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Well here goes, Chapter 18

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back at Shigure's house

Yuki could hear him pacing. He knew the damn neko was awake, and about damn time too. He had some answers to give. Looking in on the still sleeping Tohru, he smiled gently before heading over to Kyo's room and walking in.

Kyo looked up, halfway across the room. "Get out," he said, his voice deep with anger.

Yuki, not caring, walked over to him, grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the wall, holding him there. "You have some fucking explaining to do, so start talking before I get ugly. Why did you try to hurt Miss Honda??"

Kyo grinned and leaned his head closer to Yuki as far as he could. "Because it was fun," he whispered, before trying to lick at Yuki's ear.

Yuki's eyes went wide before slapping Kyo very hard, sending his head whiplashing back into the wall. "Get out of him, you BASTARD!!"

Kyo merely turned and grinned at Yuki. "What's wrong, Yuki? Can't handle the fact that I want to fuck the little slut till she's breathless?"

Yuki began to beat on Kyo hard until he passed out. Gasping, he ran to the phone and dialed quickly.


"Shigure, I know what happened with Kyo!"

"...I know, Yuki..."

Yuki merely gaped.

"I"m on my way back to the house, Yuki. I found something interesting. All I need you to do is stay watch-...Yuki...what was that loud noise?? ... Yuki...shit..." click

Yuki never heard the last part of that sentence. The loud hit coming from Tohru's room sent him racing up the stairs. Coming in, he stared in horror.

Tohru was lying on the floor, her neck wrapped with one of her belts. Her hands held each end of the belt, pulling it tighter and harder around her neck. Her skin was already blue, her eyes bulging.

Yuki shook the shock off of him and raced over to her side. Yanking her hands from the belt, he tore it away from her. Wincing at the deep purple bruise around her thin neck, he stood and lifted her onto the bed.

Tohru was shaking like a leaf in a cold winter wind and coughing very hard, unable to breathe properly, her windpipe bruised and pressed.

Shigure came racing through the house just then and rushed into her room "Great Kami...what happened??"

Yuki only cried, buried into her."Why, Miss Honda...why..."

Shigure sighed and pulled out a cellphone Hatori had given him for emergencies. Dialing his number, he sighed.

"What's happened??"

"She tried to kill herself. Come quick."

Shigure sighed when the line went dead and set it down. "I'll be back, Yuki..." Walking out, he went to Kyo's room and walked in. Looking down at the bruised boy, he lifted him off the ground and laid him out on the bed. Reaching into the pocket of his yukata, he withdrew a sachet. Dipping his fingers into it, he withdrew an oily herbal substance and rubbed it beneath Kyo's nose. Watching the boy's skintone improve, he smiled and awaited Hatori.

When he got there, he didn't go anywhere but to Tohru's room. Drawing Yuki away from her, he examined the massive bruising with a deep heavy sigh. "It may not have been a suicide attempt, but a reliving of one of her attacks.." Opening his kit, he withdrew a syringe, filled it with a low dose of sedative and injected it into Tohru's arm. Once she was out, he set about bandaging her bruised neck. "..but just to be careful, Yuki, I'll need you to remove everything in here. Strip it down to the bare essentials. I'll contact Miss Uotani and ask her to move in as soon as she possibly can. Waiting will not help anyone."

Yuki nodded and began to strip the room of all her things. He paused when he got to the picture of her mother... "Even Kyoko-san, Hatori?"

Hatori sighed and nodded. "Even the photo, Yuki. There must be nothing of use."

Yuki nodded and gently set the photograph on the pile of things he gathered.

Soon, with Hatori's help, they managed to get everything packed away up in the attic.

Yuki sighed and sat on the edge of her bed. "Hatori...Shigure said on the phone he knew why Kyo acted the way he did...what is it?"

Hatori sighed gently, "We aren't certain how, but we believe Akito may be possessing Kyo."

Yuki nodded, "I expected as mu-"

Both jumped as the door down the hall slammed open and Kyo darted into Tohru's bedroom, Shigure on his tail.

Kyo stopped and stared at Tohru lying on the bed and then his eyes only got wider when Yuki and Hatori stepped before him, barring his sight of her. "What's going on??"

Shigure walked in and nodded to Hatori.

Hatori nodded back and moved out of Kyo's way, drawing Yuki back with him.

Kyo raced past them to the bed. "Tohru...Tohru, wake up!" Standing, he grabbed Hatori by the shirt. "What the hell is going on??"

Hatori gripped his hand and pulled it from his shirt. "It's Akito...we aren't certain how yet, but he managed to possess you. You tried to rape her, Kyo..."

Kyo's face went chalk-white. "Wh...wha...no...no I didn't!! No, oh god...Tohru..."

Shigure sighed gently, "Kyo, it wasn't you that did it. It was Akito. He managed to possess you somehow. According to Yuki, your voice was Akito's when he confronted you in your room."

Hatori sighed gently before looking at Tohru. Looking her over, he noticed the necklace that was still around her neck despite everything. "...How did we not see it earlier...when I was bandaging her neck...taking the things out...

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