in his mind.

Padmé couldn't help herself. "The same day it was two hours ago, Obi-Wan." She answered with a sly smile and quick press of lips to the ones hovering just above hers.

"It isn't Unity Day then?" He continued to pry after the short kiss, seeking assurance that he wasn't dreaming.

"No. It's the day after." Padmé's brows turned downward. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I am now." He sighed heavily, then smiled broadly, the sight of it warming the young queen's heart, which began beating rapidly as soft lips compelled hers to open under their sensuous caress, the warmth of his tongue seeking out her own as his hands molded her body firmly to him.

Obi-Wan ended the kiss with a gentle press of his forehead against the young woman's, realizing that the smile he wore was obviously permanently attached to his face.

"Let me ask you something." He whispered soft and low.


"Will you spend the day with me?"

Padmé's countenance glowed with the dawn's light as well as the happiness that bubbled up from within her. "Yes." She replied , the simple, one-syllable word nowhere near conveying her excitement in his asking.

"And what about the next? And the next? And the…"

Obi-Wan's quite serious request was aborted by an abrupt kiss as Padmé grasped his face in both hands, peering deeply into the blue-gray depths of his eyes, her reply acknowledged as the lifelong commitment that she intended it to be.

"I will."


A/N: Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed. I was worried that the movie adaptation for this would turn away some readers, which I think it did. My sincere appreciation to those who stuck out this story with me. I believe everyone guessed right. Unity Day was influenced by the movie "Groundhog Day," one of my fave movies of all time.

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