My first Naruto fic, it's about time I wrote one. I couldn't come up with a good title, so I put the first thing that popped into my head. This is a challenge I was given.

It will eventually be smut (I hope) fic, it will be my first ever het fic. It will be in segments. This part 1 and 2, since I had no idea what to do to make the first part longer and more interesting.

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Troublesome Things

'Clouds are nice' said a bored, yet thoughtful voice to the cloudy night sky.

'Clouds don't boss you around or make you do anything for that matter. They just float there in the sky, lazily drifting with the changing wind. Just lazy, fluffy white pillows in the sky.' A low mutter came, emitting from a shadowed figure on a rooftop.

The moon gently peeked out from behind a large cloud, bathing the figure in it's ethereal light. One could clearly see his slim physique sprawled out on what now could be seen as the rotting old roof of an abandoned house.

Shikamaru liked watching the clouds. Often he would dream about what it would be like to be a cloud, going wherever the wind took him, never having to do anything he did not want to do, and never having a care in the world. Just float there. Er, not that he would openly admit that to anyone other than himself.

He particularly liked watching clouds during the day; it was warmer, but harder to avoid being disturbed. However, every now and then he would watch them at night, if there were any out. He did this especially when he was feeling restless, like he was feeling now.

Stretching his stiff limbs, he sprawled out once more with a yawn on the creaking old roof, accidentally knocking off a few rotting shingles. It was the perfect place to watch the clouds. The house was on the outskirts of the village, just a short distance from where the forest grew thicker, so the view was not obscured by branches. He liked to come here to think, it was peaceful and quiet, and no one ever bothered to look for him there. Apparently there was a rumour about the place being haunted and claims of 'moaning' ghosts or monsters. Or something. That suited him just fine.

He had been going there for the past 4 weeks, and had yet to encounter those 'moaning' ghosts, or be eaten by a hungry monster. Sometimes, people and their imaginations could be so troublesome.

Now, as to why he was restless this night. He had something on his mind that continuously invaded his dreams and thoughts every waking moment, never leaving him in peace.

More like he had someone on his mind.

This someone just happened to female –a very attractive female – who was as bossy and over-bearing as they can, and definitely too troublesome to deal with. So, why couldn't he stop thinking about her?

'Troublesome' he muttered before getting up and dusting himself off. He needed to go to bed; he was meeting with his team tomorrow and would most likely be throttled by Ino for being late…again.

Obviously, cloud watching was not the solution to this perplexing problem.


'Everything is troublesome to you! You're so lazy, it's a wonder you even have the ability to move!'

'Tch. You're so troublesome.'

'If you say troublesome one more time, I'm going to pop you…'

'You're only going to do that anyway, so what difference does it make?'

'UGH. You're so hopeless…'

'Here we go again' muttered Asuma under his breath as his two students continued their childish bickering.

Well, more childish on Ino's part. It always happened without fail, like some screwed up routine. First Ino would arrive, and then Chouji, both on time. Shikamaru, however, would show up a few minutes late. Somehow, that always managed to set her off. She would get annoyed with him, he would respond with his usual 'troublesome', and it would just go down hill from there.

Asuma had long ago given up trying to stop them; they just continued anyway.

Chouji sat off to the side on an old tree stump, eating his chips. He didn't even dare to try to stop the two- Ino was damn scary when she was angry. Moreover, he meant scary as in 'PMSing 24/7 with a kunai' scary. He shuddered. A long painful death was definitely not very high on his to-do list.

Thankfully the arguments were always short lived and the two were back to being teamates again. It was like they just could not function without arguing at least once.

"Sometimes, those two argue like an old married couple" both student and sensei thought at the same time.

Then they quickly scratched the thought, just in case Ino could somehow read minds… what? That girl was scary sometimes!

The fighting was dying down, so Asuma took his chance and cleared his throat to get their attention. The two nins quickly ceased their talking and focused on their smoke-inhaling sensei. Well, Shikamaru's attention was on him, Ino was busy trying to glare a hole into the spiky haired shinobi's head.

He sighed. Better than nothing, right?

'As you know, today we were supposed to spar with Kurenai's team, but unfortunately they had to cancel due to receiving a last minute mission.' That got Ino's attention.

"So we came here for nothing! What are we supposed to do now?' she asked.

'I didn't plan anything, so I guess you have the rest of the day to yourselves.'

'YES!' Ino shouted with a happy jump.

'Alright, now I can perfect some techniques I've wanted to work on!' said Chouji, still happily munching on his chips.

Shikamaru didn't say anything. He just shrugged and walked off towards the forest. To where, only god knew. That was odd. Usually he would just mutter 'troublesome' and then walk off.

Ino watched him slowly disappear into the woods.

'What is up with him? And where is he going?'

Asuma gave a small smile, with a hint of concern in his eyes. 'He's Shikamaru. He never does anything unless he has to or really wants to. The only thing he actually enjoys doing the most is cloud watching, so that's probably what he's going to do. As to what's wrong with him, I don't think we'll ever know unless he decides to tell us. That's just how he's always been, and probably always will be.' He said, before supposedly heading towards his home.

'Hm' Ino sighed softly, stealing one more glance to where Shikamaru had disappeared to before leaving to her house.

Chouji lingered a while longer, still staring at the direction Shikamaru had went in. Something was truly bothering his friend.

No one else would have noticed, but Chouji did, they were best friends after all. Shikamaru had been acting a little odd for the past few weeks, He was quieter, thought more than usual, and his daily bickering with Ino seemed to be only half-hearted at best.

Funny how you always notice the littlest things that tell you something is definitely bothering your best friend.

Something was up, but he wasn't going to press it. Shika was friend, and he would tell him what was wrong when he was ready. That's just how Shikamaru worked; he wouldn't say anything until he fully understood what was bothering him.

He sighed heavily and headed towards his house. He just hoped Shikamaru would him soon, he was beginning to worry.

AN: Working on part 3, and I hope to have it done soon.