Very, very uncomfortably nervous. Am staring down makeshift aisle leading towards the Stargate. Loads of folding chairs on either side.

Teyla's got some sort of native instrument out and is playing it to accompany me down the aisle. Not the traditional Wedding March, but that wouldn't really seem right anyway, so instead it's a very pretty traditional Athosian song.

I'm being given away by Sheppard, since transporting my father to Atlantis is kinda out of the question.

Seems kinda fitting, anyway. After all, if it hadn't been for his prodding-

You mean harassment?

I might have never gotten up enough guts to talk to Rodney again.

I can forgive him the moment of ogling me when he came to pick me up at my quarters just because of this fact.

However, note to self: if I ever, ever have a daughter, keep her as far away from Sheppard as humanly possible.

Dr. Weir has gotten a license so that she can officiate and is waiting directly in front of me with Rodney to one side of her.

She felt it was her job to oversee this sort of thing.

The best man and maid of honor are currently looking at each other adoringly, seemingly ignoring everything that's going on around them.

The best man (Carson) made up with Rodney some odd months ago.

April (Yeah, you guessed it, Maid Of Honor) has been positively glowing since she got together with Carson. After the obligatory rebound relationship he had with Brown (through which I coached Jamie on how to avoid throttling the woman during girl's poker night) he came to his senses and asked her out.

They've been blissfully unaware of anything but each other ever since.

Rodney looks like he's turning purple.

Kinda clashes with his bow tie.

He's looked that way since I entered the room. I think he's hyperventilating.

Thirty feet has never looked so far away.

Would rather run down the aisle to him than putter along this way.

I can't wait to be married to this man. I just can't-

Oh. He is hyperventilating.

That's so cute...

Trying not to grin.

Carson's got the paper bag out.

Crisis averted.

Am really trying to avoid dragging Sheppard down the aisle behind me in a mad dash to get to my groom.

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible.

Where's that from? Oh. When Harry Met Sally. That's right.

Always had a thing for Billy Crystal in that movie. Not sure why.

Still not recognizing that pattern, are we?

Too busy being ecstatic to argue with inner Rodney.

Haven't ever been this happy. Not even when I get to blow stuff up legally.

Although that is a lot of fun.

Finally at the 'altar.' Sheppard kisses me on the cheek-

Oh. Rodney's turning purple again. Don't think it's hyperventilation this time though.

Catch his eye. Smile.

Don't really even hear anything that Weir's saying. Too busy looking into Rodney's eyes.

She's asking him to say something. What is it?

"I do."

Reply without thinking.

"So do I."


Warm chuckles spill out over the small crowd. Not feeling the least bit embarrassed like I usually would.

I hear the words 'Husband and Wife' and my heart soars.

Kiss my husband.

Husband. Husband. Husband.

Reluctantly let him go and we're introduced as Dr. Rodney and Mrs. Laura McKay.

Laura McKay. It's music to my ears.

Cheering from the crowd. Am suddenly all giddy and stupid feeling.

Reception is a blur. Lots of congratulations all around. Talk with Jamie April a little bit. Try to keep grin hidden from her.

I have it on very good authority that a certain chief medical officer is going to ask her a very special question tonight.

It's time for a toast, to the bride and groom.

Am grinning like a total idiot while clutching Rodney's hand. Never, ever, ever been this happy.

Carson's said something sweet, Weir's said something maternal, and Sheppard's said something completely smart assed. Time to raise my glass in-


Have spilled champagne on white wedding dress.

Oh well. Old habits die hard.

Final Notes: This story was a series of firsts for me: first time writing Stargate fic, first time writing from the POV of a canon character, first time writing a kiss and first attempt at romance/fluff. It was finished in a matter of three days and immediately launched a companion fic, called "And Neither Am I" told from Rodney's perspective. Stay tuned for that one; it's next on the revise/repost list and will be updated daily just as this story was. Without "I'm Not!" I wouldn't have wound up being sucked into the SGA fandom, and wouldn't have met some of my very, very best friends. Among many other reasons, it's incredibly dear to me for that. Thank you for welcoming me as warmly as you did, guys. I lurve you.

As is my hallmark, there were numerous pop culture references drawn from numerous sources in this story. They were: Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Army of Darkness, Spaceballs, Back to the Future and When Harry Met Sally. If you didn't spot them the first time around, maybe you should go back and try!

And now, from my original A/N, a sentiment that still holds true: For all of you who reviewed, THANK YOU! You made me very, very happy. I can't tell you how happy. I mean, really, not even if I broke out the thesaurus could I possibly come up with enough synonyms to explain. I've spent the past three days grinning like a total goof because of your encouragement.