Look! It's a sequel to Parcel of Pleasure! :O -le gasp-

Heh. This is originally a response to a challenge issued by the new community in LiveJournal, firsttweak. The theme was mother and I thought that I'd make a sort of a sequel to POP. I thought it was a good idea, anyway.

This is the full version of it; the LJ version had to be 300 words. What a pain that was. X.x




It was painful. God, it hurt so bad it felt like I was being ripped in half. My head was throbbing, my chest was constricted tightly, and as I recall, it was very difficult to breath. Sweat glistened on every inch of my exposed skin and my throat was raw from screaming obscenities at my mate and how much I hated him at the moment.

Of course, he knew I didn't mean a word of it. At least…I hope so. Kaede wouldn't let him stay in the hut during delivery, but I was quite sure that he refused to the vicinity of the dwelling. But that still didn't stop me from feeling bad and a tad bit guilty for saying that. Just the thought of such a notion left a bad taste in my mouth and actually saying it meant that it felt as if I'd swallowed a whole canteen of Myoga's poison antidote.

Ugh… Thank God my morning sickness ended a month ago.

But looking down at the small, warm and surprisingly quiet bundle in my arms wrapped in my old baby blanket from home, I very suddenly and firmly decided that it was all worth it.

A loving, motherly smile – Oh my God, motherly! – blossomed on my lips as a small, downy puppy ear twitched in the slightest as Inuyasha pronounced quite loudly that he refused to wait any longer and not a second later the entrance flap was pushed aside and my mate strode in, the scowl on his face instantly vanishing when he saw what lay in my arms.

I turned my smile toward him and I felt the familiar sensation of tears prickling the back of my eyes. But they were happy tears this time. "Hi." My voice was hoarse as I addressed my mate.

"Kagome," Inuyasha sighed shakily and made his way over, sitting down next to me and tilting my head with a hand to place a chaste kiss on my lips. "How are you?" he rumbled against my lips and I giggled softly.

"I'm fine," I replied and pulled away, my smile widening. "We're fine."

Just like that my mate's attention was riveted to the now squiggling parcel in my arms. Something flipped in my stomach as I watched our baby wriggled around because I knew he smelled his father. My heart warmed and I smoothed back the fuzzy blue blanket obscuring our son's face.

"He's beautiful," Inuyasha murmured and I readily agreed. "Can I…?"

He didn't need to finish his sentence. Wordlessly, I shifted our baby in my arms and transferred him into Inuyasha's waited arms, warmed at the sight of my mate holding the infant so carefully as if he would break at the slightest jarring. I leaned against his side and placed my chin on his shoulder, staring down at the most wonderful and beautiful that could have ever happened to us. My baby, my world.

My Kioshi.

"He's so quiet," Inuyasha said softly as if he were reading my very thoughts. I smiled and nodded.

"Kioshi," I said and rubbed a tiny puppy ear. Kioshi burbled and wiggled around again, the ear flattening against his head. I barely refrained from squealing; it was so cute!

"Kioshi," my mate echoed and he frowned slightly in thought before nodding. "Yeah. Our quiet Kioshi." He smiled and I didn't think it was possible to fall any deeper in love with him.

But I did.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, then leaned down and kissed my son's soft forehead. He cooed softly and wrinkled his nose. Inuyasha chuckled as I smiled. With quiet amusement, I watched my mate trace a claw carefully down Kioshi's pudgy cheek and enjoyed the look of wonderment that crossed his face. I savored the image because I had never quite seen a look like that one before. I'd most likely never see it again.

Inuyasha shifted our son into the crook of one arm then wrapped his other one around me, tugging me closer and catching my mouth in a deep, leisurely kiss. It was a while before he let me pull back and I was breathless, as was per usual with Inuyasha's amazing kisses. Then he kissed my forehead and nuzzled my nose with his own. Kioshi cooed softly and yawned, showing off his tiny white fangs. After one heavy, content sigh, his breathing evened out and he lie still in his father's arms, safe and fast asleep.

"Kagome," Inuyasha whispered and I sighed, closing my eyes and reveling in the moment of perfect serenity and bliss. I never wanted the moment to end.

I was a mother.



Words: 779

It was too short to post it as a story on its own, so I put it as a second chapter for POP. :)