--..The first mistake..--

"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable."

Mark Twain

The first time was an accident.

It never stopped being a mistake, though-- despite whatever coincidental nature.

She had been on another endless quest with her Tsunade-sama; one involving gambling, running away and some more gambling with money that didn't exist. However, while her teacher had been busy with matters concerning material wealth, she had been more preoccupied with matters of the heart and testing her anatomic knowledge through it.

His name was Ken.

Her very first lover, who showed her love, taught her love and made love to her so sweetly.

They didn't have much time left, she didn't have any time.

It'd been one week already, and she knew with the way Tsunade was losing all bets, they'd probably be on the road tomorrow morning.

As leaving Tsunade-sama was never a real option, she decided to make the best of what she'd got; one night.

She left Ken a note; an address and a promise. There at the little shed next to the lake at the very western edge of the forest, she would give him everything, molding a lifetime in one single night.

So after stammering a bad excuse under Tsunade's knowing look, she put on the most exotic dress she ever laid her eyes on ( a courtesy of one of Tsunade's dodgy " connections") and left towards the forest before sunset.

She was surprised, very surprised when she found him already there, his back facing her and hunched over what she knew was a very, very poisonous plant.

Her anxiety turned into horror.

"Don't touch it!" She gasped, dropping the thin cloak she'd covered her somewhat scanty outfit with.

To her great relief, his hand froze just at the exact right time.

She released the breath she knew she had been holding and walked towards him, slowly.

He was silent, too silent.

"That's a Heracleum mantegassianum." She continued; her voice now under control.

"It's a plant in the family Apiaceae and distinguished by a stout, dark reddish-purple stem and spotted leaf stalks that are hollow and produce sturdy bristles.(1)"

With two final steps she reached him, her heartbeat embracing a new high. She languidly rested her shaking hand on his warm shoulder and felt it tense so ever lightly.

"A-another interesting, but dangerous quality they have," she cursed her stutter, "is their menacing nature… they're toxic."

He still didn't reply, making her feel even more nervous. Damn him! He knew this was the first time she'd been the one initiating something. He didn't have to make it harder!

Her panicked thoughts were halted as her hand glided off; he was standing up.

Soon he would turn around.

With whatever courage she could muster, she closed her eyes and chose to act without thinking.

Nearly standing on her toes, she gently pulled him towards herself and started kissing him with the same passion he had kissed her countless times.

He tensed at first, as if surprised, and after what seemed like an eternity she felt him respond.

He wasn't gentle; she noticed when she was pushed against the rough surface of a tree. She gasped when the cold, sharp structure made contact with her unprotected hot skin.

He took this opening to his advantage, ravaging her lips in a way that burned so much.

He'd never kissed like this. It hurt, but Kami—she wanted so much more.(2)

Then his lips were gone so sudden and a growl escaped her throat before she could stop it. His heat had entirely left her form when she finally opened her eyes.

Black clashed with equal black.

Her heart stopped.

He just stared back at her, those eyes narrowing only slightly, as if assessing her. Then the corners of his thin mouth curled up to form a rather spoiled yet appreciative smirk.

" Oh,- Kami..-" was Shizune's only response as she'd continued staring in horror.

This guy wasn't even Ken!

Yes, his hair was the same shade of silver.

And yes, it was tied up in a similar style.

But his eyes were equally, probably even more, onyx-shaded than hers.

This was a problem because Ken's silver orbs had most certainly nothing to do with black.

And those lips, his tongue…- burning, indulging brutally—no!

No, he was definitely not Ken.

The realization she'd been passionately kissing a complete stranger (and enjoying it) other than her lover hit her hard. Yet, the first thing she felt before the horrible guilt and the unimaginable embarrassment, was the need to touch her lips; caress them…-

She turned in a worse shade of red after that.

"Uh..- I- I'm sorry, sir! I just thought you were someone else…-" The minute those words left her lips, she felt like banging her head. Smooth, real smooth.

While she looked down frustrated, seriously pondering if perhaps she should knock him out and leave him in some casino, she was interrupted (quite rudely!) by his low chuckle.

When she looked up, ready to push him away and just leave, her heart stopped, again.

His dark eyes smoldered hers, and she felt he was looking straight into her; seeing past everything.

Time seemed to stop, but then he turned around, breaking the spell, and started walking away.

"Don't worry, it happens. It's been a pleasure being part of your mistake."

And with that, he disappeared, leaving her slumped against the same tree he had brutally pushed her onto. Against all control her fingers finally travelled up to her face and stopped at her lips. They were burning.

Ken found her fifteen minutes later, sitting across some odd looking plant while staring at it. She didn't sense him, until his soft hands caressed her back and he asked with a worried tone what happened to it.

The first time was an accident, a mistake. She didn't even know who he was at that point.

Yakushi Kabuto.

Not a very long time would pass when they'd meet again.

At that point she couldn't have possibly known it, though.

She would make many mistakes.

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(1) Imported straight from Wikipedia. Don't we just looove Wiki..!

(2) God