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"Okay, now I'm really confused," Sam sighed. Dean laughed knowing exactly how his brother was feeling. He's felt the same way the night before when Bryson started spilling his guts about what exactly the little Sprites had done wrong. It had taken a good half hour before Dean, John and Missouri had calmed the little fella down before being able to actually understand him. Before that it had just sounded like the annoying buzz of a dentist drill and came with a lot of Sprite dust all over the place. Dean was still shaking the stuff from his clothing.

However eventually they'd gotten the truth and Dean hadn't been impressed in the least. Bryson explained that during the enchanting the Sprite's had sensed the demon forcing it's way into Sam's body. They could feel Dean's struggle and Sam's own perseverance to help out. It had been quite difficult for the Sprite's to get the right souls back into the right bodies while at the same time warding off the demon.

At the same time, (this was where Dean started getting lost) Sam's powers were locking down any access to his body and for several moments. No one, Sam, Dean or otherwise could actually get access to Sam. The Sprite's had gotten desperate, they knew the body would soon die if nothing was in control of it so they were forced to removed Sam's powers from his body and force Sam's mind back in.

Unfortunately, the demon also snuck back in at the same time and that's when the Sprite's had believed Sam had died. Died, before they'd gotten a chance to put the powers back into him.

The end result was a powerful force of uncontrolled essence that was wreaking havoc in the forest and in turn the poor Sprite's habitat. Bryson believed that the powers had no where to go so they were going everywhere and only getting more agitated by the second.

When they'd gone to sign Sam out of the hospital that morning Dean had attempted to explain all this to Sam… Now, several hours later, hiking back into the woods once again and after numerous attempts at an explanation, Sam still didn't get it.

"So I still have my abilities just… not right now?" he asked.

"Not quite," Bryson said flitting up beside him. "You can possible have the power to do what your brother was doing when he was in your body but we wont know until the essence is put back… get it?" Sam stopped walking and looked at the Sprite.

"No," he replied. "If I didn't have the powers how was I able to trap the demon and kill it?" Bryson frowned and looked away before turning back to him.

"Will power?" he offered. Sam groaned and kept on walking. "Look Sammy all I can tell you for sure is that your powers are trying to destroy my home looking for you. My people are in danger here and the whole world could be if we don't get back to the altar and stuff 'em back into you." Now Dean decided to step in before his brother used the small Sprite for batting practice.

"How exactly do we 'stuff' them back into him?" he asked. "You admitted they're out of control what if they decide they don't want back into Sam?" Bryson did a tight loop and zipped back over to Dean before landing on his shoulder.

"They have to go back," he replied. "They know Sam's is the only vessel that can contain them properly. You're brother's not human remember?" If Sam had stopped short any faster, Dean wouldn't have been able to stop in time and would have run right into his back. Their father wasn't so quick and bumped into Dean causing Bryson to loose his balance and fall off Dean's shoulder. Thankfully Dean held out his hand the Sprite landed with a soft whump.

"Sam what's going on?" John demanded. Sam spun around and glared at the small sprite. Dean was surprised to see a look of anger on his brother's face.

"Stop pretending to know who I am you little shit," Sam growled pointing at Bryson. "You and your freakish friends screwed up so I couldn't give a damn what happens to your home or you for that matter. Say that I'm not human one more time and I'll rip your pretty blue wings right off your body!" Surprised seemed not a strong enough word for Dean at the moment. He'd never seen his brother display so much anger and so needlessly too.

In his hand, Dean could feel the small Sprite tremble slightly and inch closer to Dean's sleeve.

"Sam what's gotten into you?" John asked incredulously. Apparently Dean wasn't the only one surprised by the outburst. Sam shook his head as if trying to clear the cobwebs from it and then looked at the three with a sorrowful look.

"I'm sorry," he sighed. "I'm just still a little worn out."

"Doesn't give you the right to be an asshole," Bryson spat. He took flight again and this time landed neatly in John's pocket, the farthest safest distance he could get from Sam. It was clear Sam saw the purposeful action and sighed once again.

"Look Bryson I'm sorry," he said. "My head's still spinning and it's not everyday you find out you were brought back from the dead by supernatural powers."

"It wasn't supernatural," John replied. Dean turned around to look at his father, he knew the man had spoken with Missouri the night before and had yet to discover what the conversation had been about.

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked. "How is any of this not supernatural?" Sam's curiosity must have been peaked as well as he moved next to Dean looking at their father.

"Well not the type of Supernatural we're used to," John replied. "Missouri told me that Sam's abilities, at the strength he's capable of, basically mean the balance between good and evil on earth."

"Man, no pressure or anything," Sam snorted. Dean looked at him but then back to their father. Though he'd never admit it at the moment, Dean was rather afraid of his brother. For twenty two years they'd grown up and Dean had always protected Sam but the more things were revealed and more truths come to light, the more Dean started feeling as though he was in need of protection. Protection against his own sibling.

It was a sad thought but the idea that if Sam decided to play for the bad guys there wouldn't be a weapon on earth to stop him, made Dean shudder. He had faith in his brother, he did but the truth was, now Dean knew what it was like to yield such powers. He could only imagine how easy it would be to just accept ultimate power and rule the world.

It sounded like a bad comic book or a cheesy Sci Fi that would be on tv at one in the morning but this was no joke. This was his brother's life and as much as Dean loved Sam, he knew the youngest Winchester had a tendency to get too emotional. Emotions which often led to anger and an anger that if it consumed Sam, would undoubtedly lead him to a life of evil.

"So I was saved by good? That's why I saw Jess and mom?" Sam asked. John held his son's gaze for a moment and then oddly looked Dean in the eye. Dean knew what came next would make things much worse then they already were.

"No son," John sighed. "It was evil that brought you back and it was the demon that sacrificed himself to keep you alive." Dean's mouth dropped open and his eyes grew wide as he slowly turned to his younger brother. Suddenly Dean wasn't just afraid of his brother, he no longer knew if getting Sam his powers back was such a good idea.

Sam still hadn't broken his stare from his father and after a moment cleared his throat.

"I… mom and Jess… they wanted me dead?" he asked.

"No, they showed up to make sure the Demon died while trying to possess you," John replied. "At least that's what Missouri thought. She believed there was a struggle for your soul."

"And who won!" Sam blurted out. "Am I going to turn evil all of sudden? What the hell?" John moved forward and put a hand on Sam's shoulder, shaking him slightly.

"You are not going to be evil Sammy," he said. "Because of your mother's influence and your girlfriend's you're free to choose."

"It's not a choice Dad," Sam replied. "I just don't want to become something we hunt and I… I don't want to hurt you or Dean." Dean was remaining tactfully silent as his father and brother had their exchange. He really didn't want either of them to ask his opinion on the matter because he knew neither of them would like it.

Family is always number one, John had instilled that in the boys from the day he planted a small boy in the baby's brother's arms. But things had changed a bit since that Semi had rammed into his first Impala. In the first few days of recovering Dean had a lot of time to think about everything that had happened to them up to that point.

There entire lives had been based on hunting things and killing evil things and then when the greatest evil of them all came along, it got away because Sam hadn't shot their father. At the time, Dean was proud and happy Sam hadn't pulled the trigger. As proud as he had been in the hospital yesterday when their father hadn't even considered shooting Sam. But the more Dean thought about it, the more he realized he was happy neither of them would do it because he knew neither of them could live with the guilt…

… But Dean could. If the situations had been reversed and Sam was on that cabin floor bleeding and Dean had the gun to his father's chest… he would have pulled the trigger. Call it following orders or doing the right thing, Dean would have shot and killed his father that very night because he knew it was for the greater good.

The crash had taught him that life wasn't just about loyalty to your family, although that was a big part of it. Life, their life, more specifically was about sacrifice. Dean knew if his father had died that night the man would have been happy to go out in a blaze of glory taking the evil son of a bitch that murdered their mother with him. And he knew that if it came down to it, Sam would rather die then bring harm to him or their father. Just as Dean would die to save either of them.

So Dean had accepted the Winchester way of life more then every before, stubborn sacrifice. He would have shot his father, he was ready to shoot his brother and hell, he'd even shoot himself if it would make the world a better place, free from evil.

"The day you were born your mother called you her angel Sam," John smiled. "I don't believe you're capable of evil, not after all you've done in your life… Right Dean?" And there it was, the moment Dean had been dreading but knew was coming. Both Sam and John looked at him curiously awaiting a response. Even Bryson was sticking his head out of their father's pocket inquisitively.

But as seconds ticked away and Dean simply stood there looking at them with a stoic face their faces changed. John's face grew concerned and slightly disappointed while Sam looked like he was going to burst into tears.

"Dean," John said sternly. "Your brother's going to be fine."

"Of coarse he is," Dean said. He wasn't sure why he was saying anything at all. Perhaps it was the uncomfortable silence they'd just experienced but he had no wish to hurt his brother's feelings anymore. "He's a Winchester," Dean added. Somehow that last part had come out wrong and much more, insult to injury, then Dean had intended.

"We must keep going," Bryson piped up. He climbed out of John's pocket and flew onto Dean's shoulder before pointing in a direction. "Please my people need you all." It was a weak reason to cut the conversation off but it was one none the less. Dean pivoted where he stood and followed Bryson's direction farther into the forest.

They had walked for another half hour before Dean had realized his father and brother were hanging back slightly quietly talking between them. Part of Dean was curious to know what was being said but anther part of him was just glad to see the two men conversing on civil terms. Something else that had changed slightly since the accident, Sam and John appeared to have more appreciation for one another.

In a way, Dean was jealous that he was no longer the be all end all in his father's life. He knew that had never been the case but for two years, for two tough years is had been. It was John and Dean Winchester to the rescue… and then his father had abandoned him. Sam had found a new life and left and John… didn't seem to have given two shits about his oldest son and hightailed it out of there. Dean was the dependable one, the dependable one that got walked on every chance the other two got. Oddly that didn't bother him as much as it should have and usually was easily shrugged away.

He was a hunter, born and raised, a wanderer with no home or direction but rather a purpose to protect people from things they'd only seen in their nightmares. For Dean, that was enough to keep going and if his father and brother occasionally came along for the ride, well it was just that much more fun.

"You're soul gave us a bit of trouble too," Bryson said suddenly. Dean looked at the small Sprite on his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. Bryson shrugged but nodded, "Not nearly as much as Sam's but… still."

"And why's that?" Dean asked.

"Because it didn't want to be restrained," Bryson replied. "It wanted to be free of corporeal confines and roam the earth on it's own."

"Yikes," Dean laughed. "Well thanks for squaring it away."

"We just trapped it," Bryson replied. Then the small Sprite smiled, "And stuffed it back into you." Dean laughed as well but was cut short by an odd sound that only grew louder by the second.

"What is that?" he asked out loud.

"It's the powers!" Bryson squealed. "They're growing again! We have to get to the altar now!" Dean turned around to his father and brother who caught the tail wind of Bryson's exclamation.

All around them the wind had started to pick up fiercely and the sky above them was darkening with angry storm clouds.

"Sam can you run!" Dean called over the angry winds and snapping tree branches.

"I'm a little tired but I'll do it if I have to," Sam replied. Just then a fierce gust of wind nearly took Bryson straight from his perch into a tree but Dean grabbed him in time.

"Bryson, we need to know where we're going so we can get their fast!" Dean said.

"If you keep running north my people will sense you and guide you!" Bryson replied. Dean nodded and looked back to his father and Sam.

"Alright Sammy, time to put those long legs back into action, RUN!" Dean hollered. Sam took off into the woods followed closely by their father, Dean was about to start running too when suddenly an angry gust whipped Bryson from his grip. "NO!" Dean yelled in frustration.

"Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean!" the small Sprite yelled as the winds carried him farther away. It was a split second decision but as the clouds opened up and let down a torrential down pour Dean knew he couldn't leave the poor little Sprite to fend for himself. Not in this weather.

As fast as he could Dean ran in the direction the small Sprite had been dragged off too. Bryson hadn't gone far but was desperately clutching the rough bark of a tree trying not to get launched any further.

"Hang on little buddy!" Dean exclaimed. Though the wind was trying to toss him every which way he managed to get to the tree and grab Bryson. Once the Sprite was safely tucked into his jacket pocket Dean turned to head back the way he came. And that's when he heard it a voice so evil and so angry that it made him shudder, gluing him to the spot.

"You'll never make it out alive!" The wind howled at him. "Your deaths are near, I will be free!" Dean had no idea his brother's powers would be so angry but he had no intention of letting his family die because the wind said so. Breaking from his terrified stance Dean started running in the direction he'd last seen his brother and father.

The moment he started to run however he stopped… as did everything else. The wind died, the rain stopped even though the clouds remained and everything was all at once, incredibly still.

"Bryson?" Dean asked curiously. The Sprite very slowly stuck his head from Dean's pocket and looked around before looking up at Dean.

"Every heard of the 'calm before the storm?'" Bryson replied flatly. "This has happened twice since you and Sam left us. But I was in the protective realm of the altar those times." Dean was about to ask what exactly was going to happen when suddenly a low rumble started filling the silence all around them. Dean looked forward and his eyes grew wide, it seemed almost like the forest was being around them was being warped and tossed every which way.

Bryson let out a squeal of horror.

"Oh man... oh... man... ohman ohman ohman..." Dean looked at the small Sprite and raised an eyebrow. The look of complete and utter death on the Sprite's face was inexplicable.

"What? What is it?"

"Not good," said Bryson, "So not good, not good at all." Dean frowned and looked ahead of them taking in their certain doom. The carnage was a fine path but it seemed to be heading directly toward them. Dean got a sinking feeling as he protectively reached into his pocket holding onto the small sprite.

"This is going to hurt isn't it?" he asked.

"Like a bitch Dean, like a..." The Sprite never got out another word as all the furies of hell reigned down on the two of them.

Dean didn't know which way was up, it felt like his body was being pulled in every which direction and he was being spun and rolled faster and faster. Certain painful points told him that he was most likely being blown through trees and branches. What ever the case it was hurting but more then that it was becoming harder and harder to protect Bryson.

Every now and then he could hear the small guy call out something but the actual words were lost in the howling, tornado strength wind. For some reason, despite the Sprite's attitude when they'd first met, Dean felt bonded to the creature now, like it was his duty to keep the thing alive. Dean had accepted the winds would take his life but he prayed his body would shield his small friend.

Suddenly though the wind and pain kept raging, the sickening motions had stopped. Dean could feel a whole bunch of tiny hands carrying him against the winds. He could hear the heavy beating of small wings and the grunts and curses of overworked Sprites.

Just when it felt like the Sprite's were loosing the battle two strong, human size grips grabbed Dean and pulled. Dean flew forward and landed with a thud and an 'oof.' When he opened his eyes he saw that the oof had come from his younger brother who lay beneath him.

"Why Sammy, my hero!" Dean coughed.

"Get off me you fat bastard," Sam wheezed. Dean laughed and gingerly rolled off Sam taking in his surroundings. The altar sat untouched before them and although Dean could still hear the howling of wind, snapping of branches and thunderous rain he could feel none of it.

"It's the Sprites," John said as he started checking Dean over. "Their altar really is a safety buffer zone." The mention of Sprites and seeing a large gathering of them at the foot of the altar brought Dean's mind snapping back to his pocket. His body ached and he knew he had some broken ribs but he still sat up as quickly as possible and reached into his pocket.

"Bryson," Dean coughed. He pulled the small Sprite into view, his heart sank when the tiny blue man's head lolled lifelessly to one side. John quickly took the Sprite from Dean's hands and looked down at him. Mindy and two other Sprite's flew over and started fussing. "Is he… Is… he…" Dean was having trouble breathing properly but that wasn't why he couldn't say the words. The innocence of that Sprite had been so enormous that it felt like some sort of karmic punishment if the thing was dead.

"He's still alive," Mindy said. "But he's hurt… Sammy get on the altar so we can return the powers too you."

"What about Bryson and Dean? They need help!" Sam replied. Mindy huffed a great plume of sparkle before zipping toward Sam and grabbing his hand.

"No one can get help if we're all dead you idiot! Now get on the damn stone!" he exclaimed. Suddenly a branch from a tree passed through the barrier and took out a few Sprites. "Quickly Sam! We're running out of time!" Mindy exclaimed.

"Go son go!" John ordered. Sam nodded and quickly got onto the altar. Though Dean was still struggling and felt horrible for Bryson he was curious to know what was going to happen. Sam lay on the altar and was immediately surrounded by a ring of Sprites. It sounded like they were mumbling nothings but as they continued and got louder Dean was in awe as his brother began to glow.

Dean struggled to sit up more and John quickly got behind him for support putting Bryson in his hands again.

"Dad what's happening?" Dean whispered.

"I don't know son," John replied. The chanting increased but so did the winds. Soon enough Sam's eyes slid shut and the barrier around them started to deteriorate more.

"Come on Sammy," Dean whispered.

"You think you can control me? I am the omnipotent ruler of all mortals! I can be tied to and hindered by no man!" the wind raged. Now more then every was Dean disturbed that something, a product of his younger brother could be so unruly and power starved. But it was pure energy so Dean hoped that once back in Sam, it would learn it's place again.

A few more Sprite's were tossed about as the barrier deteriorated more. One or two of the Sprites chanting opened their eyes and looked nervously around them.

"Focus!" Mindy screamed. "Louder!" she ordered. The chanting got louder and now even Dean was starting to feel overwhelmed by the power and intensity of the enchanting.

Sam's body arched and he was hit with what appeared to be a bolt of lightening. The lightening was so bright that Dean was forced to seek refuge in his father's chest. When he dared look back however, Sam was now standing on the altar. The Sprite's around him had all been tossed away in all directions and were struggling to help one another.

"Dean, his eyes," John breathed. Dean squinted and looked closer at his glowing brother standing on the altar. Sam's eyes weren't their normal warm colour, they were a vibrant piercing red with streaks of yellow. Dean sucked in a deep breath, it wasn't like any demon or creature he had ever seen. Sam's eyes, were something beyond the supernatural bonded to earth, they were so much more then that.

"It's time to end this," Sam called over the winds. His voice hadn't changed but the knowledge behind it had… and that scared Dean. Sam's changed eyes looked up to the sky and the raging storm around them, by now the barrier was almost completely gone and the Sprite's were seeking refuge wherever they could. A few had even gone so far as to cling to John and Dean's clothing or stuff themselves into available pockets. "You think you can run from me? You belong to me and I will control you!"

"NOOOO!" the wind howled. Then with an ear piercing howl the storm started funneling itself directly into Sam's body.

After a few tense moments, everything was back to normal forest ambiance. The sky quickly cleared and Sam's unconscious body slipped back to the stone marble.

Everyone was looking toward the altar in shock and wonderment. Even the once, childish appearing Sprites now seemed to carry more maturity then Dean thought they were capable off.

"Oooo." A small moan brought Dean's attention to the Sprite he'd been holding in his hands. Bryson sat up slowly holding his head and moaning. "Stop the ride I want to get off," he groaned. Dean let out a short rather hysteric laugh.

"It's over Brys, you're friends came through for us all," Dean replied. Bryson looked around them and then to his friends who were now gather's all around Dean and John.

"Man… we are going to get stupid drunk tonight!" Bryson laughed. Then he hissed and held his side. "Okay, maybe after some first aid," he added. All the Sprite's started to laugh a relieved laugh as those who managed to stay injury free helped those who weren't as lucky.

A groan from the altar caused everyone to freeze however and turn and stare. Sam sat up slowly and after a few deep breaths looked up at Dean. His eyes were back to normal now and filled with confusion.

"Wha'happen?" he slurred.

"What do you remember son?" John asked. The oldest Winchester had yet to move away from Dean toward Sam which made Dean smile despite his own pain.

"Uh… hiking into the woods," Sam replied. Dean wasn't sure why but he started to laugh but soon the laughing became tears. Sam leapt of the altar and joined Dean's side putting a hand on his shoulder. "Dean what's wrong? Where are you hurt?" he asked.

Dean just shook his head, after all they'd gone through, the three Winchesters had yet again, beaten the odds and were still alive… So why did that feel so wrong to Dean? He was tired, hurt and hungry but most of all, he'd almost been relieved when the winds picked him up and tried to kill him earlier. And now, now the saga would continue. The Winchesters would go on hunting and Dean would continue to fight like the devil were chasing him.

"… ad I think he's passing out…"

"… ang on Dean, hang on…"

"…ou humans…" And then there was nothing but darkness.

Three days later...

Dean walked down the steps of the farm house and tossed his duffle bag into the trunk of the Impala. It still hurt to breath slightly and there were other parts of him aching with bruises. He'd woken up in the hospital with his right arm in a splint, his chest tightly wrapped and enough stitches to form a railroad company on his body. But it wasn't longer then twelve hours before Dean had been climbing the walls bugging everyone he could about being discharged.

The doctors backed by his father and brother had forced him to stay another night but thankfully had released him the next morning. The past two days Dean and his family had spent with Missouri and the Summers, resting and relaxing. It have given Sam a chance to explain that the powers, though he could feel them inside him, weren't ready to be exploited just yet. When Dean had asked when they would be ready, not even bothering to hide his dislike of the idea, Sam had simply shrugged saying he had no idea.

The Summers had been more the willing to let them stay for as long as they liked. But like Dean had been in the hospital, he soon grew antsy in the Summers home. Last night he, Sam and John had decided to leave and get back on the road. A haunted mansion was wreaking terror on it's new owners two states over and Dean was more then willing to go check it out.

"You going to drive too Mr. Invincible?" Dean looked up from his duffle bag in the trunk to Sam who'd approached with his own luggage.

"The demon's gone Sam, I can drop you at a bus station if you want," he said. Sam's head contorted to the side as though Dean had spoken a foreign tongue and he smiled.

"Dean… Stanford's not going anywhere," he replied. "I got accepted full ride I can do it again but now… now things are just beginning to be explained. I can't bail out now." Dean used his good hand to close the trunk of the car with a sigh.

"Either way Sammy," he replied.

"Dean." He looked at his younger brother noticing the smile had gone as quickly as it had appeared.

"What?" Dean asked.

"You know that if my abilities ever come back to the extent they did a few days ago, I'd never use them for anything but to help people, right?" Sam asked. Dean bit his bottom lip and looked down at his feet ashamed he couldn't give his brother an answer. "Dean please," Sam sighed. Dean looked back up at him and saw a look of longing and sadness, "You've been my kick ass big brother from day one Dean. If you don't believe in me then… then I really don't see the point." For a moment Dean considered just getting into the car and away from the situation but looking in his brother's eyes he knew he couldn't do it. Sam may have had omnipotent powers tucked away inside him but he was truly admitting, that he needed his big brother's faith in him to survive. "I can't do this without you Dean," Sam added.

That was it, Dean was still wary of his brother and his abilities but he was still the older brother and that still entitled him to the right of being the hero. Finally a smile crept across Dean's face.

"Alright Nancy," he sighed. "I'm not going anywhere. Now get your gangly ass in the car before I drive off without you." Sam's face brightened up a bit and he smiled a grateful smile.

Just then their father walked up to them from inside the house. Missouri waved from the porch then disappeared back into the house.

"Sure we can't give you and Missouri a ride back to Lawrence?" Dean asked. John shook his head.

"I think that woman would sooner walk then get into a car with a Winchester again," he joked. "The Summers have business in Lawrence and agreed to give us a ride back. From there… well, Bobby gave me a heads up on a possible poltergeist in Virginia, figured I'd go there and check it out." Dean sighed.

"You know dad… the demon's gone, you could, I dunno, retire or something," he offered. John let out a healthy laugh before giving Dean a solid thump on the back.

"The demon's gone and I couldn't be happier for that Dean but that doesn't mean evil is gone too," he replied. "People still need hunters like us and your brother needs an explanation."

"So come with us, we'll do it together," Dean offered. Again his father shook his head.

"We'd step on each other's toes Dean," he said. "I trained you well enough to be the order giver not the taker and I think Sam needs to figure things out without me." With a sigh Dean lowered his head and nodded, he knew his father was right. They were all grown men now and didn't need to traipse around the country following one another as if on a string.

"Keep in touch at least?" Dean asked. "Maybe answer your phone once and a while?" John's face softened and he nodded.

"I'll try," he replied. Whether or not the man would do it was anyone's guess but Dean took stock in the fact that his father was much more in tune to his sons now that he'd experienced having no control what so ever over their lives.

"Bye dad," Dean said. His father gave him a hug careful of his injuries then walked over to Sam and did the same.

"Cya dad," Sam said. John nodded and headed back up toward the house. Dean looked at Sam who raised an eyebrow and held out his hand. "Unless you've discovered a new way to drive while injured and on pain killers, hand em over," he ordered. Dean sneered indignantly at his brother but then reached into his pocket and tossed his keys.

"A scratch Sam, I swear to high heaven if you get one freaking scratch on my car again I'll…"

"Cut my hair Dean?" Sam smirked. "Tell me did you think I forgot about that? Or did you not look behind you when you took a shower this morning?" Dean's face dropped instantly and his eyes grew wide. He searched his memory for any point in time when Sam had been alone with his body long enough to exact revenge for the hair cut.

Frantically Dean pulled up his shirt around his neck, being careful of his injuries and turned his back to one of the rearview mirrors. Dean was horrified to find a tattoo etched into his body.

"When…!" Dean was about to rip his brother's head off, powers be damned until he actually looked at the tattoo more closely. It was actually a pretty decent job of the Impala and underneath it, it read, "Mr. Big Brother." Dean laughed, at least his brother hadn't gotten him a bad tattoo of a stereo typical butterfly or worse, something stupid like a tattoo that said, "I love cheese."

Dean replaced his shirt and looked at Sam.

"Not bad," he said. "But when did you have time to get it?"

"They day you cut my hair, I went for food and laundry? There was a parlor right next door to the laundry matt," Sam replied. Dean frowned.

"But how did you know I was going to cut your hair?" he asked. A mischievous smile crept across Sam's face.

"I didn't," he replied. "I just thought it'd be fun but then I saw my hair and well… pay back's a bitch huh?" Dean's eyes went wide but then he narrowed them with a smile.

"Oh, it's SO on Francis," he goaded. "Next two states are fair game, no Nair or superglue allowed, they've been done." Sam laughed as the two brother's climbed into the car.

"You still wont stand a chance," Sam said. "You sure you can handle a challenge Gimpy?"

"Try me Sams," Dean replied. "One hand tied down I can still kick your ass."

"What ever Dean," Sam said. "Why don't you get some rest, you're going to need it." Dean had already yawned twice and was feeling the effects of the pain pills he'd taken. He waved at his brother nonchalantly and sank lower in his seat as they pulled out of the farm's driveway.

"Yeah, yeah," he sighed. Things weren't perfect between him and his family but at least they'd work things out together. Within moments Dean's eyelids grew heavy and he slipped into a dreamless sleep.

Sam looked over at his brother's sleeping form for a moment making sure the man was asleep. When he was sure, he reached into his pocket. It didn't take much tape to restrain a Sprite. Little Bryson looked up at him with an untold fear in his eyes. Sam's face warped into a malicious and wicked grin before he stuffed the creature back into his pocket and sped up just a little bit more. The journey was just beginning.



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