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Prologue- The Fight

"Grandfather, please, please don't make me baby-sit tonight." Machika whined, having no effect on her hard-butt grandfather.

"And why are you so against baby-sitting these poor, unfortunate kids from the orphanage? What is going on tonight that's so important to you?" Grandpa Hard-Butt, or Zol as his real name was, replied, making Machika feel guilty.

"I…." Machika whispered.

"I can't hear you," Zol said slightly amused.

"I'm going to the movies," she replied not much louder than the first time

"With whom are you going," Zol questioned. Machika could tell he was getting mad because he was using proper grammar.

"With my boy….umm BEST friend," Machika responded nervously.

"And would this 'best friend' of yours happen to be named Rain? And would he by any chance have the phone number 357-1238 and have called you FIVE times yesterday between the hours of 10 pm and 11 pm," Zol said his anger to the point of exploding like a shaken up bottle of pop.

"Umm. Yes," Machika said in a voice as small as a mouse's.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING," Zol exploded, as Machika shrunk back in terror of his rage. She knew she wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend without his permission.

"Grandpa! I love Rain! And he loves me!" Machika immediately covered her mouth. She obviously didn't mean to blurt that out. "I…I mean…."

"I never…,"Zol started slowly. "ever want to hear you say that again. You are going to the orphanage tonight. You are going to watch over the kids. You are not gong to call any of your friends. By 'any friends', I mean this boy. You are not gong to the movies for the next month. And, you are never to see this boy again!"

"What! No way! You can't do that," Machika argued.

"It's already been done. You will find in your room that your cell phone, room phone, desk computer, laptop, PDA, mp3 player, stereo system, CD player, radio, TV, and all game systems are gone. Also, so we don't have a repeat of last time, there are temporary bars on all of your windows and on the door to your balcony."

"You can't do that," Machika said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"I can, and I have." Zol stated with finality.

"Machika uttered something under her breath.

"What was that?" He asked, knowing perfectly well what she had said.

"I said 'I hate you'" With that unhappy statement, Machika ran into her room. Even with her door slammed, he could hear her crying at his unfairness. He turned around and walked towards the stairs, long black hair swaying behind him.

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