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Officially Academically Insane
- chapter 1 -

"Wait, let me get this straight." Tyson huffed, crossing his arms, the vein on his temple threatening to pop. "You're not going to let us, the BladeBreakers, enter the biggest tournament in the whole history of Beyblade - other than the World Tournament, of course - because we don't have a school permit, so you're sending us, the BladeBreakers, to SCHOOL!"

Mr. Dickinson coughed nervously, "Well, that's about it, Tyson."

Kai rolled his eyes, and Ray and Max shrugged, snickering a bit as they counted to three.

One, two, three.

Tyson took a deep breath, and screamed.



"Cheer up, Tyson, old buddy!" Max chirped, a bit muffled due to the fact that his mouth was full of cheesy french fries. "All we need is one year and we're sailing the boat to victory!"

"Easy for you to say." Tyson sulked, and simply retreated to eating his depression away. "That's one year, Maxie! One year of wasting our life away!"

"Oh, Tyson, don't be so melodramatic." Ray laughed ("Melo -- wha?"), before turning to look out the window of the private plane lent to them. Obviously, Kai chose to ride in his own private plane. "You're obviously enthusiastic about this, Max." He commented, a small grin on his face at the clouds passing by.

"Well," Max swallowed before speaking again, "I called mom earlier this morning just before we left for the airport, and she said that Hayton High was beautiful. Really big and has everything a student can ask for! Basketball courts, volleyball court, tennis court, soccer field, gyms, auditoriums, swimming pools, you name it. Their dorms are very luxurious, too."

"Ohh, yeah, didn't your mom used to teach before?" Tyson entered the conversation, past problems forgotten over a big plate of cheesy fries.

"Yup." The grin on the blonde's face never wavered. "She substituted in Hayton High way, way back. The principal wanted her to stay, but she didn't."

"Why's that?" Ray raised an eyebrow as Max leaned in closer to them to let out a deadly whisper.

"I heard the students there were awful."

Tyson swallowed, stopping his snack with a small break of sweat running down the sides of his face. "Your... mom told you that?"

"No, of course not." Max grinned, but his voice turned into that deep, macabre voice again. "But it's pretty big news when I was in America. Sure, the education's advanced, the place's great, but the students were thought to be psychotic and sometimes even possessed!"

Tyson jumped in his seat with a squeak. "P-Possessed?"

Max was about to say more, but his laughter got the best of him, and he laughed hysterically in his seat, spraying cheese all over Ray's face. "Oh my god, Tyson, you should have seen your face!"

Ray twitched, wiping the cheese off hastily. "Then please don't include my face."

"Hey, seriously!" Tyson huffed, sitting up right in his seat as he continued to eat his fries, sulking yet again. "I just wanted to know! Who would want to enter a school with your classmates psychotic and possessed? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't."

"Sorry, Tyson." Max snickered, letting out a few more chortles, before seeming to calm down. ("Oh, sorry about the cheese, Ray.") "But it's true, though. They said Hayton High was a teacher's hell. Lately, too, something weird's been going on. And there's this class. You seriously wouldn't want to get on their bad side."

"Class?" Ray asked, and Max opened his mouth to answer but the speaker boomed with the pilot's voice.

"5 minutes to landing, BladeBreakers. Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare to land. I repeat, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare to land."


They stepped off the plane, but Tyson was surprised to see that they weren't in an airport at all. They were actually in an open field, the wind blowing furiously, with the grass swaying with it. In the distance, the sun started to set behind an old-fashioned - but very much screaming monarchy - castle.

Tyson gaped. "Where are we anyway?"

Max and Ray's jaws dropped and they looked at Tyson incredulously. "You stepped on the plane without knowing where you're going!"

"Uh..." Tyson gave a sheepish grin. "Yeah...?"

Just then, a figure walked forward towards them, hands in his pocket, ruby-red eyes and two-toned hair with a deadpan look on his face. "We're in Germany, and that," He pointed to the castle, "Is Robert Jurgen's castle."


Kai smirked, "But of course, you wouldn't know that."

"What's that supposed to mean!"


"Why are we in Germany, again?"

Ray raised an eyebrow with an amused grin, "Because Hayton High is in France...?"

"Oh." Tyson paused, "Why are we in Germany, again?"

"Because, Tyson," A voice cut through the air, and all eyes turned to the new person entering the room through the large oak doors. "You're going to France through a private subway."

Tyson's face lit up, and a big smirk spread over his face. "Robert! Good to see you again, old pal!"

Robert lips merely thinned as he entered the room and seated himself on a chair somewhere near the burning fireplace.

"Hey, don't forget us!"

If possible, Tyson's face got even brighter when Enrique bounced in with an unwilling Johnny behind him. "You guys are here, too!" But there was something missing. "Oh? Where's Oliver?"

Enrique smiled brightly, his unruly blonde hair still unruly as ever. "Ollie's waiting for us in France, so we have to hurry because it's almost sunset."

"Don't get so excited, Enrique." Johnny drawled, "We still have a lot of time."

Tyson raised an eyebrow, "Somebody's not telling me something. I think I'm missing the picture here."

"You really don't know anything, do you?" Kai smirked.

Max grinned. "That's Tyson for you!"


"The plan is, Tyson," Robert started, "Tomorrow's officially the first day of... class, and we still have to get our..." He trailed off, as if something kept getting stuck in his throat.

Enrique grinned at his discomfort, "What Robert here is trying to say, we still have to get our schoolbooks fixed, our uniforms and all that, and we have to reach France before the school closes. Taking the normal train won't do us any good, so we're taking Robert's jet train."

"Jet train?" Max furrowed his eyebrows, "What's that?"

"Ask the genius." Johnny shrugged, pointing at Robert's flushed face with his thumb.

Ray blinked. "What's wrong with him?"

Enrique grinned wider, if more evilly. "He still can't accept the fact that he's going to school."

Robert chose to ignore that statement and was about to speak, but Tyson beat him to it. "W-w-w-wait a minute! The Majestics? School? You're going to Hayton High?"


"Woah." Tyson breathed, "But you're the Majestics! Honestly, I'd think you'd already have a school permit! Wait, you are going to enter the Beyblade Cup Tournament, right?"

"We weren't planning to." Robert stated, and Johnny finished for him.

"But our parents wanted us to enter, and they said that a normal school would do us good." From the look on his face and the sarcasm dripping from his voice, he obviously wasn't enjoying his predicament either.


"Oliver!" Enrique waved as he jumped off the train, and ran to his green-haired friend.

Oliver smiled at him. "Nice to see you, too, Enrique."

They were currently in an underground tunnel, from where Robert's jet train traveled. In front of their drop-off area was a big elevator made with refined metal that leads to somewhere in Oliver's mansion.

"Woah." All eyes turned as Tyson stepped of the train, eyes wide and shining, before he ran around touching everything within reach. "This is so cool!"

Max grinned, leaning over to Ray with a mutter and gesturing to their drop-off area, "Makes you jealous, huh?"

Ray rolled his eyes, but grinned back nonetheless. "Definitely."

Soon after, Kai stepped off the train as well, Johnny and Robert trailing behind. After a few words from Robert, the train left and they all stood together, their voices echoing in the tunnel.

"Good evening, Oliver." Robert nodded stiffly, deciding that if Oliver mocked him about the school, he'd sick his bitbeast on the boy.

Oliver merely smiled innocently, "Good evening to you, too, Robert." Behind him, Enrique snickered quietly. He continued, "Well, we have fifteen minutes left to reach Hayton High. We should get going."

"Aw…" Tyson pouted, "No sight-seeing?"


"What the hell?" Tyson raised an eyebrow as the van stopped into a halt in front of a forest. "This is a forest!"

"We can see that, Tyson." Kai retorted, ignoring the glare the navy-blue haired boy sent him. "Hayton High's up ahead."

"In a forest!"

"Yes." Oliver smiled, an amused look on his face, as he gestured for everyone to step off the van. "Hayton High's a very prestigious high school, and their campus is way too big. They couldn't find a lot in the city, so they simply decided to settle up here. Their education's high in standards, and they're very private in their way of teaching, so the location somehow proved useful to them."

Ray blinked, a thoughtful expression on his face. "How come you know so much?"

Johnny answered for him, an irked look on his face. "His parents owns Hayton High."

Tyson's eyeballs nearly bulged out of their sockets. "WHAT!"

"Alright, now I'm really jealous." Max pouted.

"If I'm right," Kai drawled, "The Majestics' parents are the one hosting the Beyblade Cup Tournament, and it was them who set the 'school permit' rule up."

Johnny glared at him. "Don't remind us."

"Well, it should be fun!" Enrique chimed, throwing an arm around Johnny's shoulder that was carelessly shrugged off. "I heard there were a lot of cute girls in mini-skirts there!"

"That was all your doing, you idiot." Robert spoke up.

"Whaddya mean?" Tyson raised an eyebrow.

Oliver coughed embarrassedly. "When my parents started the school, they asked me to design the school uniform. Enrique was visiting, so I asked him to help me, and he said mini-skirts, so… mini-skirts."

Tyson laughed heartily, "Enrique's always been a pervert!"

"HEY! I am not!"

"Let's hurry." Robert cut in, walking forward and expecting the others to follow. "The principal might already be waiting at the top."

"The top?"

They continued walking towards the forest, passing at least ten rows of trees – Ray counted – before a round, glass case came into view in the middle of the pathway.

"What's that?" Max blinked.

"You can say it's an elevator." Oliver smiled, opening the door of the glass case connected to a small railway. "The school's too high up, so when you want to go the city, it'd be too long if you go down the slope of the forest. We call it Polytrans, though."

"Why's that?"

"No reason. I just like how it sounds."

They all sweat-dropped, but entered the glass case nonetheless. Kai frowned at the glass, "If it's out here in the open, then isn't glass just a little bit too fragile?"

"No, that's not normal glass." Oliver shook his head, before tapping the glass. "It's made of special substance. I tell you, it's not easy to break." He closed the door, and on the railing around the glass case, he looked for a white patch of metal with a green button and a red one. He pushed the green one, and waited as the glass case came to life, skidded a bit, before smoothly going up.

"I've never been so awestruck in all my life." Tyson grinned, looking out through the glass and into the forest.


"Scratch that." Tyson breathed as he looked at the huge gate in front of him and the huge building far behind it. "I have never been so awestruck in all my life."

"Wait till you see the inside!" Enrique grinned.

"Save the chit-chat for later." Robert piped in, "The principal's here." He watched as the gate opened slowly, and two people emerged from it, both wearing welcoming smiles.

"Ah, you must be the BladeBreakers and the Majestics." There was a fairly skinny woman with shoulder-length brown hair and rectangle glasses, while the other was a timid young man in his mid-twenties. "I'm the principal, and welcome to Hayton High."


In the farthest room of the first floor of Hayton High stood the prefect's office. The door stood ajar and a small peek of light emitted from it. In the room stood the prefect and a student, white bandages wrapped around his forehead.

"But I told you!" The student wailed, "I didn't do it!"

The prefect frowned, hands folded in front of her as she surveyed the student quietly. "School's not even started and you're already causing me trouble." She muttered.

The student slammed his hands on the table in exasperation, "I didn't do it! Look at me! I nearly bled to death back then! And you still think I did it?"

The prefect's lips set in a thin line. "You've done more extravagant stunts before. Why should I be surprised?"

"You – agh!" The student settled for clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, tears making it's way to his eyes. He wasn't going to let this prefect see him cry today. "Forget it, just… forget it." He muttered, walking out of the room and slamming the door closed in the process.

Alone in the room, the prefect rubbed her temples, before sitting behind her desk. She took the paper with the student's picture and info on it, before writing on the upper-left corner.



Somewhere in the premises of Hayton High, a girl blinked her eyes open, soil and mud being the first thing she sees. Her brain gets the message that her legs are numb, and so she sits up with shaking hands.

But as she looks up, her eyes catches sight of a black figure, huge and massive, it's gleaming red eyes watching her quietly.

And so, she screams.

- tbc -