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Officially Academically Insane
- chapter 2 -

"You're an idiot," a girl hissed, her eyes flashing dangerously behind black-framed rectangle glasses in the dark. Her left eye was neon green, while the other was electric blue, giving the other person an even more eerie feeling. The girl gritted her teeth, her shoulder-length magenta hair flowing behind her as she walked around the room, her fingers playing with her three dark pink bangs nervously.

"It's not my fault, Pandora," the other hissed back, obviously ticked off. He ran his hands through black, spiky hair and pushed his glasses farther up the bridge of his nose. "Raine and I were attacked. The attacker left me bleeding and unconscious, and freaking took Raine away. What do you think I could have done?"

"Looked for tracks? Clues? Anything? But no, you just had to run away and get back in campus because you were scared of bleeding to death." Pandora scowled, "You're pathetic, Gin."

"Stop talking as if you're the only one who cares!" Gin stomped, near tears once again for the umpteenth time that night. "There were no tracks! No clues! And I ran away because I thought that stupid excuse for a prefect would actually care enough to call police, but she didn't. Instead, the only thing she did was suspend me!"

"That's enough." another girl stepped out from the shadows, rubbing her temples with an annoyed expression. She pushed away black, wavy hair from her face and stared at them with emerald green eyes. "If you're going to fight, save all that energy for that attacker. The others are searching the forest, but I'm still trying to get word from Riku."

Pandora's lips tightened. She glared at Gin one last time, before focusing her attention to the other girl. "Riku's still not back, Charlize?"

Charlize shook her head. "She told me she'll be back tonight. It's only seven, after all."


"What happened?" Ray asked, raising an eyebrow at Oliver.

They were currently in the small living room for the dormitories, the fire placing crackling brightly and the night sky bright with stars outside the window.

Oliver shrugged, a worried look on his face. "I've just received word that two students were attacked in the forest. A boy and a girl. The boy's safe but wounded, and the girl's missing, so the start of classes will be rescheduled three days from now."

"What do you mean attacked?" Tyson leaned in front of his chair, listening intently.

"We're not sure," Again, Oliver shrugged. "The boy said it was dark and he couldn't remember. He refused to say anything else until we called the police."

Robert crossed his arms. "Have you called the police, then?"

Oliver shook his head. "No. The principal forbade me not to. She said to give her three days at least. Besides, even though I'm probably higher than her, I'm still a student and she's still my principal." he laughed slightly, but there was no humor.

"Then what the heck does she think she can do?" Tyson scowled.

"Don't get so hyped up, Tyson." Kai drawled. "You forget this is still Hayton High. It's also one of the most prestigious and advanced schools so they can definitely do something. And another thing is that if they call the police, everything will be made public and I don't think that the principal would like it if the reputation of her school would be destroyed."

"That's another reason why I went along with the principal's plan." Oliver shrugged. "My parents own this school. I can't let it go down."

Enrique whistled. "That's the way to do it, Ollie!"

"But why do you suppose they were attacked?" Max leaned back in his chair, a thoughtful look on his face.

"Probably got a grudge or something." Johnny shrugged.

Tyson sighed exasperatedly. "That's one hell of a grudge."


"I'm confused." a girl with very short, dark brown hair muttered, her deep brown eyes searching around for her companion. Her rectangle glasses had black frames on the top and she pushed them higher on the bridge of her nose nervously. "So what did Gin say again?"

Her companion sighed, giving her a patient smile, not caring at all that the other has been asking that question over and over again for the whole hour. "Gin said he wasn't sure what attacked them, Toni. The only thing he remembered was that the attacker had a big body, and a lot of body hair." she smiled meekly, pushing away long wavy dark brown hair away from hazel eyes. Her hair had a red tint in it, and she had tied it up in its usual high ponytail.

"Ruth, uhm… wait… Body hair?"

"Yes, body hair." Ruth grinned. "Gin said he was uber furry, but that would seem very inappropriate."

"Err… right." Toni shrugged. She turned her head, but nearly screamed when her face touched something hairy. "IT'S THE ATTACKER!"

"What? Where?" Ruth rushed over to her, but raised an eyebrow as she saw Toni's predicament. "It's just a patch of hair, Toni."

"…It smells bad." Toni coughed, pushing the patch of hair away. "Just a patch of hair, Ruth? This is one big patch of hair. Think about it! This might belong to the attacker!"

Ruth shrugged. "I guess Gin was right. The attacker really is uber furry."


"What are we looking for, anyway?" a girl with raven wing black done in a bun with left-over hair gelled into a copper-red halo around it, her stormy dark gray eyes trying to get adjusted to the darkness. She ducked under a branch to get around the tree. She scanned the floors, but found nothing unusual. There was nothing on the trees as well.

"Charlize said to look for tracks, Akari…" another girl murmured, following Akari silently. Her straight, waist-length dark purple (almost black) hair got stuck in the branch, and she gently untangled it. She pushed her shoulder length bangs away, coughing nervously as she walked through unfamiliar grounds. She had golden eyes, pointed ears, and fangs – the characteristics of a neko-jin.

"Tracks, tracks, tracks…" Akari muttered, "Lani, you have sharper eyes. Can you see anything?"

Lani scanned around, her eyes locking onto the ground. "The soil looks disturbed here."

Akari's head shot up and she scurried back to where Lani was. "Really?"

Lani nodded, happy to help. "Look. It's like a big dent. If you look around, you'll see that the dent is like a circle or something."

"What could possibly make this, then?" Akari huffed. Lani shrugged. "If this actually connects with the attacker, then he's surely a big brute."

Lani merely stifled a giggle. Akari grinned, standing up from her crouched position. "Let's go tell the others then."


"Well, since we wouldn't be doing anything useful for a while, do you guys want a tour?" Oliver grinned.

Tyson cheered. "Of course!"

"I'm hitting the sack." Johnny stood up from his chair, looking at Oliver expectantly.

"The boys dormitories are to the left." Oliver pointed. "You and Robert will get Room 14. Kai and Ray gets 13, Tyson and Max in 12, while Enrique and I gets 11."

Kai merely blinked before he stood up as well and walked away to his room without a word.

Max shrugged. "I'm guessing he won't take the tour."

"I'll pass as well." Robert nodded politely, before going to his room, with Johnny following closely behind.

"Well, gentlemen." Oliver smiled, "Shall we go?"


"Yes, I've missed you, too, Riku." Charlize managed to squeeze out, her voice muffled due to the fact that the said girl currently has her in a big bear hug.

They were currently outside the school gates and in the forest (they snuck out, of course) with the rest of Class 1-C who had dormitories. The search was obviously going well, especially with that dent Akari and Lani found and the patch of hair courtesy of Ruth and Toni.

Riku let out a squeal, gave Charlize one last squeeze before jumping onto Pandora next. "Aww, it's been so long!" her black hair was cut in layers, the longest part of her hair reaching just under her shoulders. Her hair was parted at the right side, and her bangs on the left side almost reached her eye. Bright purple eyes scanned the forest, relishing in the feel to be back.

"So, how's it been?" Charlize grinned.

"Great!" Riku clapped her hands. "If this goes on, I'm on my way to fame and fortune!" she laughed. She continued to speak, but her eyes locked onto Pandora's sea foam green pants. "What the heck are you wearing?"

Pandora raised one delicate eyebrow. "At least I'm not wearing an oversized puffy coat that makes you look stout and obese. Oh, and has a really dull shade of the color brown. And bright pink flip-flops."

Riku opened her mouth but closed it on second thought. "That was mean." she pouted, "I like my flip-flops."

Pandora merely smiled innocently.

Charlize grinned at their antics, motioning yet again to Riku's oversized puffy coat. "Your costume still under it?"

Riku nodded cheerfully. "We had a late show. That's why I couldn't come back before 7:30. I'll just change and I'll catch up. Tell Gin I'm coming."


"Why are we here again?" a girl with pink hair tied into a high ponytail by a light pink cloth and golden eyes pouted. "It's so boring. And everything's so big." She blinked at the structure of the buildings.

"It's the Elders' idea, Mariah." a boy with dark brown hair in a low ponytail and the same golden eyes sighed. "We have to do this to enter the Beyblade Cup. You do want to enter, right?"

"Of course, Lee!" Mariah huffed and puffed her cheeks, "I just don't get why the village had to send us over here. So far away, right? While Gary and Kevin gets to be in Russia."

"I thought you liked adventure." Lee teased.

"I do!" Mariah grinned, before pointing behind her to a red-haired boy with sharp, blue eyes. "I can't say the same about Tala, though."




"Would you mind telling me what the hell is blood doing on the wall?"


- tbc -