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Arc One: First Impressions

Episode One: Capture (redux)

I stretched as I looked around the small clearing that I had made my home. It wasn't big enough to attract the attention of roving bands of Pikachu or the occasional Trainer, but it was large enough for me. I yawned again as I stepped out of the dark shadow of the large apple tree that grew at the clearing's edge and into the paler shade of the oaks that surrounded me instead. My first port of call was to turn back to the tree and look up at the tantalising red fruits that hovered way out of my reach.

As much as I wanted them, they'd have to wait a few minutes. I yawned and scratched the back of my head as I plodded over the large puddle that had formed in the rainstorm the night before. I plonked myself down in front of it and splashed the cool water over my face, wiping off any grime I had picked up since the last rainstorm. When I had finished, I gave my reflection a quick glance over. Dark blue eyes stared back at me, standing out against bright orange scales. I ran one claw over the large white scar that ran down my muzzle, scowling at the memory of the events that had put it there.

I wrenched my gaze away from my reflection, determined to focus on something other than that. I needed something to distract me and I was about to turn to the best distraction around, food, when there was a rustling in the bushes behind me. I slowly smirked to myself, if it was those damn Pikachu that tried to prank me every few days then they were going to end up with a lot of burns by the time I was through with them. The advantage of being the only fire type within the entire forest, no one ever messed with me twice. Ever. (Especially those Humans that dumped non-edible stuff on the floor, they never ever did that again after I'd caught them.)

Unfortunately, it wasn't those Pikachu and I had to dive to the side to avoid a red and white ball that suddenly shot towards me.

"Damnit," I growled as I leaped back to my feet and glared as a Human came out of the brush. It was a male, I could tell that much, with rather messy black hair. At least, I assumed it was messy. There was a stupid green hat on his head that hid most of it, and made him look like a complete moron. The fact that the rest of his clothing was that same bright red and green helped with the retard image he seemed to be going for. Anyway, he was too small to be a full adult but way too large for a child. So I pegged him somewhere in the middle of the two, I wasn't sure how long that was in Human years and I really didn't care.

The Human, or Moron as I decided to call him, (us Pokémon are very impulsive when it comes to names or nicknames, that and I was annoyed at the time) took another one of those balls off of his belt and threw it at me. How it expected something that didn't work the first time to work again, was beyond me, but I didn't dive clear. I spun around and smacked the ball rather firmly with my tail, sending it flying backwards and strait into Moron's face. He clutched at his nose, which I noticed was little a little blood, and actually looked angry with me. Who the hell did he think he was? He waltzes into my home, throws stuff at me and expects me not to have a go back? Yep, definitely worthy of the title Moron.

"Fine, we'll do this the hard way," the kid muttered as he reached down and took out another one of those stupid balls. Now I was starting to consider laughing at his sheer idiocy, if two didn't work then lobbing a third really was stupid. However, he didn't throw this one at me. He clicked a button on the front and threw it upwards into the air instead. I watched it go, a little confused now. Untill it suddenly burst open and a beam of red light shot to the floor and seemed to form something.

"Go Squirtle!" The kid yelled as this blue turtle thing formed in front of me. It was slightly shorter than me and had brown eyes that matched the shell it wore. To put it simply, it didn't look as stupid as its owner.

"Squirtle, water gun attack!" Moron yelled and the turtle inhaled. I almost wanted to laugh at the sheer stupidity of yelling out orders, thus telling me exactly what to expect. I pulled my tail closer to my back, shielding the precious flame with my chest, as the Squirtle fired a stream of water strait at me. The blast was powerful enough to force me to take a step back, but it wasn't enough to knock me over. I looked up when the attack was over, water dripping from my paws and muzzle. The turtle was looking a little tired, firing all that water must have knackered him out. This made my life that little bit easier.

"You are going to wish that you had never done that," I growled to myself, mentally smirking as the Squirtle recoiled when I let a tiny plume of smoke rise out of my nostrils.

"Squirtle," the kid yelled out again, oh how much I wanted to set his stupid hat on fire right then, "try again! Don't let the Charmander scare you."

The Squirtle glanced over at the Human, which gave me enough time to adopt a rather toothy grin by the time he looked back. Despite the order it had just been given, I could see the slight fear in the blue turtle's eyes. Wise policy. Unfortunately, the Squirtle had decided to follow the other order it had been given and prepared to blast me with water again. This time I didn't bother going on the defensive and ducked to the side, the attack sailing past me.

The Squirtle tried to change its aim in mid-attack but I was already moving further to the side. It wanted to throw water at me then I was going to throw things back. I inhaled a gulp of air and launched a ball of fire strait at the turtle's head. The Squirtle ducked, but its strange curly tail got in the way and there was a satisfying yell from the turtle as it felt the burning. It instantly leaped up and turned to examine the damage, which was yet another mistake.

I charged forwards and tackled the Squirtle to the floor. I scooted on top of its shell, my claws easily finding grip in the small grooves that ran along the unusually smooth surface, and pulled back my paw. Just as I was about to slam my claws strait into the turtle's face, there was a cry from the Human behind me and I felt something hit my back.

"Pokéball go!"

I was about to turn and blast the little brat when I was engulfed in red light and felt this strange tugging sensation. I couldn't breath, couldn't move. Couldn't do anything to resist. I could just make out a red and white ball, which I was being pulled inside.

"Oh bugger," were the last words I managed to form before I vanished from my home.