It had been several years since that fateful night, yet in her mind, the events never seemed to dissipate.

She had walked quietly into the dark room, alone, and afraid. She knelt before the figure sprawled on the couch, head down, awaiting his acknowledgment.

"So, you have finally answered my summons, Tohru Honda. I had hoped I made it perfectly clear you were to come the day after New Years but, now here we are, ten days later. I wonder what could have happened to the Sohma's dear Tohru to keep her from me."

Tohru bowed her head to the ground. "Forgive me, Akito-sama. I only felt it was not right to leave Ky-"

"Ah, yes…the baka neko. So, Tohru, tell me, how is he? A little bird told me he was not feeling well."

Tohru refused to meet his eyes. "He is still in the hospital, Akito-sama. They say he may still have a week or so before his recovery is final."

Akito only smiled. "As well it should. If only it lasted longer. That monster deserves to suffer…but, that is another subject. I received your letter from Hatori. You said this was urgent…apparently not, but I will hear you out as today I am bored."

Tohru took in a deep breath and met Akito's eyes. "I wish to take Kyo-kun's place in confinement"

Akito allowed for no surprise. He stood and laughed. "You foolish girl! Why would I allow that! I have waited so long for the day of graduation! The day I lock away that monster and force him to submit to me!"

Tohru continued to hold her gaze upon Akito's countenance. "You wish for me to be removed from the Sohma's lives so that they will remain in your control. Also you wish to cause them the pain you feel every day. In taking me instead of Kyo-kun, you wil accomplish both."

Akito smiled as he thought of all he could accomplish with this move. He returned to his seat upon the couch. "Very well, Tohru Honda. I will accept the exchange, you for that monster." With that he stood and strode past her. As he past, he whispered, just loud enough for her to hear. "Be ready, girl. In a month, you will be mine…to do with as I see fit." And with that, he left her.