OK, this is the first SN fic I'm posting on this site (but certainly not the first I've ever writting) and I hope that you guys read and review. I'm gonna put up all the cahpters at once soI don't forget to update.

Basically, the summary says it all. Dean and Sam switch bodies. Very little chaos ensues, but it's still a fun story.

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Rivers, Maine

Keira Collins ran as fast as her twelve-year-old legs could carry her. He mother must have told her a thousand times to stay out of the warehouses nestled deep in the heart of Rivers, but she had gone anyway.

Now she just wished that she could see her mother one last time, if only to say good-bye. Even though they'd had a fight, one of the worst yet, she still loved her mother more than anyone.

After her father, a real deadbeat, according to mom, had left, Lily Collins had raised baby Keira, now a rebellious pre-teen, all on her own. Sure, they'd had their share of fights, but what family hasn't? It was all part of the typical mother-daughter relationship.

But now the girl was sure that the end was near. She'd just wanted to get away, to hang out in a forbidden area, to find a place to think about her life. She hadn't known she'd stumble across the grizzled, dark-robed creature that was now chasing her.

Keira's legs pumped, her heart pounded, her breath caught in her throat. She was slowing down, running out of vital energy. Her pursuer knew it.

The girl stopped running, sweat pouring down her brow, her ragged breath hitching. "What do you want?" she gasped, thankful to get a chance to catch her breath before the thing attacked.

The figure approached slowly, and evil grin spreading across its wrinkled, slightly feminine face, its black robe billowing in the tiny breeze that rustled through the warehouse. "Simple," it hisses in a barely audible voice as it wrapped clawed fingers around Keira's small shoulders and lifted her into the air, "your soul."

The creature opened its mouth wide and inhaled deeply, drawing a bright green vapor from the screaming girl's mouth. The warehouse soon fell silent.