Note: A short vignette of sorts, because I was bored. I don't have many comments. Naruto is not mine.


Written by Jia Zhang

He was your hero, the captain and commander of all your emotions. He captivated you, inspired you, and moved you to parallel all his actions. You had no dreams of your own—only his.

You can still recall the happy memories; when he used to help you practice your throws, and taught you a number of little tricks in winning a fight. You remember how he would check for monsters in the night, and close the windows during a thunderstorm.

You remember how much you admired him—the way he looked under the Sun, his ebony hair flowing like a massive river of black.

You remember how much you adored him, how he was the world to you—and you were simply on bended knees.

But there was that night drowned in violence, the silence so bleeding and painful. You remember black and white and red, and the way his eyes looked in the dark. You remember the smell of copper, iron and zinc, and the feeling of nausea in the bowels of your stomach. You remember the surplus of emotions, and the resounding pressure against your brain.

You remember screaming—and then his smile as he watched you shatter into a million, fragmented pieces of glass.

You remember the hate, and the anger, and the torrent of questions and confusion. You remember the eyes of pity, and all that unsympathetic sympathy. Then, one obscure evening, alone in your humble abode, you made a vow of vengeance.

That was the moment when your noxious epiphany exploded inside the crevices of your mind.

And then there was only the thereafter.

Today, he is not the brother you adored, or the man whom you once dreamed of becoming. He is no longer your ambition, only your goal. He has become the troubled specter against your shadowed, following your every notion. You cannot escape his gravity.

Yet, he is still the captain and commander of all your emotions—the sovereign of your past, present, and the yet to come.

But some days, you recall when you and him were brothers, and he was your hero.


© June, 2006 by Jia Zhang. All rights reserved