Max stared out at the bright stars in the sky as the twinkled over the streets of Seattle. The air was chilled and as it brushed against her it caused a shiver to run up her spine. Sitting down, she placed her chin on her knees and hugged her legs. Up on the top of the Space Needle, Max was able to escape the harsh reality that she was living in a broken world. A world where corruption thrived and where good was punished. But tonight, her mind wasn't thinking about finding her siblings nor was it thinking about evading Lydecker who wanted her caged up like an animal. Everything that had seemed so important suddenly lost meaning the past day. Or was it days? She wasn't entirely sure what had happened. All she knew was that it did happen. Logan had died. He had left her, alone and scared. *Boo, you're so in love with the guy that everyone can see it. Everyone except for you apparently. What's up with you, girl? You're so blind that even bats have better vision than you!* Original Cindy's voice popped up in her mind. The thought of living without him had terrified her. And she realized that Original Cindy had been right all along. Max chuckled. "You were right, OC. Happy? I admit it, I have semi-feelings for the guy." *So whatcha going to do about it?* The voice questioned. "I guess the only thing to do is go back and let him know."

BEEP BEEP BEEP. Her pager rang. She picked it up and looked at the number. Grinning from ear to ear all she stood up and brushed herself off. "Perfect timing Logan. As always."


(Back in Roswell)

"MAX, honey. It's getting late. Maybe you should come inside." Liz walked onto the deck of their back porch.

MAX just sat there on the steps and stared up into the sky. Concerned about her husband, she walked up beside him and sat down. Gently she placed her hand on his shoulder. "Honey?"

He turned to her and it was then she noticed his eyes glimmering in the moonlight with tears. "I almost lost you. I almost lost everyone. Isabelle, Michael and Tess. I almost lost them too! Everyone I love, Liz. I put you all in danger just because of who I am. I didn't ask to be the king. Liz. I just wanted a normal life. To be like everyone else..." His voice trailed off and he looked away.

"MAX." She said quietly. When he didn't turn his head she very carefully put her hand on his cheek to turn him to face her. "MAX. Never think that way. I knew what I was getting myself into. It was my choice. And you know why I made this decision?"

He looked at her and shook his head.

"Because I love you, MAX Evans. There is no one else in this world who could've made me as happy as I am."

"But..." He started but was cut off.

"No... MAX, if I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing. We've had our ups and downs but we always overcame them... together. The way it's meant to be."

MAX looked at his beautiful wife and was amazed at how lucky he was to have someone like her love and trust him with such intensity. He smiled. "Liz, I love you too. Common, let's go inside." They both got up but as MAX started to walk he noticed Liz standing still. "Liz?"

"MAX, you head on inside. I'll be right there in a minute."

"Alright..." He walked inside. When Liz heard the screen door close she looked up at the stars and whispered, "Thank you guardian angel for watching over MAX." A star in the sky suddenly sparkled just a little brighter as if to say 'you're welcome.'

"Liz? Are you okay?" MAX'S head peered out the door. Walking outside to make sure his wife was alright.

She turned to him and walked into his arms. He placed an arm over her shoulder and they walked to the door together. She smiled, "Yeah, MAX. Everything's okay."



This just goes to show that you never know when your muse is going to bonk you on the head with inspiration. I seriously thought that this story was dead and I was never going to finish it. But apparently my muse likes to choose the worst times to be inspired. Such as when I should be studying for finals. Alright. I skipped a lot of stuff and didn't explain what happened after Logan was healed. I'll leave that up to your imagination. I know I could've done a better ending... but I'm just glad I'm done. (I didn't really bother to beta this...Yah. I'm being lazy so I do apologize for any typos, errors, inconsistencies...) Finally my first chapter fic to be complete! Sorry that it had to take more than a year to finish... Hope you all enjoyed the fic! I just want to thank everyone who's ever reviewed and for those who've been reviewing this fic even when I had given up on it... There you have it. "Changing the Past" is now complete. :D