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"Dean?" Sam looked at his brothers reflection in the bathroom mirror and was immediately confused and concerned.

"What is it?" Dean moaned in his early morning stupor.

"Dean…" Sam said again, a bit weaker this time.

"Damn it Sam, it's seven am! I thought you were all on about sleeping in after taking out that damn…. Hey… do I seem taller to you?" Dean replied.

"DEAN!" Sam wailed. The bathroom door was thrown open and Sam was horrified to be looking at himself. Sam looked at himself and his body looked back. Then his body sucked in a deep breath and ran his hands through his shaggy hair.

"Well this is unexpected," Dean's voice replied from Sam's lips.

"DEEEEEEEEEEEAN!" Sam's voice said from Dean's lips. "Sam" looked at him after tearing his gaze away from the mirror and raised his hands.

"I get it Sammy, okay? You're me, I'm you, we'll figure this out, we always do," Dean replied. Sam turned back to his brother's reflection in the mirror and tried to stretch out the stumpy frame a bit more. He was already missing his height and loathed the fact that his brother was, for once in their lives, taller than he.

Hopefully Dean would stay professional and stay away from that sub…

"Alright! Dude I'm TOTALLY taller then you are now!" Dean snickered. Sam clutched his head and sank to the bathroom floor.

"Dean…" he moaned. Dean became serious again leaned against the bathroom doorway.

"Okay, let's just run through our hunt again, something we did or didn't do led to this," he replied.

"But what? It was just a sleep demon, nothing special, nothing new Dean. So how the hell did we end up like this?" Sam asked.

"We switched consciousness on the return trip?" Dean theorized. He walked back into the bedroom and after standing, Sam followed.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Dean was already poking through their dads journal looking for answers of any kind.

"We were on his playing field Sammy," Dean replied. "Maybe on the way back we just got… I dunno, misdirected into where our minds were supposed to get sent back to." Sam shook his head, he didn't remember much of their battles over the past two days as he's been severely concussed for most of it, but he did know it wasn't possible to accidentally reenter the wrong body… Wasn't it?

Sam sank down onto the bed opposite his brother in the chair and looked at the short arms of his brother that lay in his lap.

"So what do we do?" he asked. Dean slammed the book shut and stood up.

"We shit, shower and shave then get breakfast," he replied. "Nothing get's the brain working like a fresh start." Sam wasn't amused in the least as he shook his brothers head and leaned forward resting his head in his palms.

"I'm really not hungry," he sighed.

"They hell you aren't, you're in my body you have to feed my physique," Dean replied. "And while I'm in your body, I'm going to put some meat on you… honestly Sam, how in the hell do you exist being this thin?" Sam looked up and himself and wondered how it was possible his older brother still managed to plaster his classic shit eating grin even in a body that wasn't his own.

"Fine," Sam said standing and heading back toward the bathroom for a shower. "But after that, we figure this out, starting with what happened while I was out."

"Done," Dean nodded happily. Sometimes Sam didn't know whether to be worried or delighted with Dean's 'laugh in the face of death' nature. At times, it helped Sam stay calm and grounded, at other times, like now, it just really, REALLY made Sam nervous. "Oh and Sam?" Dean asked.

"Yeah?" Sam paused in the bathroom doorway and turned to face himself again. The amused smirk danced across his features again and Sam already knew he was going to disapprove of what Dean had to say next.

"Shower with your eyes closed and don't damage the goods," Dean said proudly.

"You're such a dick," Sam replied. Then he slammed the bathroom door to his brother's laughter.



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