YAY! I finally was able to get my first DP story up here! Well, just so you know, this whole thi is Sam's POV. It's a short, simple story, but I hope you guys like it anyway. More DP storys coming soon! (I hope) :D

Warning: This story has pointless mush in it. So if you like fluffs, then this is for you.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom. But if I did, I would be cheering and giving away free doughnuts.:)



I sat out there last night, and waited for you. I hugged my jacket closer to me as the cold winds blew.

A storm was coming.

I looked up at the sky just as the first drop of rain splashed against my hand. I was

just about to pull up my hood when all of a sudden,

everything stopped.

The wind, rain, and clouds all gave way as if time itself

had frozen in the cold. I could

feel a presence behind me. But before I could turn

around, two strong arms grabbed me by the waist and hoisted me

into the night blue sky. I looked up

to see your face, glistening by the moon's light. I smiled and

closed my eyes as we soared through the

air. We talked and laughed for what seemed to go

on for ages. But when all was said you stopped and held me in front of you as we

hovered over the city. After awhile I suddenly realized that I was only inches

away from you and I couldn't stop myself. I closed

the gap in between us and we kissed right there.I wrapped my arms

around your neck as youheld me closer to you. But the freezing winds

started to blow again.

My eyes jerked open.

I sat up from my bed and looked around the dark, empty room.

I was alone.

I sighed as I stood up lazily and walked

over to my window to see a small gleam

of light just as it disappeared in the shadows of the buildings.

"It was only a dream." I said to myself and closed the window.


Well, what did you think? I'd love to know! Constructive criticism is welcome because I know I could use it. And, of course, no flames, please. To anyone who wants to give me a flame,gimmie a break, it's my FIRST DP STORY.

Well, see you guys at my next DP story! (I hope) :P