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Luffy: Are you going to bad mouth 4kids?

Me: Not today, not in the mood.

Family Piece

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Pirates are Freakin' Sweet

It was a calm normal day while on the way to Alabasta… the sun was shining… the breeze was nice… there was shiny blue portal appearing above the ship.

"What that?" asked Luffy.

"I don't know… it doesn't look good…" said Nami.

The portal suck up the crew consisting of 6 pirates, 1 princess and a duck… thingy... into it… sending them to another dimension… the twilight zone… just kidding!

Meanwhile in the Griffin House Peter was sitting in front of the TV board, Brain was next to him reading a book.

"Oh man Brian… I'm so board…" whined Peter.

"Well I think you should actually do something…" said Brian not really paying to idiot.

"I mean this is more boring then the time the only shows were on were about paint drying and grass growing" said Peter.


On TV a woman was standing front of a mural.

"Welcome to watching paint dry… today will watch this beautiful mural of a unicorn… oh look its drying… its drying… its drying…" said the woman.

(End Cut away)

"I'm so board…" said Peter.

"If you're going to complain about being board I'm going to hit you with this book…" said Brain.

"I'm so…" said Peter.

"That's it!" said Brain.

He closed his book, and grabbed Peter, the talking dog was about hit Peter repeatedly wit the book when a shiny blue portal came into the living room. 6 people, mutated reindeer and a big yellow duck crahse3d came though the portal and crashed in front of the couch.

"No way!" said Peter.

"What?" asked Brian.

"It's the cast of One Piece! I love that show!" yelled Peter.

"What going?" asked Lois holding Stewie.

"The cast of One Piece came though a portal and landed in front of the TV!" yelled Peter.

"One Piece… is that the show about the loud mouth ninja or the boy in the dress?" asked Lois.

"No it's the one about pirates!" yelled Peter.

"A show about pirates? Maybe one them has tips on kill Lois… god forbid that loud mouth ninja from the other show didn't have tips." said Stewie.


Stewie and Naruto were talking about killing people While having a bowl of ramen at the ramen shop.

"So, I hate this family member… I thought since you were a ninja you might have tips." said Stewie.

"I never killed a person in my life…" said Naruto rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Well then you should die for being a useless ninja…" said Stewie.

Stewie took out a laser and began to shoot Naruto who dodged.

"Look if you want tips on killing a family member go look for Sasuke… he wants to kill his brother…" said Naruto.

"Hey don't drag me into this fight…" said Sasuke in the background.

(End flashback)

Brian looked at them, they seem to be unconscious… maybe we should get them to a doctor… and a vet…" said Brian.

"No, we don't need to… I know the perfect way to wake them up…" said Peter, "Oh Luffy… there's a big piece of meat here for you!"

Luffy woke up and began to look around, "Meat? Meat? Meat? Where's the meat!" he yelled.

"See I told you…" said Peter.

"What's going on?" asked Zoro.

"Yeah where are we?" asked Usopp.

"Oh wow you're 2nd favorite Toonami Show… after Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo!" said Peter.


Peter was watching TV, there announcer was telling what this week Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo was about.

"This weeks episode is about… okay I have no idea… Bobob-bo's in a dress, so is that weird sun guy as well as the jelly guy… the pink haired girl is sane… that other guy is gassy… who even cares... can I have my check now"

(End of flashback)

"Um… what are you talking about?" asked Zoro.

"Yeah and where's the meat?" asked Luffy.

"I explain… though the dub rap!" said Peter.

"Dreamin', don't give it up Luffy.
Dreamin', don't give it up Zoro.
Dreamin', don't give it up Nami! Dreamin', don't give it, give it up, give it up, give it up, give it no! Here's how the story goes, we find out, Bout' a treasure in the grand line there's no doubt,
The pirate whose eye is on it, he'll sing "I'll be king of the pirates, I'm gonna be king!" Yi-yo, Yi-yo, yi-yo

His name is Luffy.

That's Monkey D Luffy,
He's gonna be King of the pirates! He's made of rubber!
How did that happen?
Yo-ho-ho, he took a bite of gum gum.
Yi-yo, Yi-yo.
His name's Zoro, he's just like a samurai.
And a L-A-D-Y Nami's not shy,
Usopp's doin' that marksman thing Sanji's cookin,
Chopper's doctoring!
Yi-yo, yi-yo, yi-yo, ho ho.
Set sail for One Piece, it's the name of the treasure!
In the grand line,
Yi-yo, yi-yo.
Set sail for One Piece!"

Stewie threw a baby bottle at his head, which knocked him out

"That shut him up… at least it was better than his last rap attempt." said Stewie.


The Griffin's were eating dinner except for Peter. He came into the room dressed like a poser.

Then he began to rap "Yo! Yo! Yo! I'm gonna eat some dinner! Yo! Yo! Yo! I'm gonna some corn! Yo! Yo! Yo! Now I'm gonna kill my first born!"

He took out a gun and pointed it at Meg. She screamed and ran out dinning room.

"What a wimp…" said Peter.

(End of Flashback)

"So um… where are we?" asked Nami.

"Your in Quahog!" said Peter who got up and was suddenly better, "You came thought a magical portal and landed here!"

"Riiiight…" said Nami with a sweat drop.

"I know that Peter seems like moron but I saw you guys some though as well… I think you're probably stuck here!" said Brian.

"Cool a talk dog… what else can you say?" asked Luffy.

"He's an idiot isn't he?" asked Brian.

"Yeah…" said Nami.

"Why don't you stay here? You have no where to go!" said Peter.

"Thank you!" yelled Luffy.

Later there was meeting in the kitchen, along with Chris and Meg.

"We have to figure where you'll be staying while you're here…" said Lois.

"They can't stay in my room, there's the evil monkey in my closet…" said Chris.

Lois and Peter laughed.

"Evil Monkey? Where do you get that stuff?" asked Peter.

The evil monkey came into the doorway of the kitchen, no but Chris and Chopper saw him… he pointed evilly at Chris.

"I'll stay with you… maybe I can talk to him…" whispered chopper to Chris.

"The Reindeer dude stays in my room!" said Chris.

"How about Zoro or Sanji sleep in my room… or both!" said Meg.

"No, no… I think .Princess Mimi…" said Peter.

"Vivi…" corrected Vivi.

"Vivi, should stay in your room, after all no fans care about her… and she leaves after the Alabasta arc is … she'd be your perfect room mate!" said Peter.

"I think Nami should also sleep in Meg's room…" said Lois.

"But Nami will steal all my valuables!" said Meg.

"Too bad their sleeping with you!" said Peter, "And the rest sleeps in the living room!"

And so the weirdness begins…

Next Time: The whole town finds out about the Straw Hats... the good news is that no one hates them... the bad news is that there's a mass of Zoro and Sanjifangirls right outside the Griffin House that won't leave... what will happened?

A/N: In case you were wondering it will have cutaway if it has nothing to do with Family Characters and Flashback if there is Family Guy characters in it.

Also this takes place after my fanfic Luffy VS the Giant Chicken and there will be a 2 on 1 rematch with Peter and Luffy teaming up agaisnt the giant chicken.