Dean opened his eyes. At least, he hoped they were his eyes. His head hurt and his back throbbed. That witch had done quite a number on him in a very short amount of time.

He looked around, not trusting himself to sit up just yet, and saw that he was back in the motel room. The shower was running, which meant Sam had already woken up. Or, maybe their father had decided to stay a few days, but that seemed unlikely.

Convincing himself it was for the best, Dean sat up, his head spinning, and looked in the mirror. Never in his life had he been so glad to see those haunted hazel eyes staring back at him. He rushed up to the mirror, ignoring the nagging pain in his back and the dizziness that threatened to topple him. He just wanted to touch his face.

The shower turned off as Dean turned his attention to other things, checking for any new piercing or tattoos Sam might gotten as payback. Nothing seemed out of place or new, and, just as an afterthought, he checked on something else.

Liar, the hunter thought to himself as Sam stepped out of the bathroom, soaking wet, I'm not short. And he should know short.

"How do you feel?" Sam asked, rummaging through the duffel bag for his clothes.

"Like a truck hit me. You?"

Sammy grinned. "Tall. You call dad yet?"

"He's not here?" Dean asked, though he wasn't surprised. It wasn't like their dad to stick around long, especially if no one's life was in immediate danger.

"What do you think? He hightailed it after killing the witch, though he was nice enough to bring us back here." Sam walked up to the mirror, checking his reflection and smiling. "Man, it's good to be back, but I still can't believe you cut my hair."

"Well, now you can start the laborious process of growing it back out," Dean smirked, heading into the bathroom, "now, if you'll please excuse me, I need to take a shower. I feel scummy again."

"Hey, Dad. It's Dean. That's right, straight from your oldest son's mouth. Everything turned out all right. We're just saying good-bye to Madi now. Listen, thanks for helping us out back there. It was nice to see you again. Hey, don't be afraid to call once and a while, all right? I swear, we won't use cell towers to track your location. Sam says thanks, too. Anyway, bye."

Dean flipped the phone shut and headed into Madeline's shop to meet his brother and bid farewell to their psychic friend.

"Well?" Sam asked as he walked through the door.

"Voicemail," Dean nodded.

"Your father's in Colorado," Madi said, "hunting a werewolf. That's why he had to leave so soon. People were dying. It has nothing to do with you. He loves you both, he really does."

"Sure," Sammy scoffed.

"Madi," Dean began, "I just wanted to thank you for the help, even though the whole thing really was your fault."

"No problem," she muttered, walking up and kissing him, "that was for the road, and to keep all those dirty thoughts about me out of your head."

Sam laughed. "Nothing on earth can keep dirty thoughts out of Dean's head. He's never been a very clean person. I think he even used to fantasize about Barney."

Madi raised an eyebrow. "More than I needed to know," she grinned, "now you boys really should hit the road if you want to make it to Ohio by nightfall. Be careful, all right?"

The brothers nodded and left, slightly confused. "What's in Ohio?" Sam asked as Dean's cell phone rang.

The elder shrugged and answered his phone, nodding as he tried to translate the garbled panic on the other end of the line. "Chupacabras," he answered slowly, shoving his phone back in his pocket, "traveling with a circus,. One got out and is rampaging in a small town. In Ohio."

The Impala's engine roared to life as Sam and Dean Winchester left the town of Rivers, Maine, behind, heading for Ohio and the rogue goat-sucker that was causing mass panic.

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